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'Shameless' recap: The more things change...

Season 5 | Episode 1| “Milk of the Gods” | Aired Jan 11, 2015

After what feels like forever, the Gallaghers are back! And for them, it’s summer. There’s nothing better than Shameless in the summer. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and after a very dark season 4, we are all in need of some good ol’ fashioned Gallagher fun. “Milk of the Gods” does not disappoint.

One of the hardest arcs to watch in season 4 was Fiona’s downward spiral. After years of keeping it all together for her family, Fi completely fell apart. By season’s end, though, Fiona had been released from prison and was starting a new job. In the four months since, Fiona has been reclaiming the life she once knew and loved. She has made real friends at her job, including a boss (Dermot Mulroney) with whom she has grown very close. Her customers love her (and seem intent on seducing her). For the first time in a long time, Fiona is happy. She is the Fiona of days past, comfortable in her own skin, doing what she has to do to get by. There’s a ticking time bomb waiting for her, though: Jimmy’s going to resurface at some point. Fiona’s initial descent into darkness was, at least indirectly, precipitated by Jimmy’s disappearance, so how will he affect her newly found equilibrium?

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Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 15—The next 10

Welcome to episode 15 of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Losethe only podcast for fantasy television drafts! Forget fantasy football—join us for fantasy TV.

We are into the third week of our year-end holiday awards, the Clearlys! Last week, we talked about our top 10 favorite shows on TV in 2014. Then we realized that there are still more shows we want to discuss! So, this week, Brooke, Joey, and I break down the next 10: our top #11 to #20 TV shows that aired in 2014.Read More

The EW Community's top 10 shows of 2014

To celebrate the year in TV, we at The EW Community decided to vote on our favorite shows of 2014. Any show recapped on The Community was eligible, including shows no longer on the air, like Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our writers chose from the over 150 shows recapped this year and whittled those down to a mere 10.

Here are the top 10 shows of 2014, as voted on and covered by the Entertainment Weekly Community.

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Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 14—Top 10 shows of 2014

Welcome to episode 14 of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Losethe only podcast for fantasy television drafts! Forget fantasy football—join us for fantasy TV.

It is the second week of our year end holiday awards, the Clearlys! Last week, we discussed our favorite TV characters of 2014. This time around, we are looking at a more classic listBrooke, Joey, and I are breaking down our top 10 favorite shows of 2014.Read More

Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 4—women in drama

Welcome to episode 4 of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Lose—the only podcast for fantasy television drafts! Forget fantasy football—join us in fantasy TV.

We are back to drafting our dream teams of TV characters this week! Brooke, Joey, and I will choose our favorite female characters in TV dramas. We want to cast a wide net to cover all of our bases, so we will pick one character who portrays each of the following 10 character traits best: funny, smart, lovable, badass, beautiful, fun, matriarchal, wild card, talented, and villainous.Read More

Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 2

This week, Brooke, Joey, and I get into our top 10 favorite TV shows of all time. We’ll be revisiting these lists every time we rank our top 10 shows in a given year to see if any current shows might have worked their way in. I’m looking at you, Broad City.

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Podcast: 'Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can't Lose,' episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Clear Lists, Full Drafts, Can’t Lose—the only podcast for fantasy television drafts! In this first episode, I am joined by Brooke and Joey to draft our ideal television families. We’ll be drafting a mom, dad, three kids, an aunt/uncle, a grandma/grandpa, and a family friend.

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'Shameless' finale recap: Frank triumphs and Jimmy returns in 'Lazarus'

Season 4 | Ep. 12 | “Lazarus” | Aired Apr 6, 2014

Not every problem was solved and not every loose end was tied, but the overwhelming theme of Shameless’ season 4 finale was resurrection. Just as Saint Lazarus is said to have risen from the dead in the Bible, three characters experienced revivals in the April 6 episode of Shameless, titled “Lazarus.” Fiona is freed from jail, Frank rises from his hospital bed with a new liver, and Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) quite literally returns from the dead in the episode’s final seconds. It’s an episode filled with ups and downs, culminating with a final scene that even the cast didn’t know was coming.Read More

'Shameless' recap: Frank wakes up as Lip takes control

Season 4 | Ep. 11 | “Emily” | Aired Mar 30, 2014

When Shameless first debuted on Showtime in 2011, we saw Fiona (Emmy Rossum) raising five kids and running a household, all while cleaning up after the mistakes of her alcoholic father. There were plenty of bumps in the road, but overall she had it together. Now, three seasons later, as Fiona makes her way down a self-destructive spiral that shows how similar to Frank (William H. Macy) she really is, it’s Lip (Jeremy Allen White) who has become the Gallagher family leader. There is even a weird sense of déjà vu during the most recent episode, “Emily,” as Lip juggles his personal life and family duties, just as Fiona would have a few years ago.

Lip is able to convince a social worker visiting the house that, although appearances may suggest otherwise, the Gallagher family really is a better environment than any foster home would be. It’s a very different performance from the one he gives to girlfriend Amanda’s (Nichole Bloom) father, who is horrified enough to pay Lip $10,000 to break up the young couple. Lip takes the money (as we knew he would), and later Amanda mocks him for not earning more from their scam. “I told you he gave my BMX boyfriend in high school $15,000,” she scoffs.Read More