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'Falling Skies' finale recap, part 2: Moon or bust

Season 4 | Episode 12 | “Shoot the Moon” | Aired Aug 31, 2014

The 2nd Mass gears up for trouble. Through the Volm scope, Hal watches the blinking green light on the moon. Anne loads up her really, really big gun. Matt practices throwing knives. Tom reads from Epictetus … as you do when you’re flying to the moon with your alien hybrid daughter to blow up an alien power core that imprisons the Earth. Nothing like a little in-flight reading of a dead Greek philosopher to lighten the mood.

On the moon base, the Espheni mine moon rock.

Back on Earth, a panicking Dingaan finds a man crushed under boulders with a large slug attached to his chest. The slug drains the man. Dingaan sees a whole valley of people being taken over by the slugs.Read More

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'Falling Skies' finale recap part I: The daddy-daughter dance

Season 4 | Episode 11 | “Space Oddity” | Aired Aug 31, 2014

Lexi has returned from the Dark Side. Tom is less than welcoming. Pope wants to kill her. Tom and Anne confront their daughter, who is all, “Sorry for crashing the car, Mom and Dad. My bad.” She admits that trusting the Espheni was a mistake. Anne realizes Lexi’s eyes have returned to their original shade. Lexi claims to see clearly now the Espheni reign is gone. Tom says it’s not that easy since they all hold her responsible for killing Lourdes and destroying Chinatown. Lexi begs to be allowed to make it up to them.

Pope retrieves Tect’s rifle to kill Lexi. Weaver tries to stop him.Read More

Falling Skies: Overlords meet (TNT)

'Falling Skies' recap: Quick on the draw

Season 4 | Episode 10 | “Drawing Straws” | Aired Aug 23, 2014

We start off this week with Lexi who’s having an identity crisis, as you do when you’re the Adam and Eve of a new human–alien hybrid species. Still in her red robe, which admittedly is beautiful, she wanders around the creepy warehouse and stumbles across Ben. He holds up bloody hands and screams that she’s done “this” to him. Terrified, Lexi wakes from her nightmare. Why is there always a wind blowing this girl’s hair? That would get super-annoying fast.

At the demolished Chinatown, Han and Chewie work on the Millennium Falcon. Check that. Weaver, Cochise, Matt and Tom stand around and watch Dingaan tinker with the beamer. He can’t find the steering mechanism. Falling Skies: beamer (TNT)Cochise posits that since the beamers are remote controlled, they should be looking for how to take over the clicker. Matt almost touches the non-Lexicoon and uncharacteristically talks back when Tom warns him not to touch anything. As they follow the others outside, Matt notices something wonky and glowing in the floor.Read More

Falling Skies: Cochise season 4 episode 9

'Falling Skies' recap: Time for a wedding!

Season 4 | Episode 9 | “Till Death Do Us Part” | Aired Aug 17, 2014

Cochise examines the moon through a scope. Tom explains that the “solar panels” on the underground beamer came on as soon as the moonlight hit them, “which I guess makes them lunar panels.” Much like the dirigible powered the ghetto’s electric fence, the Espheni are powering all tech off one power source beamed down from the moon. Cochise realizes this is why his recon teams have been unable to locate the Espheni’s new power core. “Excalibur! Bushwalk!” he exclaims, or near enough, as I don’t speak Volm. The humans confab, and Weaver finally concludes the moon base powers the entire Espheni war machine on Earth. “We’re gonna need a bigger spaceship,” Tom decides. OK, no he doesn’t, but he does think they need to get up to the moon and blow up the power core. The others outright laugh at him.Read More


'Falling Skies' recap: Bring out your (mostly) dead

Season 4 | Episode 8 | “A Thing with Feathers” | Aired Aug 10, 2014

Daybreak. Chinatown is destroyed. Hal, Weaver, Anne, Matt, Deni, Anthony, Pope, Sara and the remaining nameless members of the 2nd Mass emerge from the fallout shelter to search for survivors. Hal shouts for Maggie. “Waaaalllltttt!!” Whoops, no, wrong show. My bad.

Pope trash-talks an injured skitter, but Sara stops him before he can cave its head in with debris. She wants to do it. Matt, Anne and Weaver search for Tom. Weaver recounts Tom and Tector’s sniper plans to take out the Overlord. Anne finds Tom’s “Ghost of the Ghetto” scarf that Tector wore last episode when he shot the Overlord. Matt shifts debris while Anne frets.Read More


'Falling Skies' recap: Welcome to the funhouse

Season 4 | Episode 7 | “Saturday Night Massacre” | Aired August 3, 2014

dfb28c8e9b934879c8639310821fd74bLexi wakes up and claws her way out of the Lexicoon. She passes out, but rouses herself quickly and recognizes Tom, although she sees him as a stranger. While inside the Lexicoon, she heard all their hatred and fear of her; now she realizes humans cannot change their ways, so she’s going to leave Chinatown. Anne is confused because in her vision, Lexi promised she would always need her family—but Lexi meant her Espheni family, not her human one. Humans are too violent, and she now realizes the humans will never turn away from violence to her path of peace.

Lourdes protests that she never lost faith. Lexi stalks out in her red robe into the middle of the crowd. Pope and his posse stop her at gunpoint. Lexi pontificates—again—about how the humans meet every peaceful move with violence. Pope snarks about the Mason nepotism at work throughout the series. Lexi announces she’s leaving and Lourdes begs to go with her, claiming that her life will be empty without Lexi. Lexi asks if Lourdes wants to be set free and when Lourdes says yes, Lexi kills her. Pope aims his gun at her; Lexi forces him to point it at Hal and holds her parents back as she drains Lourdes’ life force. Lourdes: “I’m not ready.” Lexi: “You’re free.”Read More


'Falling Skies' recap: The lady or the alien?

Season 4 | Episode 6 | “Door Number Three” | Aired July 27, 2014

Maggie and Ben are making out. Check that, Maggie and Ben are making love. Someone pounds on the door. Ben thinks it’s Hal, but Maggie shushes him. The door bursts open: It’s Hal, clutching the bloody hole in his chest and asking, “Where were you?”

Someone pounds on Ben’s door, startling him awake from his dream: It’s Maggie. She tells him how Lexi let the Overlord go and they need Ben to help with the perimeter sweep. Ben needs a moment to fit back into his cargo pants first. Well, he should.Read More


'Falling Skies' recap: My two dads

Season 4 | Episode 5 | “Mind Wars” | Aired July 20, 2014

Out in the brush, Tom and Matt hunt for dinner. “We must be wery qwiet when hunting wabbits,” Tom tells his son. OK, he doesn’t say that, but it would’ve been priceless if he had. They haven’t eaten in three days, but Matt still scares the bunny away before Tom can kill it. They arrive back at the Volm safe house to find Hal’s graffiti with Chinatown’s coordinates. Matt plays with the radio, and when Lourdes’ voice comes through on the automated message, it alerts a skitter and its overlord to Tom and Matt’s presence. They barely managed to escape.Read More


'Falling Skies' Recap: Refuge and rescue

Season 4 | Episode 4 | “Evolve or Die” | Aired July 13, 2014

Post-exodus, Tom, Weaver and Hal run through some brush to where Tom arranged to rendezvous with Cochise. Espheni beamers streak overhead, and Weaver thinks he hears something in the brush. They creep up to the rundown industrial building, where Hal notices green sniper targets on Tom’s forehead.

The sniper bead on Tom is just the result of a twitchy Volm. Cochise comes out and introduces his second-in-command, Shak-Chic Il She- Shesash, or “Shaq,” as Hal dubs him. Shaq is not amused by the nickname. Weaver whistles all 71 survivors into the factory, while Cochise takes Tom to see where on the map Matt’s been located.Read More

Falling Skies: season 4, episode 3 (TNT)

'Falling Skies' recap: The great escapes

Season 4 | Episode 3 | “Exodus” | Aired July 6, 2014

Let Tom’s people go! Tom speeds around the ghetto, skitters in pursuit, giving a play-by-play recap of the chase in progress. He dumps the bike and runs up to the top of a fire escape, but the laser fence is still up. He burns the skitters at his heels with the flamethrower while yelling at someone to get the fence down.


Title card: 60 HOURS EARLIERRead More


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