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About EW Community (FAQ)

What is this Community?

It’s an EW blog featuring superfans with passion and unique voices. Our editors have invited a select group of contributors who aren’t satisfied to merely watch TV–they are driven to post and share about it. This beta site is a pilot project, the start of a community we plan to grow, with your help, into a fun place to talk TV and pop culture. Join the conversation! Comment on and share contributors’ posts, and be an active member of this community.

Who are the contributors?

Fans who signed up to write for Entertainment Weekly Community because they love TV, love EW, and have been blogging about TV and/or actively sharing their opinions on social networks.

Can I become a contributor?

Yes. Click here to sign up if you are interested in becoming a contributor.

I assume there are rules, right?

Yes. Here’s a link to our community guidelines.

Contact us

This is the beginning. The  pilot is all about learning and creating a vibrant community of and for EW fans who have a lot to say, so let’s hear it! We want to know what you think, what you’d like to see here, and any questions you have. We’ll do our best to adopt suggestions and answer questions. Email us at community@ew.com.


Here, EW superfans lead the conversation around TV shows. And there are so many shows to talk about! Our community contributors post and share throughout the week on latest episodes.

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