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‘12 Monkeys’ fan recap: All is fair in love and war (except when it's not)

Season 2 | Episode 12 | “Blood Washed Away” | Aired Jul 11, 2016

It’s been a long two weeks since we saw our 12 Monkeys gang splinter into divided groups and missions. Cassie and Cole head to 1957 to stop the paradox; Ramse and Jennifer lead the rest (sans an eviscerated Jones) to find Titan to kill the Witness.

And after this week’s “Blood Washed Away,” we’re at a sad (permanent?) impasse as both missions failed, (with one long-awaited silver lining). Let’s dive into this topsy-turvy episode.

The Recap
It’s January in 1957, and Cole and Cassie plan their mission: to find the last primary. Fortunately, they have nearly a year to carefully plot and scrutinize.

They know the paradox occurs at a factory. So, the best course of action is to get jobs at said factory. They do so, and begin to investigate each employee, looking for oddities. Is someone drawing weird things? Is that person twitching? Does that person talk to themselves?

And just when our travelers are on to something (or someone), they strike out. It’s exhausting for both Cassie and Cole, and before you know it, we’re down to two days left before the main event and zero leads on the primary’s identity.

To make matters worse, Cassie and Cole are uneasy. They argue, point fingers, and begin to say cruel things. During one such interaction, Cole leaves their hotel room and heads to the bar.

After ordering his whiskey sour, Cole is greeted by a coworker friend, Charlie (Joey Kline). See, Charlie’s wife, Melinda, is sick and going through chemotherapy. He’s out at the bar because she made him leave the house.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Charlie

Hiding the truth about his curiosity at the factory, Cole basically blames his paranoia on communists. Why not, yeah?

After a bit of back and forth, Charlie makes Cole confront his feelings for Cassie — and Charlie speaks from a very earnest place considering his own situation.

Cole heads back to his room and catches a glimpse of Cassie — on the phone — in her undergarments and robe. She hangs up and informs Cole of the most recent development. It turns out the factory has hired dayworkers to do roof maintenance. So … one of them could be the primary!

After a brief heart-to-heart, the duo admits to being under a lot of stress. But this is their last chance to stop the primary.

Shooting over to 2044 — literally — Ramse and group are in a standoff shoot-out with another group. And it’s devastating. Jennifer holds a dying Daughter in her arms while apologizing and pathetically spewing empty sentiments.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Jennifer and Daughter

Deacon walks through the fight, numb, shooting the other group. Adler and Whitley are there, too, fighting and dealing with the circumstances. Eventually, Ramse and Co. win, and ask questions of a fatally injured “other guy.”

When asked of Titan, the man responds with little knowledge of a place with lights and sounds. One guy went there, but never returned, so his group stayed away.

Ramse kills the dude and looks off into the brewing red storm. It’s about a day or two away, time to forge on. But the unrest is palatable, as Jennifer’s Daughters grow more and more reluctant to follow and fight.

Later, the group becomes even more dispirited as there is no food to be found, and Hannah returns with no news of Titan. She followed the coordinates, but it turned up zilch.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Hannah

Tensions rise as Ramse and one of the most vocal Daughters butt heads — and fists. Just before Ramse is about to slit the girl’s throat, Jennifer stops it: “No more killing!”

And back to 1957. From the sidelines, Cole observes as the new day laborers as they’re called by name. He watches their movements and notices one’s — Reginald — peculiarities.

Cole convinces the manager to let him supervise the workers. Before heading out, Charlie pops in and asks Cole about his motives. Again, Cole makes up a story.

After telling Cassie the suspect’s name and plan, Coles goes to the roof. Meanwhile, Cassie digs in the workers’ files looking for Reginald’s info.

Cole blatantly questions Reginald about voices, drawing monkeys, the Red Forest … and the man gets pretty antsy.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Reginald

Later at the hotel, Cole tells Cassie that he thinks Reginald’s the primary. Cassie’s convinced, too, as she holds up his employee application, with a nice monkey drawing on the back!

In 2044, the team regroups. Ramse, Deacon, and Whitley are ready to press on. The Daughters will not. Still lacking leadership skills, Jennifer reveals that her method of wisdom is old fortune-cookie sayings. She also confesses her Daughters are kind of jerks.

But Hannah’s directives remain intact. She plans to join Ramse and head to Titan, and urges Jennifer to remain with the Daughters, because she still owes them.

Over in 1957, Cole and Cassie jump on their mission: to isolate Reginald. Cole goes at it alone and leads the man off. Meanwhile, Charlie’s wife, Melinda, enters the factory, brandishing a gun and carrying a small wooden box.

Cassie is made aware of Melinda, and tracks her. Elsewhere, the Reginald theory flops as he admits to taking money to fool Cole.

Cassie and Melinda have a standoff, each with their own guns, before Charlie enters and disarms Cassie. Melinda’s the primary, Charlie’s the messenger, and the bone knife is in the box. But it’s more complicated than that.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Melinda and Charlie

Charlie fell for Melinda and doesn’t want to kill her (though she’s willing to die), but ultimately the thought of everlasting life together in the Red Forest is enough to put Charlie over the edge.

Just as Cole enters the scene, Charlie apologizes and trusts the knife into his already-dying wife. BOOM. The paradox destroys the factory as Cole and Cassie run for shelter.

In 2044, the small group led by Ramse finds Titan — for real, even after Hannah swears it wasn’t there before, when she was looking.

And back in 1957, Cassie is in a coma. Cole enters and bids her farewell, kissing her on the forehead — and apologizes for everything that’s happened.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Cole and Cassie

Cassie’s mind drifts to Olivia, the Red Forest, and the house of cedar and pine. She suddenly awakes from her coma and startles the nearby nurse. It’s been six whole months since the explosion.

Upon leaving the hospital, Cassie heads back to the Emerson Hotel, but the room is empty. Cole is gone.

Another six months later, Cassie is working at the hospital as a nurse destined to be a doctor. She semi-reveals her super-doc skills when she diagnoses Lyme Disease prior to its scientific discovery.

More time passes, and it becomes 1959 — two-plus years after she and Cole first arrived. She writes letters to Cole to while away the time, until one day, she receives a telegram stating an address has been found for the name she submitted: one Morris Morrison.

She drives to the listed address in Binghamton, N.Y. The house she finds is THE house of cedar and pine. And it’s Cole’s house. He’s outside, cutting wood, being manly.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away

Cole cuts himself and blood drops to the grass. Cassie approaches him, and while he questions her being there, he doesn’t look unhappy.

So, why did Cole leave her? He wanted to give her the opportunity to have a normal, happy life, in a world free of plague or severe consequence. But for Cassie, it’s not so easy to shut off the future. This time, she accuses Cole of being afraid.

It begins to rain, and the two head inside to clean Cole’s cut. Cassie finds herself repeating Olivia’s hypnosis words: “Most of the blood has washed away.”

Cassie explores the familiar house. The rooms. The clock. The man she knows — it’s Cole. And it’s trippy.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Cassie in the house

In 2044, Ramse and group explore Titan, a massive industrial-looking facility. Music plays over a speaker system, but Ramse charges on; he knows he’s close to finding the Witness!

And he’s right. They find the Witness, standing in the middle of ritualistic symbols.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Titan

The scenes get faster and more emotional. In the past, Cassie and Cole face hard truths. She admits to knowing Cole’s love for her. It’s back and forth until finally Cassie kisses Cole. From there, the fire is lit, and it’s burning white hot.

12 Monkeys - Blood Washed Away - Cole and Cassie kiss

Elsewhere in 2044, Ramse’s group gets ambushed by the Witness and his followers. Ramse takes a blade to the gut and everyone — Whitley, Deacon, Hannah — is killed.

The show ends with Cassie and Cole consummating their relationship as Ramse takes his final breath. Wait … what?!

The Takeaways
Who’s left?
Let’s take stock here, shall we? Cassie and Cole exist in 1959. Olivia and the Pallid Man exist in 2016. And 2044? Jennifer, Adler, and the Daughters exist in a fast-burning, near-death world. One can assume next week’s finale will be centered on Cole and Cassie. But what about the others? Will Jennifer find a way to restore the future? Will she and the Daughters seek out Titan, too? Will Cassie and Cole find a way to the future? Perhaps this is where Olivia takes a stand for the greater good (and our heroes) …

Is it all final? So, are we to believe this is the end-all, be-all for these four characters? If so, that’s a bold move. Or perhaps whatever transpires next will undo this battle? They just went head-to-head with the Witness — so, maybe he does something to undo it? That’s the thing about this show. It’s unpredictable, and anything is possible. Although, Kirk Acevedo’s tweet suggests finality…

So, the Witness… The most recent romantic entanglement suggests one very big thing: that the Witness is the lovechild of Cassie and Cole. Was this moment the act of conception? Is that why this house, this moment is so darn important? Or could the Witness be Cole himself?

The Poll

Notables Quotes

“When it comes down to it, the only thing you’ll be wishing for is more time.” –Charlie, to Cole

“We vowed to protect Mother. You are not her.” –Daughter, to Jennifer

“Why would you walk towards the weird music?” –Deacon, to Ramse

The 12 Monkeys season 2 finale airs Monday on Syfy at 9 pm EST.