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Ranking the big baddies of ‘Gotham’: ‘Unleashed’

Season 2 | Episode 20 | “Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed” | Aired May 9, 2016

We’re nearing the beginning of the end of the second season of Fox’s Gotham. With only two more episodes left, the story of the rise and wrath of Gotham City’s most evil and maniacal foes is gearing up for a powerful battle to come. The big baddies have fought, killed, and clawed their way to the top to control the city. On the other hand, other villains have tumbled down the list.

This week’s Gotham episode, “Unleashed,” brought these baddies out of hiding and together with some familiar faces: Oswald and Butch bringing the pain. Tabatha and Theo reuniting following his death. Selina coming face-to-face with a ghost?! It’s a week of surprising turns, but will it affect their place on this week’s list?

Similar to previous Gotham lists, the standout Gotham villains from this week’s episode will be ranked for their villainy, their evil moves, and their rise to power.

Let’s start at the bottom:

9. Theo
Galavan (aka Azrael)
This knight has drawn his sword for the last time. After killing the Commissioner during the previous episode, Azrael is on the hunt to find a mythical weapon to complete his mission. He kills and injures countless people along the way; including someone who means the world to him. But it all changes once he faces the future Dark Knight.

Azrael is unable to kill Bruce Wayne; in fact, he’s nearly run over by the Wayne boy. And when it looks like he could complete his new (yet old) objective, two villains from his past come back to blow him away. Literally — with a ROCKET LAUNCHER! There’s nothing left of the former mayor but a flaming pile of body parts … and failure.

8. Tabatha Galavan (aka Tigress)
Tabatha has plummeted down this list after a moment of weakness and fear. After seeing that her dead brother is alive, she plots to run away from Gotham City, but she’s forced to help the Gotham City Police Department. Her support ultimately leaves her life at risk: Azrael has found them, and after she brings back some of his memories, he stabs her with a sword and leaves her for dead. As she’s now bedridden, Tabatha is sitting near the bottom.

Gotham Edward Nygma Riddler Unleashed

7. Edward Nygma (aka the Riddler)
For an intelligent man who loves riddles, Edward has been unable over and over again to escape from Arkham Asylum. He’s tried and failed, and even with a little help from an unlikely ally, he STILL gets caught. Edward needs to try harder, or he might as well make himself at home.

6. Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman)
Selina has firmly kept her place as a neutral-to-villainous character; she’s mainly stayed in the middle to lower half on the list throughout this season. She cares more about her own gain and what can serve her own means, except when it comes to Bruce Wayne.

The reason she earns a higher spot on this week’s list? She showed off why she’s the future Catwoman by using her cat-burglar skills to break into Arkham Asylum and sneak around the facility. It’s a move worthy of her future moniker.

5. Bridgit Pike (aka Firefly)
She’s back, and she’s no longer the sweet, kind girl from earlier this season — Bridgit has fully transformed into the fire-wielding villain “Firefly.” In her brief scene near the end of the episode, Firefly unleashes a fiery blast against her former friend, Selina. But did she kill the future Catwoman? We’ll find out next episode.

Gotham Hugo Strange Unleashed

3 & 4. Hugo Strange & Ethel Peabody
The doctors are together once again sharing a spot on this week’s Gotham villains list. The GCPD is now aware that all is not what it seems at Arkham Asylum, and that these two are somewhat behind it all. Hugo Strange evades capture by outsmarting James Gordon and shredding the official papers. But the two earn the spot together this week, as they’re working hand-in-hand to unleash their newest creations into the city and transferring them to the next secret facility.

1 & 2. Butch Gilzean & Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin)
An unlikely pair has risen from the ashes to control the top spot. Due to their unmissable introduction and move, no one can compete with the devastation these two have caused. It’s quite literally explosive!

After Tabatha is rushed to the hospital to recuperate, Oswald arrives to torment Butch, who has feelings for the fallen assassin. He offers his former ally a deal: Work together to take down their biggest threat, Theo Galavan. In one fell swoop involving a gunshot and a rocket launcher, these two quickly eliminate “Azrael” in a fireball of blazing glory. It was shocking; it was hilarious; and it was evil! Butch Gilzean and Oswald Cobblepot, in their (potential) short alliance, are sharing the No. 1 and No. 2 spots this week!

Which villains do you think are rising to the occasion? Share your thoughts below!

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7C on Fox.