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'Hawaii Five-0' fan recap: Prison break

Season 6 | Episodes 21 | “Ka Pono Ku’oko’a” | Aired Apr 22, 2016

With season six of Hawaii Five-0 winding down, we got some confirmation about whether or not Adam is sketchy, some wonderful Kono/Lou friendship moments, multiple creepy serial killers, and Steve and Nahele warming my heart. Let’s recap.

A chemical spill outside of Halawa Prison prompted a mass evacuation. One of the buses transporting prisoners was hit with an IED, causing multiple causalities and injuries. But one of the deceased, James Hamasaki, didn’t die in the explosion. He was shot. This was all a coordinated hit.

But that’s not all. Six inmates escaped in the chaos. They’re shackled in pairs and have the guard’s gun. And one of the escapees is Adam.

Steve debriefs HPD on the missing convicts. In addition to Adam, they include Jason Duclair (Five-0’s favorite arsonist), Gerard Burns and Efrin Acquino (both murderers), Bobby Stockman (a serial rapist), and Henry Garavito (a cannibal). So just, like, a lot of really decent guys. Five-0 believes that Adam is being forced to cooperate in the escape.

Hawaii Five-0, "Ka Pono Ku

The team heads into the jungle to look for the missing prisoners, and Danny is suspiciously quiet. Steve pries, and Danny admits he’s not buying Adam as an unwilling participant of this escape. He lied to Kono about meeting with Gabriel; he’s been sketchy as hell lately, and once a criminal … But Steve says Adam wouldn’t do that to Kono. Plus, he took a plea deal. Why would he run?

Kono is having the same suspicions as Danny, poor girl. But Lou encourages her. Adam loves her; she should trust her gut. I am so here for this friendship.

Meanwhile, Chin is at the morgue with Hamasaki’s body. There’s evidence of a recent stab wound. This wasn’t the first attempt at his life.

After some digging, Chin discovers that Hamasaki had been cooperating with the FBI to testify against a former associate. But he bailed after getting stabbed. So why would someone kill him now?

Jerry has a theory. In the smoke and confusion after the explosion, the hitman could have easily killed Hamasaki by mistake. The real target was Adam.

Lou’s first instinct is that Gabriel orchestrated the hit, but Danny reminds us that Gabriel was in no position to organize something like this after their last encounter. So who could it be?

Hawaii Five-0, "Ka Pono Ku

Chin speaks to the prison’s dirtiest guard, Solomon Tuasopo. He let Gabriel in to meet with Adam, and he also arranged for Adam and Hamasaki—prisoners in protective custody—to be transported on the same bus as maximum-security prisoners.

The guard won’t talk (even though Chin is extra-intimidating), but the paper trail leads back to Michelle Sioma, Goro’s daughter and the new head of the Yakuza after her father’s death.

Chin picks her up for interrogation and informs her that Solomon manipulated her. He told her about Gabriel and Adam’s meeting so she’d assume that they were working together. But he neglected to mention that Adam turned Gabriel down. She went to all of this trouble for nothing.

But Michelle is nothing if not thorough. After her botched hit at the bus crash, there are Yazuka men in the jungle looking for Adam right now.

What have Adam and the bad guys been up to? The inmates are heading toward some old hunting cabins. They have to remove their shackles so they can pick up the pace.

Garavito stays behind to tend to a wound, and he promises that he and Acquino will catch up. At the hunting cabins, Duclair works his fire powers to help break their shackles; then Garavito finally shows up—without his partner.

He claims Acquino hit his head on a rock. Garavito had to leave his body behind, so he CHEWED THE GUY’S HAND OFF. Understandably, the prisoners are all getting a little wary. Duclair wants to split up, but everyone else wants to stick together. Burns goes to get some water, and then they’ll keep moving.

But Garavito is more crazy-pants than we thought. He follows Burns “to help,” but instead bashes his head in and drowns him. When he rejoins the group, he says Burns wasn’t at the stream. He must have been captured. But Adam notices some fresh blood on his leg …

Adam quickly seizes an opportunity to hit Garavito with a giant stick. He fills in the rest of the group: Garavito has been killing them off one by one. The inmates fight and, in the chaos, Duclair runs off. Adam is on his own now.

Hawaii Five-0, "Ka Pono Ku

But Five-0 is on his trail. On their trek through the woods, the team finds prayer beads from Adam’s necklace. He’s leaving them a trail, Hansel and Gretel–style. And once they find Acquino’s and Burns’ bodies, they know that one of the inmates is seriously bad news.

They have to find Adam.

Unfortunately, the Yakuza finds him first. Adam is moments away from being killed when Duclair comes to his rescue, taking out the two Yakuza members. Now they’re even.

Five-0 is catching up, and Steve and Danny are able to take out crazy Garavito on his murder spree before he gets to Adam and Duclair. But there are still more Yakuza out there, and they’re hot on Adam’s trail.

Duclair is shot during their pursuit, but Lou and Kono show up to rescue Adam right before the Yakuza can take him out. (Always needing protecting, that guy.)

Hawaii Five-0, "Ka Pono Ku

So the crazy killers are all either killed or recaptured and Adam is headed back to prison, but he promises Kono that there are no more secrets.

In sadder news, Steve has to break it to Nahele that his father was one of the inmates killed in the bus explosion. Nahele’s dad wasn’t a good guy, but the kid is still understandably upset. He tells Steve he doesn’t have any family left, but Steve promises that he does. PLEASE ADOPT NAHELE, STEVEN.

What did you think of this week’s Adam-focused outing?

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