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'Hawaii Five-0' fan recap: Follow that car!

Season 6 | Episodes 18 | “Kanaka Hahai” | Aired Apr 1, 2016

Welcome back, everyone! First of all, WE GOT A RENEWAL! Last year’s renewal came late, so we can rest easy knowing that season seven of Hawaii Five-0 will be coming to a screen near you this fall. Mutual sigh of relief. Now, let’s recap (thematically this time).

Abby (and Chin)
When we left off, Abby was going to come clean to Chin about secretly investigating Five-0. Now, we open on Abby throwing her badge into the ocean, which is a powerful gesture, but probably breaks resignation protocol.

Abby is packing up her hotel room when Steve stops by. Steve says he knows she was just following orders, and no one blames her. Abby burned her bridges in San Francisco, so Steve offers her a full-time job with Five-0. He knows what kind of person she is, and so does Chin, who’s waiting outside.

Later, Abby asks Chin what he thinks about her sticking around. Based on their Grey’s Anatomy–style elevator makeout sesh, it seem like Chin is okay with it.

So I guess Abby is going to hang out for a while, and also that the Five-0 investigation is over already … ? That seems like a lot of setup for very little conflict, but what do I know.

Ghost Slave Ship
In our case of the week, two men wash ashore; one is dead, and one is in the ICU. The dead man, Wattana, died of hypothermia but had a gunshot wound too. He was also supposedly executed in Thailand in 2009.

There were no shipwrecks or distress calls reported to the Coast Guard, and the life preserver the men had been clinging to traces back to a ship that was decommissioned 10 years ago. The natural solution—according to Jerry—is that this was a ghost ship.

However, the men’s low vitamin-D levels, mercury poisoning, and signs of inhaling lots of diesel fumes suggest that the men were forced to work below deck on a ship for years. They were slaves.

The survivor, Torres, confirms this story to the team at the hospital. He and Wattana escaped from the ship and floated for three days before reaching land. There are over a dozen other slaves on the ship, and Steve knows they have to track the boat down fast before the ship moves on.

Hawaii Five-0, "Kanaka Hahai"

They track down the boat thanks to some help from the buyers of the slave-caught fish (and a persuasive interrogation technique). And not only do Steve and Chin get to sneak onto the slave ship and rescue all of the prisoners, but they also get to arrest Graham Clark, the human trafficker who escaped a couple of episodes ago. I’d call that a successful day.

Williams Family Outings
I would like to take one second to remind you that it has been almost one year since we found out that Charlie is Danny’s son, yet this is the first time that we’ve seen Danny with both of his kids. This is unacceptable, but I am glad it was rectified tonight.

Hawaii Five-0, "Kanaka Hahai"

Danny is having a fun Williams family outing, but Grace is a teenager and she is angsty because Danny made her leave her phone in the car. After all, “If it’s not on Instagram, how do you know if it happened?”

But when they head back to the parking lot, Danny’s car is gone. If only Grace had her phone to call for help … THE SASS.

Grace suggests calling Uncle Steve (*heart eyes*) for a ride, but Danny would rather he didn’t find out about this. Instead, they’re taking the bus back into town, and who is the driver? None other than Mamo (Al Harrington)!

But mid–bus ride, they see some gunmen robbing a convenience store, and the gunmen are driving Danny’s car. So Danny orders Mamo to follow the car, but subtly. This plan unfortunately goes out the window when Mamo peels onto a dirt road. Danny gets the passengers off the bus and to safety before commandeering the bus for his own pursuit. It’s like Speed, except it’s totally different.

Finally, Danny finds the car pulled over, but his guns and phones are gone. He flags down a passing motorist, Vance, who offers him a bow and arrow and some assistance tracking the bad guys.

They track the men to an old farm house, and Danny sends Vance inside to call for help, while he takes his bow and arrow to a gun fight. This would be less concerning if Danny had shot a bow since his summer at archery camp when he was nine years old.

Hawaii Five-0, "Kanaka Hahai"

But Danny’s basically Katniss, and he takes out both shooters (but he takes a bullet in the arm first—poor Danny is always getting shot in the left arm).

So Danny saved the day—finally—and Steve and Charlie coexist in a scene, so we’re thismuchcloser to getting them to interact. Basically I want Charlie to say “Uncle Steve.” Season seven goals, I guess.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8C on CBS.