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'Bob's Burgers' extra-rare performer of the week: Nurse Liz

Season 6 | Episode 10 | “Lice Things Are Lice” | Aired Mar 13, 2016

Welcome, Bob’s Burgers fans, to this weekly post, where a member of the Belcher family or supporting character (looking at you, Teddy and Jimmy Jr.) is crowned the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week! We hardcore fans of the animated sitcom know there is always one breakout performer in every Bob’s Burgers episode, so yeah, we should celebrate that standout character! I promise that it won’t be Tina Belcher each week—but I mean, she is kind everyone’s spirit animal.

To briefly summarize what goes down in this Bob’s Burgers episode, “Lice Things Are Lice”: Tina Belcher has her eye on the Thunder Girls nursing badge. To make sure she is successful at accomplishing her goal, Tina shadows the school nurse for the day. Tina and Nurse Liz (Samantha Bee) work together to make sure that the students at Wagstaff School are always feeling good—though Nurse Liz is getting sick of kids not getting sick! All Nurse Liz does during the day is give out chewable Tylenol, help Regular-Size Rudy overcome asthma, and act as a hideout for students avoiding pop quizzes and gym class.

Meanwhile, back at Bob’s Burgers, Bob has ordered new stools that look exactly like the current ones. Teddy installs the new stools and gives a stool a test sit. As Teddy sits down, the stool makes an embarrassing farting noise! Teddy, of course, denies that he actually farted. After testing out another stool, it would seem that Bob’s Burgers is now cursed with whoopee-cushion stools. Teddy calls the manufacture to see if they can get replacements, but it turns out the fart sound is normal and will go away once the stools are broken in … two to three years from now.

The nurse’s office is filled with Wagstaff students: Tina, Zeke, Regular-Size Rudy, Gene, and Louise. In walks Tammy wearing a giant hat, because indoor hats are now her thing. Nurse Liz notices that Tammy keeps scratching her head as the kids all try on Tammy’s hat. After examining Tammy’s head, Nurse Liz declares that Tammy has lice … and everyone in the room now has lice! The Wagstaff nurse’s office is now under a state of quarantine!

With rubber gloves on their heads, Tina and Nurse Liz have now entered survival mode. Nurse Liz takes things to the next level and declares that Wagstaff is under an infection of super-lice! Mr. Frond and Nurse Liz both agree that parents are stupid and should not be informed about the outbreak. Now it is time find out what other students Tammy has been in contact with, so they can enter quarantine. Tina uses the selfies Tammy has taken throughout the day to identify the other students Tammy has been in contact with. Now all super-lice-infected students are in the nurse’s office waiting for a cure.

Back at the restaurant, Bob, Linda, and Teddy are trying to break in the stools. In walks a man whom Mort suggested go to Bob’s to have lunch after a funeral. In a little over an hour, the restaurant will be filled with mourning old people who will sit down on whoopee-cushion stools! Mike the Mailman comes up with the perfect solution to the stool problem. Offer friends free beer to come and break in the stools.

After an hour of free beer, it is the moment of truth as the mourners enter Bob’s Burgers. The widow sits down—and a fart sound comes from the stool! But it turns out she just farted.

Back at Wagstaff, super-lice is causing super-panic. Nurse Liz believes she has found a cure for super-lice: Shave off the hair of everyone who is infected and burn all hats! Of course, to no surprise, Louise begins to freak out because, duh—her bunny ears! To be fair, all the students are freaking. Tina confronts Nurse Liz, saying there has to be another cure for super-lice that doesn’t involve buzz cutters. Nurse Liz doesn’t want to hear any other options; she wants to be the person who cured super-lice. Tina has no choice; she tricks Nurse Liz and helps her peers escape the nurse’s office.

The kids are on the run. Louise and Tammy get separated from the group, and Mr. Frond is in hot pursuit. Louise and Tammy hide out in the library and find the perfect escape—through the window. While they wait for Mr. Ambrose to distract himself, Louise picks up the medical encyclopedia. Mr. Ambrose finally leaves, and Tammy and Louise make a run for the window … when Nurse Liz comes over the PA system. The others have been caught and are back in quarantine. Louise forces Tammy to go back and save the others.

Once back in the nurse’s office, Louise shares with Nurse Liz that Tammy has dandruff, not lice! Nurse Liz, of course, rejects this idea. In steps Tina to save the day. Tina notices that Nurse Liz is not wearing her glasses today, which led to her misdiagnosis of super-lice.

In the end, the bunny ears live another day!

And now, the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week is: Nurse Liz


Bob and Linda are fun and all, but I love when we get an episode that is mainly about the Belcher children! While this episode could have gone to Tina, Louise, or even Tammy’s hat, the extra-rare performer for this week would have to go to Nurse Liz—simply because she is super-scary with buzz cutters.

Nurse Liz seems to have a hardcore case of the Mondays, like, every day. We all get bored at work, and being around germy kids who use your office as a hideout can’t be fun—though the best part of Nurse Liz’s story is that all she really wanted was something exciting to share at her school reunion. Oh, Nurse Liz, we totally get you.

Until next time, stay fresh, Bob’s Burgers fans.

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