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'Blindspot' spot of the week: Is Weller's personal life a disaster?

Season 1 | Episode 13 | “Scientists Hollow Fortune” | Aired Mar 7, 2016

Blindspot fans, let’s set aside the non-answers about Orion and Northlake. This week, let’s talk about how Kurt Weller’s personal life has turned into a complete and undeserved disaster.

Weller is a hard-working if tightly wound FBI agent whose biggest issue is that someone else tattooed his name on Jane Doe’s back. Yet in “Scientists Hollow Fortune,” Blindspot had him officially call time on the (already rushed) flirtation between himself and Jane, forced him to watch his father have a breakdown over what really happened the night that she disappeared, and revealed to the audience that his sister Sarah has been secretly dating his FBI teammate Edgar Reade. It was a terrible episode for Weller, and it’s hard not to feel like the guy doesn’t deserve all this drama.

The hits just kept on coming all throughout the installment. First, Weller had to face Jane in the FBI locker room after they didn’t meet up the night before to discuss that midseason finale kiss. Despite being the one who got left holding the emotional bag, he was so polite that he was apologizing to her. Then he told her that anything between the two of them would be “too complicated.” That’s said not knowing about the late-night meetings that Jane is now having with her former fiancé, Oscar; just wait until those two come face-to-face and Weller learns the full extent of Jane’s relationship to Oscar (you know it’s going to happen).

Fans may be rooting for Weller and Jane to couple up, but it might just be more trouble than it’s worth. It certainly paints a lovely story right out of a Hallmark movie—the hero reunited with his long-lost childhood friend who turns out to be his soulmate. But despite Jane’s attraction to Weller, she has way too much baggage to be girlfriend material. Aside from the ex-fiancé who won’t stop hanging around, there’s the whole matter of her being part of his unit and the conflict of interest that presents. Maybe once some things sort themselves out and the FBI stops poking into the team’s business, they’d have a shot—but right now, what Weller needs is something that’s stable and uncomplicated. Or, you know, just to not date anyone at all.

He has enough complications with his father, who, under pressure from his son, finally admitted his whereabouts on the night that Jane/Taylor Shaw went missing: Struggling with depression, he’d gone out to kill himself, only to change his mind. The elder Weller was too ashamed to ever admit this, at least until he had a massive breakdown at Kurt’s kitchen table. It was the best scene of the episode, so here it is again:

Blindspot has hammered on the bad relationship between Weller and his father since the second episode, and while this breakdown also qualifies as a breakthrough, there’s still a lot of work to be done. As Weller said to Jane earlier in “Scientists Hollow Fortune,” just because she’s alive doesn’t excuse the fact that his father was an angry drunk and a terrible parent. Will understanding a little more about what his dad was going through mean Weller can find it in him to try to mend fences? Or will he continue to keep his distance, which he’s well within his rights to do? That’s a weight he’s got to get off his shoulders one way or another.

Then there’s the revelation that Sarah’s mystery boyfriend is Reade, which actually is good news—at least that means she’s dating a good guy. But when Weller finds out (and it feels like it’s going to be unintentional, because Reade is in no hurry to ‘fess up), he’s likely going to go into his protective big-brother mode. He trusts Reade with his life in the field, but trusting him with his sister is blurring that line between personal and professional. Even if it’s not his personal life, it still affects Weller; plus there’s the element of it being hidden from him for who knows how long. Reade saying he’s waiting for Weller to be less stressed—but he’d have better luck waiting for the winning lottery numbers.

Weller is always stressed. He’s always worried over at least one person in his life. That shows just how big a heart he has, which in turn is the exact reason you can’t help but want some peace in his life. He spends so much time looking out for others, yet almost everyone has made his life more complicated, except for (maybe) Patterson. When this season is over, it had better end with Weller going on vacation to Tahiti. He’s earned it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better for Weller: The commercial for next Monday’s episode teased a return appearance by his ex-girlfriend Allison, last seen in “Authentic Flirt” both hitting on him and trying to convince Jane to do the same. There’s no way that goes well. We may as well just hand him the Advil now—and keep hoping that someday, Blindspot gives this good guy a break.

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