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'Fuller House' roundtable: Time of my life

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Funner House” | Aired Feb 26, 2016

The EW Community contributors have been excited about Netflix’s Fuller House for some time now. This week, Erin Conley, Cristina Iskander, and Reed Gaudens chat about the third episode.

Erin: The first thing that struck me about this episode was how Joey just casually flew in from Vegas to babysit for a night. That’s dedication.

Cristina: Yes! I also have to admit that seeing him—and the new kids—in the Tanner doorway did make me feel all warm inside. But did he really have to bring Mr. Woodchuck?

Reed: I’m still curious about his life in Vegas and how he could drop everything so easily.

Cristina: This episode was basically Jodie Sweetin’s audition for Dancing With the Stars.

Erin: And it seems like that worked out for her!

Reed: It reminded me of young Stephanie dancing, and I love it! Jodie will go far, if not win, on Dancing With the Stars.

Cristina: You heard it here first, kids! Reed has put a stake in the ground.

Erin: This was definitely the first episode for me that relied much less heavily on the nostalgia. We still had Joey (and Mr. Woodchuck), but I feel like this was the first taste of what Fuller House really is.

Reed: I liked how they started to build the dynamics between DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie, as well as with the kids.

Cristina: I think some things about this episode really worked—namely, the relationship between the girls. There’s a moment toward the end of the episode where DJ is screaming to Kimmy, “I got you!” Even though there’s something very cheesy about that moment, that has been one of the things that’s held true for both iterations of this show—the characters are really there for each other (cue the treacly violins). Other things, like some of the cameos, didn’t work as well for me.

Erin: Some things in this episode definitely didn’t work—there were certainly times I found myself laughing at it rather than with it. The whole genesis of the sudden girls’ night out stressed me out. They whisked DJ out the door so quickly. Did she even have her purse? Her phone? These are the weird things that bother me.

Cristina: Erin, I love you for saying that. I also have to say what so many of us are thinking—what was going on with Macy Gray? The whole time it’s like she was trying to walk away … but she kept stumbling.

Reed: Okay, I’m glad we’re talking about Macy Gray. While she wasn’t terribly important to the episode, she was distracting somehow? Like she didn’t want to be there? But I have to admit that the car bit made me laugh.

Erin: Her “What am I even doing here, I have a Grammy!” line felt like it easily could have been genuinely ad-libbed.

Reed: Was that really Jodie Sweetin singing? I feel like she’s about to blow up on a few new fronts after this series.

Erin: I’m assuming it won’t be the last time we hear her sing on the show, considering they keep hitting us over the head with the fact that she works in the music industry.

Michael Yarish/Netflix

Cristina: While not intentional, it only drives home that she’s the Jesse of this version. I’m genuinely excited to see how much more they have her sing, if they can incorporate it organically. One thing I wish they would address in this episode is the emotional aftermath of Kimmy’s divorce. Despite what we see of her and Fernando interacting, it all feels very surface level. I was always a fan of DJ (and still am!), but one thing I’d like to see come out of this season is learning more about who Kimmy really is, since she was so often played solely for laughs in the original series.

Reed: I’m glad you’re bring this up, Cristina, because I was always a die-hard Kimmy fan back in the day. I want to know more about her and who she is now. We really don’t know much about her marriage, or even her family life.

Erin: Or her party-planning business! How did that come about? And I think we need to talk about Fernando. I find him to be the most one-note, stereotypical character, to the point where it makes me borderline uncomfortable. No offense to the actor, who has great comedic timing, but the writing for him is just embarrassing.

Cristina: Agreed! I trust that he’s doing the best he can with what has been written, but it’s painful and it seems all over the place. Let’s face it: If you fall in love with Kimmy, there has got to be something going on with you under the surface, so let’s learn about it!

Reed: It’s a shame they couldn’t rise to the occasion to make Fernando something more than a cartoon. I too am interested in learning about what the process of falling in love with Kimmy Gibbler is like. Could you imagine?!

Cristina: I would love to! Also, can I put in a request for a Duane cameo in season two?

Erin: After the girls arrive at the saddest nightclub ever, they of course run into the Chmerkovskiy brothers from Dancing With the Stars. You know, just your average night out.

Cristina: Totally. Happens to me all the time.

Reed: Same, I see them literally everywhere I go.

Erin: And then, naturally, a Dirty Dancing dance-off ensues.

Reed: This episode felt a little out of Candace Cameron Bure’s comfort zone, speaking in terms of her outfit and all of the tequila.

Erin: That part worked because it was also supposed to be out of DJ’s comfort zone. It was fun to see the girls go out without the kids, but I wish literally everything that happened wasn’t so ridiculous.

Cristina: Tangentially related, I need all of DJ’s wardrobe. More related, what did you think of the kids in this episode? I’m curious to see how much of the new blended family dynamic they show in future episodes.

Erin: I also love EVERYTHING DJ wears on the show! As for the kids, Max is still the biggest scene-stealer for me. At this point, Jackson and Ramona haven’t gotten much of a chance to really establish their personalities.

Reed: Max is the greatest. And he even has his own catchphrase! (Even though it’s in no way as iconic as “How rude!” or “You got it, dude!”)

Cristina: True; he is clearly the kid they have fleshed out the most, and I find him adorable (but then again, Stephanie was my favorite when the original show first started airing; I suppose I’m just drawn to those precocious middle children). I would really like to see more of Ramona, and I especially want to see how she and Jackson adjust to each other. It was great to see them have fun together in this episode, but they’re drawn very differently as characters. I hope the show capitalizes on that.

Reed: Ramona seems maybe the most underdeveloped of the children, but I think once the show and the actress get their footing, we’ll see her start to embody and really dig into what it’s like to be a modern tween girl with strange living conditions.

Cristina: Finally, when the green goo came gushing down, all I could think was, “Who’s gonna clean that up?” as well as, “How is DJ not completely freaking out right now?” But I guess sitcom parents are a little more relaxed than the rest of the population.

Erin: Danny, however, would be HORRIFIED.

Reed: I can’t decide if they should call Danny in for backup … or never tell him that that happened EVER.

All 13 episodes of season one of Fuller House are now streaming on Netflix.