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'Face Off' fan recap: Two-faced

Season 10 | Episode 8 | “Smoke and Mirrors” | Aired Mar 2, 2016

The Gauntlet is over, and now we’re back to regular old Face Off spotlight challenges. The remaining seven contestants meet McKenzie at Lobo Castle, where Rob is hoping for dragons, and everyone else is just hoping to make it to next week.

The Challenge
In this challenge, the contestants each choose a young and beautiful evil sorceress. They must turn her into the hideous creature she is when her magic wears off and her true face is revealed. The makeup should reflect the magical powers that each sorceress has.

Face Off, "Smoke and Mirrors"

The Teams/Concepts
Rob, Dragon Queen (His wish came true!):
His sorceress lures girls into her castle to steal their youth. Her true face is covered in scales and horns and matches the colors of her gown.

Yvonne, Corpse Conjurer: This sorceress’s skeleton pushes through her skin, and she turns into a corpse version of herself every time she conjures the dead.

Melissa, Wiccan of the Woods: Every time this sorceress sends out evil spells, they come back on her three-fold. Melissa plans to incorporate lots of trees and bark into her asymmetrical makeup.

Anna, Shadow Enchantress: This demon sorceress seduces people, and she has a hollowed-out face, horns, and a scary feel.

Robert, Sea Witch: He plans on showing his sorceress mid-transformation, with half of her face remaining pretty to lure sailors, while the other half is a fish-like sea creature.

Mel, Temptress of the Flame: The sorceress works with the devil to tempt people, so Mel wants to create a powerful silhouette with ram horns made of flame shapes.

Walter, Emerald Empress: Walter struggles with his concept, but eventually decides to show emeralds bursting out of the sorceress’s skin around her head, face, and shoulders.

Lab Time
Once concepts are complete, the contestants get sculpting in the lab. Soon, Mr. Westmore stops by and gives everyone lots of suggestions. He warns Melissa to watch her brown palette, and suggests that Walter add emerald accents to his face, too.

When he comes around to Rob’s work, Mr. Westmore says he needs to work on the bottom half of his face sculpt. It’s just looking like an old-man makeup. Rob struggles to get the nose of his revised sculpt to look both feminine and dragon-esque. After consultation with some of his fellow contestants, Rob rounds out the jowl and succeeds in feminizing his face piece enough to call it a day.

Mel is working on making sure her flame shapes aren’t cartoony. Yvonne suggests vacuforming plastic, and after some trial and error, Mel finally gets a shape that she’s satisfied with.

This is the first time that Anna has made a cowl and a face piece on her own, and she starts off in a good place. But her cowl mold takes much longer than she expected. She still has to mold and sculpt a face before the day is up. She CANNOT have the only sorceress without a face piece.

Anna ends up sculpting the fastest face piece of her life, and while she’s not entirely happy with it, at least it’s molded and complete by the time she leaves for the day.

Elsewhere in the lab, Yvonne struggles to make her protruding neck bones look close enough to proper anatomy. Robert fabricates an eel for his sorceress, and Melissa begins fabricating thorns and vines.

Face Off, "Smoke and Mirrors"

On application day, Melissa has some trouble getting the vines to stick. Mel uses coffee grounds to give her model a charred-skin effect. Rob molded so many other pieces that he didn’t have time to make horns, but luckily he finds some premade ones that work perfectly.

By the time last looks rolls around, none of the sorceresses are painted or ready to go. The contestants are all super busy in their last hour.

Top Looks:

The top look in Face Off, "Smoke and Mirrors"

Bottom Looks:

The Judges Say …
The judges love Yvonne’s makeup, and her smooth airbrushing gives it a fantasy look. Ve loves that the skin looks like it’s fused with the skull. She made great color choices on top of subtle sculpting. Her sorceress retained her beauty while still looking like a skull. Yvonne is getting better every week.

Rob’s makeup had a lot of detail, but he didn’t overwhelm himself with too much work. The spine appliance on the back was phenomenal—even better than his work on the front—and his overall vision was spectacular. The face could have been a little more feminine, but the makeup as a whole was beautifully done.

Anna’s sorceress was a little too on-the-nose, and she just didn’t get there. The asymmetry she tried didn’t work, and the makeup looked even worse close up. Her proportions were off, making the head look wide and the horns look small. Her palette was good, but otherwise, it was a failure.

The bottom look in Face Off, "Smoke and Mirrors"

The judges weren’t a fan of the transition in Robert’s makeup. They wanted to see the whole thing, not just part of it. They liked his forms, but Robert was too playful in his design. He could have created a complete character, but he chose not to.



Favorite parts of this week’s episode:

  • SO MUCH TEAMWORK. The Face Off contestants are always willing to offer advice and support to the other artists, but there was a lot of helpfulness this week, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Anna, Mel, and Walter’s stunned silence—and then nervous laughter—when Robert talked about the demon he imagines that scares him into performing well during challenges.
  • Those awesome mirror images of the sorceress’s beautiful face and her hideous true face during reveals.

What were your favorite looks and moments?

Face Off airs Wednesdays at 9/8C on Syfy.