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5 reasons you need 'The Prancing Elites Project' in your life

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “Field Show of Dreams” | Aired Feb 9, 2016

I know you’re skeptical about adding another reality show to the DVR, but The Prancing Elites Project is fun. And by fun, I mean equal parts guilty pleasure, high melodrama, and bitchy backbiting—my favorite kind of fun.

The Prancing Elite Project is an all–African-American gay and gender-nonconforming dance team from Mobile, Alabama. They travel the Southeast, competing against some of the most talented dancers in the country, and they totally hold their own.

The dance team is made up of classically trained dancers and athletes: Kareem, Jerel, Kentrell, Tim, and Adrian. They’re all big personalities. And by big, I mean HUGE. As in, they walk into a room and immediately begin sucking up all the oxygen in it.

While the show is mostly about navigating the politics of living and working with friends, it’s got both sparkle and dynamite. There’s a ton of attitude and sass, but as much as they want to regularly murder each other, it’s mostly about how they love each other. It’s pretty cute.

If you’re not yet convinced that you should stop what you’re doing and get caught up on this Oxygen gem, here are five more reasons why you should run and do that.

5. Because everything about them is completely on fleek.

The absolute coolest squad ever? Check. Professional-grade eyebrows and winged eyeliner? Check.

A “not today, bitch” attitude about pretty much everything? Check.


THE PRANCING ELITES PROJECT -- "Week 4" -- Pictured: Tim Smith -- (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

Maxwell Mason/Oxygen

4. Who doesn’t love a story about besties?

These folks can get rough with each other, and they aren’t ashamed to say something catty behind backs, but ultimately there’s something pretty special about the way these gentlemen and lady look out for each other. If some real shit went down in my life, I’d want The Prancing Elite Project on my side.

THE PRANCING ELITES PROJECT -- "Week 4" -- Pictured: Kareem Davis -- (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

Maxwell Mason/Oxygen


3. They say what they want, and sometimes what we need to hear.

We’re living a crucial time for the LGTBQIA community, and although it’s not really fair to elect these folks as representatives for that entire section of the population, they would certainly do well at that job.

They’re funny, real, and human in the best way – meaning they can be weird, interesting, mean and nasty, and wonderful. Just like anybody else.

THE PRANCING ELITES PROJECT -- "Week 4" -- Pictured: (l-r) Kareem Davis, Kentrell Collins, Jerel Maddox -- (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

Maxwell Mason/Oxygen


2. It’s set in the South.

As a born-and-bred proud-to-be Southerner, it makes me so happy to see all sorts of Southerners on TV. It excites me to see other kinds of faces that don’t have beards or ketchup spaghetti smeared on their face.

The Prancing Elites Project looks just as much like the South as does any show set in the swamp.


THE PRANCING ELITES PROJECT -- "Week 2" -- Pictured: Jerel Maddox -- (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

Maxwell Mason/Oxygen


1. These sick moves:

THE PRANCING ELITES PROJECT -- "Week 4" -- Pictured: Adrian Clemons -- (Photo by: Maxwell Mason/Oxygen)

Maxwell Mason/Oxygen

The Prancing Elites Project airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on Oxygen.