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5 reasons to be excited for 'Younger' seasonĀ 2

After last night’s one-hour premiere, Younger season 2 is stronger than ever, moving full steam ahead on TV Land. Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) returns to play 40-going-on-26, as a recently divorced mother from New Jersey who lies about her age to score a coveted assistant job at a prestigious publisher and a hot, young boyfriend. Season 1 covered all the usual hijinks that could happen when you have to pretend to be a hip millennial to everyone except to our best friend/roommate, Maggie (Debi Mazar). Most importantly, the series incorporates a range of topics from feminism to aging to relationships, friendships and dating from different perspectives. Younger explores what that all means and how it affects someone whether they’re 40 or 26.

Now that the secret is out to Liza’s boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella), it’s a bumpy road ahead for the couple to reconcile Liza’s big lie and still keep it a secret from their friends, in particular Liza’s coworker Kelsey (Hilary Duff). If there’s anything that the first two episodes of season 2 do, it’s establish what viewers should expect, and there’s much to be excited for in the upcoming season.

Younger season 2 liza maggie

Liza’s daughter won’t be a hitch in her plans … for now
If there is one thing that the trailer for season 2 teased, it was Liza’s daughter, Caitlin, coming back home after a study abroad trip in India. It was implied that she would make it harder for Liza to keep up her lie, especially at the end of the first episode when Caitlin catches her mom making out with Josh. However, the second episode resolves the situation very quickly with Caitlin moving to Jersey to live with her dad, saving herself, Liza, and the viewers the secondhand embarrassment of watching a daughter see her mom rekindling her sex life.

Younger season 2 diana

Diana continues to be pure comedic gold
Miriam Shor, by a landslide, gives me the most laughs as Liza’s uptight, ambitious, and fashionable boss (those statement necklaces!). Diana still has her eye on her boss, Charles (Peter Hermann), and in the most unsubtle way, tries to seduce him so they can become “the ultimate power couple.” Watching her attempts completely backfire is hilarious, but also really makes us feel for her character.

Younger season 2 matthew morrison guest star

Matthew Morrison will guest star this season
We already saw chef Bobby Flay make a cameo in the premiere. A trailer showed that Glee’s Matthew Morrison will make an appearance, but we aren’t quite sure who is character is and how he’ll effect the characters’ lives. In an interview with EW.com, creator Darren Star confirmed that Dolly Wells (HBO’s Doll & Em), Ice-T, and Richard Masur will all appear this season, as well as Kathy Najimy returning to play Lauren’s mom.

Younger season 2 hilary duff

“We’re going to be 26-year-old bosses!”
Right when Liza is ready to confess the truth about her age to Kelsey, she learns that Charles has promoted Kelsey by giving her a millennial-leaning imprint to manage on her own. Kelsey’s first move is to bring Liza on board to help her run their new publishing department. That’s a huge promotion for Liza, and you can’t blame her for holding on to the truth to explore this new opportunity with Kelsey. Yet, when the truth comes out, which it likely will, it’s going to be even worse.

younger season 2 liza josh charles

The inevitable love triangle
What love triangle? You know there is a love triangle brewing between Liza, Josh, and Charles. It was hinted at last season, and Charles seems to have a bigger presence this season. After reconciling and agreeing to start again at the end of the first season, things are still awkward between Liza and Josh. She’s convinced that her age (and the lying) is a problem for Josh, even though he insists that he still finds her incredibly attractive. Liza’s doubts about Josh’s real feelings aren’t unwarranted. Josh seems distant, despite his words and punctuation-less texts. This is a real rough patch, and the best part of the season will be watching Liza and Josh trying to explore their altered dynamic, especially once you factor in Charles into the equation, who seems to get a little more smitten with Liza every time they interact.