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'About a Boy' fan recap: No junk in the trunk

Season 2 | Episode 15 | “About a Trunk” | Aired Dec 30, 2015

Turn those feelings wheels to happy, About a Boy fans! Netflix recently released the unaired final six episodes of the gone-too-soon NBC show we all loved … and then inexplicably lost. (Turn those feelings wheel back to sad.) It may have been about a year since we’ve had the pleasure of Will, Fiona, and Marcus’ company, but within about a minute of watching episode 15, it was like being back with framily (that’s friends plus family, BTW).

Marcus gives Will a hug on NBC

Picking up where we left off, Shea and Marcus are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and Shea suddenly has some major demands in that department. Relax; she just wants to go to see the premiere of a hot new movie. As her official boyfriend, Marcus is elated that it’s his official job to take her to see it, until he discovers it’s at a place called the Megadome, which he knows will cost him megabucks.

Over at Thunderballs—an adeptly, and brilliantly, named joint for bowling and wings—Will is out with Andy, who is happy to escape Laurie’s pregnancy temper (which, TBH, isn’t really all that different from Laurie’s regular temper) when he discovers Mr. Chris with a woman at the bar. He’s giving her his signature “penetrating eye stare,” which Will is certain means the dashing English teacher is cheating on Fiona.

Rushing back to Fiona’s to give her the most epic “I told you so” ever, Will is surprised to find Mr. Chris there already, and even more so to learn he’s already ‘fessed up. Sort of. He tells them both that the woman, Gabriella, is an old colleague who is in town, and their meeting was purely professional. Fiona buys it, but Will doesn’t. He’s certain Mr. Chris is lying. Why? The man was doing the sex lean, for goodness’ sake, which is a move Will perfected. Now he’s hell-bent on proving it to Fiona, especially after she reveals that she’s planned a ritual for the next night where she’ll tell Mr. Chris that she loves him.

Meanwhile, Marcus is trying to raise movie money by selling Fiona’s old knives to Andy and Laurie. (But just the dull butter-spreaders—he’s not allowed to handle sharp objects. Remember the old knife-in-the-foot emergency in season one?) Laurie wonders why he doesn’t have his own money.

Laurie: Doesn’t Fiona give you an allowance?
Marcus: Oh, she does. An emotional allowance. But they don’t accept hugs at the movies.

Laurie offers Marcus $25 and a sandwich if he can put together the crib that Andy has been too inept to finish. Deal.

Later, Will rides shotgun as he and Andy (and Andy’s three kids) stalk Mr. Chris—buddy cop–movie style—to try to catch him in the act. But the only acts they catch him in are ones sure to cement his sainthood. He visits not one but two gyms, literally gives a homeless man the shirt off his back, finds a box for a homeless kitten, and teaches a veteran how to read. When Mr. C ends up at a strip club, they think they’ve struck cheating gold … but as it turns out, our Good Samaritan is only there to pass out higher-education fliers to the strippers. Changing the world one kitten and stripper at time.

But the night isn’t over yet. Mr. Chris ends his day of benevolence at a hotel, where Will is overeager in his efforts to be a stealth stalker. Instead of bursting in on Mr. Chris and Gabriella, he surprises Mr. Chris and Fiona (it’s her big “I love you” ritual, and she’s all sexed up). Will tries to talk his way out of it, but at the same time, he’s still convinced that Mr. Chris isn’t being honest with Fiona. In fact, he’s so sure of it, he bets his hair on it. Yeah, that sure.

After Will leaves, Mr. Chris comes clean. And no, a shower for two is not involved. He tells Fiona that Will was sort of right—he wasn’t cheating, but he hasn’t been entirely honest. It seems Gabriella was in town to lure Mr. C to her new academy in Tanzania, and although he’s committed to building a long-lasting relationship with Fiona, he’s considering accepting since the commitment is only for three months. Fiona is shocked, a bit hurt, but ultimately supportive, and they raise a glass to toast to their strong relationship … and to Will not really being right.

Over at Andy and Laurie’s house, Marcus has successfully assembled the crib, and Laurie has—as usual—successfully cut down Andy. She’s had it with his half-assed attempts to complete the nursery. After she leaves (she hilariously pees herself), Andy ‘fesses up to Marcus that the reason he’s dragging on finishing the nursery is because it’s his secret pop-up man cave (there’s beer and salty snacks in the changing table). Marcus, proving yet again that he’s not only an intelligent lad but a wily one as well, uses this nugget of information to blackmail Andy out of $100. It’s date night!

Big pimpin’ at the Megadome and throwing his megabucks out left and right, Marcus is on top of the world … until the movie scares the megapants out of him, and his official girlfriend officially laughs at him.

Fiona isn’t having much luck in the romance department either. When she arrives at Mr. Chris’ house to help him pack, she discovers the job is done. There’s nothing to pack. All of his earthly belongings fit in one single trunk, on purpose. He tells her that years ago he made a vow that “everything I’d ever need in life would fit inside a trunk,” which is all she needs to hear to realize that he’s a free spirit and needs to wander to be truly happy. More important, she and Marcus do not fit in that trunk.

Sadly, as Mr. Chris leaves for Tanzania, Fiona tells him to keep chasing his dreams and to not worry about returning for her. After telling her he loves her and getting in the cab, Fiona bursts into tears. Luckily, her worst-slash-best friend is there to give her a hug, because that’s what framily does.

Season two of About a Boy is now streaming on Netflix. Check back next week for a recap of episode 16.