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'Are You the One?' season finale fan recap: Heads or tails?

Season 3 | Episode 9 & 10 | “Breaking Point/Never Give Up on Love” | Aired Nov 18, 2015

The end is here! After 10 rounds of drinks, dates, and disasters, the third season of MTV’s Are You the One? has ended in the biggest shocker yet. These singles have played the game, but for the most part, they’ve failed to get any momentum. All hope could be lost. However, with a two-hour season finale, anything can happen. Will these players turn things around, or will this be the first loss in Are You the One? history?

The Are You the One? singles are in low spirits after failing another Matchup Ceremony. Cheyenne is particularly upset that none of the guys chose Kiki, even though she has three potential matches left. Austin, meanwhile, is pushing for the group to get back into the game and play strategically. He thinks Alec and Stacey needs to go into the Truth Booth next, to answer the question once and for all: Are they a match?

Even with the ticking clock of the game, the cast members are still exploring potential matches. Mike, who has romanced Amanda all season, has his eyes on Kayla. The two flirt in one of the bedrooms and playfully tease each other before Mike plants a big kiss on Kayla. Kayla senses trouble brewing from the kiss and playfully pushes away. The two kiss once more before heading in different directions. This kiss could come back to haunt them.

Later, at the challenge, the group is paired into couples and tied to ropes on opposite sides of the beach. The singles must untie themselves through an obstacle and make their way to the middle of the course to hug their partner. The first three couples to do so will go on the group date. The singles plan for Alec and Stacey to be one of the winning couples; however, things don’t go according to plan.

Stacey struggles with the challenge and panics after being unable to untie herself. While the others are waiting, a few of the couples get greedy. Hannah/Zak and Britni/Hunter lock in for the first two date spots, but after they didn’t want to wait any longer, Austin and Kayla lock in for the final spot. The group’s plan goes up in smoke, and everyone is upset. Cheyenne is furious that people could be selfish—especially at Austin, who continually pushes for strategy. He decides to go on a date instead of following the plan.

After the upset at the challenge, the group goes back to the house to unwind. Mike decides it’s time to admit to Amanda that he kissed Kayla. Amanda is furious her “boyfriend” would cheat on her and starts to call him out in front of everyone. She’s a tad drunk and follows him around the house—she’s picking fights and wants to mess with him. She taps him on the face a few times with a cup and hits him with a pillow; however, it isn’t until the bedroom that things get out of control.

Amanda argues with her boyfriend Mike on MTV

Amanda pulls on Mike’s bed sheets and hits him with a pillow; this is his final straw. Mike gets angry and confronts Amanda, standing up to her to make her stop. He grabs her by the neck and throws her aside; she flies over the bed and begins to cry. The producers pull Mike from the house so that he can cool down overnight at a hotel. But when he returns the following morning, Mike decides he wants to leave the game. It’s a toxic environment for him and he needs to be away to cool his mind. He says his goodbyes and makes peace with Amanda, leaving everyone divided over their thoughts of him.

While three of the couples are on the group date, the house votes to send one to the Truth Booth. They choose Hunter and Britni, as they are the next position match. The pair goes into the Truth Booth, which reveals: NO MATCH! The Southern sweethearts are relieved to hear that they’re not a match, and the house is positive that Alec and Stacey are a confirmed match. Devin leads the charge with red solo cups to make a plan of attack for the next Matchup Ceremony, using the foundation of the Alec/Stacey match.


  • CONFIRMED: Chelsey and Connor.
  • Kayla chooses Hunter.
  • Cheyenne chooses Austin.
  • Stacey chooses Alec.
  • Britni chooses Devin.
  • Hannah chooses Zak.
  • Melanie chooses Tyler.
  • Kiki chooses Mike.
  • Amanda chooses Nelson.
  • Rashida chooses Chuck.


Only one new match is discovered. The Are You the One? cast has taken another step back, but this could be the harsh reality they need. The group returns to the house and many of the players are ready to give up. Chuck wants to throw in the towel and choose Britni at the next Matchup Ceremony out of spite. Alec isn’t happy to hear this, and the two start arguing. Everyone is at a low point.

But,Devin thinks he can turn this around. He wants to sit down and plan out this round to accomplish the unthinkable—a comeback!

The last challenge of the season sees the group breaking up into couples once again. The guys will have to carry the women on their backs and make their way through a muddy obstacle course. The first three couples to pass the finish line (in the shortest amount of time) will go on the group date.

It’s a muddy and physically challenging competition for the men as they move through all the obstacles. Many push forward, while others, like Alec and Kiki, lag behind with no chance of winning. Zak and Kayla are the first pair to cross the line, while Devin and Rashida are close behind. Melanie and Tyler score the final spot on the date after answering one of the trivia questions in the challenge. (Fun fact: Melanie and Rashida offered Chuck a threesome in the first week!) The group is confident there is a perfect match within this group of winners.

Alec has doubts over Kiki on MTV

After the challenge, a few of the hard-to-place singles explore new options—they need to try anything at this point. Stacey begins flirting with Nelson and the pair realizes they could be a match, as they are what each other need. Alec, on the other hand, doesn’t think Kiki is his match. Kiki only has three potential matches left, and she’s positive it’s Alec. However, he thinks Amanda is more of his match and would rather go with his gut feeling.

As the couples head out on the final date of the season, the group chooses to send Zak and Kayla to the Truth Booth. They’re the only option left from the first week of matches who could still be a perfect match. The pair head into the Truth Booth, which reveals: PERFECT MATCH! Zak and Kayla is the second perfect match of the season, which helps the group eliminate many more possibilities of matches.

It’s down to the wire, and the group needs to come up with a combination that could potentially win them the game. Devin takes the lead once again, and with the added knowledge of Kayla and Zak being a match, he has devised two potential scenarios: One where Tyler/Cheyenne is a match and the other where Alec/Kiki is a match. The group is stuck between both options, so they decide the only surefire way to choose … they flip a coin! The group is leaving it up to luck this time to hope their final attempt is a winning one. The coin lands, and the group will be going with Scenario #1.

Later, at the Matchup Ceremony, Tyler and Kiki are on the fence about their choices. Kiki still thinks Alec is her match, while Tyler believes it could be Melanie. While the group follows the plans, Tyler debates his choice before going along with Scenario #1. But did the coin win it for them?

Melanie and Chuck awaiting the final results on MTV


  • CONFIRMED: Chelsey and Connor.
  • CONFIRMED: Kayla and Zak.
  • Austin chooses Britni.
  • Hunter chooses Hannah.
  • Devin chooses Rashida.
  • Tyler chooses Cheyenne.
  • Alec chooses Amanda.
  • Nelson chooses Stacey.
  • Chuck chooses Melanie.
  • Kiki is stuck with Mike.


The group has done it! They did the impossible (quite literally) and managed to turn their luck around to win the game. After all the fights and failed Matchup Ceremonies, the group came back from two lights to correctly guess all their matches. Their big reward? $750,000! (They lost money after a blackout in week two.)

And they’ll get the chance to see if sparks fly with their revealed perfect match. But viewers won’t get to see if love blossomed (or fizzled) until their return for future seasons of MTV’s The Challenge.

Are You the One? airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on MTV.