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'Hawaii Five-0' fan recap: The long con

Season 6 | Episodes 8 | “Piko Pau ‘iole” | Aired Nov 13, 2015

Adam has been having a tough season on Hawaii Five-0. He’s nearly died, all of his money was stolen, he was forced to torture someone, and now he’s been kidnapped—again.

Adam’s two-time kidnapper, Tom Bishop, is leading him through the woods with his hands bound. Adam’s had a month to repay his debts and now his time is up. But then Adam makes a break for it. And when Bishop and his goon catch up, Adam kills them both.

Adam realizes, as I do, that this is not good. He goes home and gets cleaned up, packs a bag, and leaves Kono an urgent voicemail. But before he can make a run for it, Yakuza bursts in.

They bring him to talk to Goro Shioma (the guy Adam owes money to). Adam apologizes for killing his men, but Goro tells him his debt has been paid—by Gabriel Waincroft. And not only did Gabe pay off Adam’s debt, but he also threw in a little extra to get himself on Goro’s good side.

Adam killed Bishop and his goon for nothing. This weighs on Adam pretty heavily, and by episode’s end, he has Kono meet him at the police station so he can confess to the murders.

Adam turns himself in on Hawaii Five-0

Over at HQ, Abby Dunn (Julie Benz, who I love recapping this week, apparently) is being sworn in as a temporary member of Five-0. She’s shadowing the team for a few weeks so San Francisco PD can create their own task force.

Steve tasks Chin with showing Abby around (and shielding her from Jerry, who is seething with jealousy over Abby’s badge—honestly, does anyone find Jerry endearing?). And it isn’t long before they’re called to a case: the execution of five Chinese military men in a shipping container. Abby assumes a smuggling op gone wrong, and the four missing containers seem to prove her right. But these men are connected to arms dealing—that’s a lot of guns.

Abby is ready to dive in and help with the case, but it’s going to have to wait. Gabe and his men surround Chin’s car. Gabe tells his brother-in-law that the guns are already off the island. The Chinese got greedy, and Gabe killed them and sold the guns to someone else for a profit.

Gabe used the extra money from his arms deal to pay Goro, and now the Yakuza is backing his every move. Things just got a lot harder for Chin.

Julie Benz guest stars on Hawii Five-0

In our case of the week, two con artists are making their rounds at the airport, essentially picking the pockets of everyone there. It is simultaneously hella impressive, and also makes me never want to be in public again.

The con continues at their hotel. Katie, the female con artist, lures men from the bar up to her room and gets their pants off. As soon as she does, Hank (Kristoffer Polaha), her partner, bursts in playing the cuckolded husband. The men flee, leaving their pants and their money. But the last time, the con doesn’t go as planned. Instead of Hank, a masked man bursts in and kills Katie and her mark.

When Hank talks to Steve and Danny, he makes up a story and a fake name, but our boys are not idiots, and they realize Hank and Katie are wanted con artists. Hank comes clean about the scam, but swears the murder wasn’t part of it. But, seeing as his partner is dead and his hotel rooms have been tossed, Hank and Katie must have stolen something that their mark desperately wants back.

Hank tells Five-0 that Katie pawned everything right away, so whatever the killer is looking for is gone. Unfortunately, this means that Five-0 needs Hank’s help. McDanno and Hank head to the pawn shop and discover the pawnbroker dead and stuffed in the fridge of his upstairs apartment. And when Hank notices a digital camera they stole is also missing from the pawn shop, Steve realizes their killer was after whatever was on that camera.

Kono and Lou have been checking out Hank’s marks from the airport, and there’s only one person they’re not able to get a hold of: Andy Kaelani, who has a record.

Kristoffer Polaha guest stars on Hawaii Five-0

McDanno heads to Kaelani’s house and leaves Hank in the car (which seems like a bad idea). They’re clearing the house when they hear a gunshot outside. They rush out to find Hank holding a gun and Kaelani dead. Hank says he saw Kaelani headed inside, so he tackled him and the gun went off.

Steve says Hank saved their lives. (I am highly suspicious.) But the gun matches the other shootings and the missing camera is found inside the house. Steve agrees to speak to the DA and get Hank’s charges reduced for his help. It’s looking open and shut … until they check out the SD card. There’s nothing weird on it; just vacation photos. Five-0 thinks something must be embedded on the card.

And then Max calls. The time of death for the pawnshop owner doesn’t line up; he was killed before Katie. They’ve been played. This whole thing was about getting Five-0 to access the SD card on their computer, which uploaded a virus to spy on their mainframe. Hank framed Kaelani, and killed him, the pawnbroker, and Katie to set everything in motion. But who is Hank working for?

GABE. HE’S WORKING FOR GABE, because apparently Gabe is a criminal mastermind and everyone on this island is on his payroll. Hank spills and promises to testify as long as he gets immunity. Steve reluctantly agrees.

But not really. They’ll let Gabe’s plan play out for now, so he thinks it worked. But actually, Five-0 will use the virus to bait Gabe and put him away for good. And then they can charge Hank for four murders, too. Five-0 is playing the long con.

Next week, Danny is going undercover as a college professor with a tie and horn-rimmed glasses. SIGN ME UP FOR OFFICE HOURS, PLEASE.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8C on CBS.