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Talking to Derek and 3 other great 'Grey's Anatomy' moments this week

Season 12 | Episode 6 | “The Me Nobody Knows” | Aired Nov 5, 2015

Nothing is okay after last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. It’s just not. Maggie and DeLuca aren’t talking. Neither are Meredith and Amelia. Neither are Callie and Penny. It’s practically a silent episode. Okay, that’s a lie. But there’s a lot to be fixed this week, including, but not limited to, a priest’s sex tape. And Meredith’s high-pony. Like I said … nothing is okay.

Bumpy and a father’s love
Dr. Webber has an old friend come in with his daughter, Angela, after a car accident. The daughter calls him Uncle Richard, which immediately throws up red flags and black and silver balloons. Last time Richard had a niece in the hospital, it wasn’t fun at all. Her dad, however, calls him Bumpy. But the focus seems to be less on Angela or Bumpy and more on her father, Paul, whose foot is numb and exhibiting signs of diabetic degradation. But he explodes and asks Richard if he has a daughter in front of Maggie, and he says he doesn’t, because appearances matter. Webber tries to apologize to Maggie later, and she nearly cries and then awkwardly abandons the conversation. After Angela’s surgery, Richard owns up to Paul about his affair and his daughter and that as awful as it was, he is proud to know his daughter. It’s precious and important. Webber tells Maggie that she can call him dad, if she wants. We all cried.

The poor man’s McDreamy
When we first meet Dr. Riggs, it’s through April and her time in the Middle East. He’s dreamy, but not like … McDreamy dreamy. The accent works wonders, though, and the fact that he rolled in with Kamal helps. He’s becoming a series regular, and there’s no way that his backstory is worse than Penny’s. And even if it is, there’s no way that a random doctor from the Middle East can overlap with anyone’s story at Grey-Sloan, right? Wrong. When he runs into Owen, Dr. Hunt makes it clear that he’s here for Kamal’s case and then he needs to leave.

Oh, Owen. You don’t even get how casting works.

He’s already proving to be a nice dose of machismo, offering a gentle hand to Jackson and April but still being a total man’s man. Girl power has been awesome, but of course, it’s nice to see something to compare it against.

Making hands out of nothing at all
Jackson is quick to let April know that he’s tackling the kid from Jordan’s case because it’s a good case; he’s not doing it for her. It’s super harsh. But it’s not nearly as harsh as the poor kid’s hands, which more closely resemble oversize mittens than actual human hands. I literally yelled. And it wasn’t absurd because the case is so far-gone that Jackson wonders if he can do anything with it—April knew it too, because she “lost” the scans in Jordan, but he’s at the hospital and something needs to be done. In the meantime, we meet the poor man’s Derek Shepherd with a fun New Zealand accent. His name is Dr. Riggs, and he’s been working with Kamal and those crazy hands. When they evaluate the situation, Jackson recommends amputation, and April turns that into a conversation about giving up. Kamal is a metaphor, guys! Jackson says that there’s nothing there to save … and it’s still a metaphor!

But Dr. Riggs reveals that they called April “the machine” because she’s the best. It encourages Jackson to be better. Jackson breaks down the amputation to Kamal, and when he goes into surgery, April kisses his forehead—only to reveal that Callie and Jackson are going to attempt to do the impossible and preserve his hands. Low and behold, they find a hand underneath all of that tumor. Everyone is shocked, but not April, because she KNEW.

Penelope Blake, at your service
New transfers are usually put on the chief of general surgery’s service, which just happens to be Meredith Grey now. Penny says she doesn’t want the day to be awkward, and then Meredith turns around with her high-pony and says, “Then don’t make it awkward.” It’s preemptive shade—you know it is. After the poor porn-pastor is checked out, Meredith asks her what next steps are—it makes me hella nervous because last time we saw her make a list of steps, Derek Shepherd casually died on her watch. Whatever, I’m almost over it.

Penny tries to befriend the other doctors, but it’s hard when you let their coworker and family member die. The throwback to Teddy making Cristina go through Henry’s procedure is obvious—Meredith doesn’t want Penny to miss a beat. She doesn’t want her to ever repeat the mistakes she made on Derek, and it’s subtle but powerful. Penny can’t handle it. And when Dr. Webber confronts Meredith about it, it’s revealed that Webber is the reason she was hired. Yikes. At the end of the day, the poor pastor wakes up from his surgery to realize that his sex tape is pretty much viral. He said that he’s fired, but the community around him was supposed to support him. It’s another metaphor for the hospital, y’all! But the camaraderie is short-lived, because the pastor’s bladder is about to burst. Meredith loses her mind and kicks Penny off her service—it’s a little unreasonable, but we’re still #TeamMer, so she gets a pass. Callie doesn’t give her a pass, though. She calls her mean and small.

At the end, Penny sticks it out, kisses Callie, and gets a page that Meredith wants her all week. Good luck, buttercup.

Notes from the O.R. Board

  • Not to be gross, but if there were a pastor who were going to have a sex tape leak, this week’s pastor is a great candidate. Hat tip to you, casting.
  • “It doesn’t burn when I pee anymore.” –Maggie, trying to make carpool conversation
  • “I’m just going to sit here and wait for some divine intervention, or whatever.” –Alex, to Meredith in the church. It’s the moment of the episode.

And that’s it. It appears that Penny is sticking around. And so is Dr. Riggs. Fortunately, Meredith’s high-pony seems to be temporary. Two out of three isn’t bad. Sound off—can you take Penny as a series regular? And what do you think Dr. Riggs’s past entails?

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