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'General Hospital' fan recap: Halloween happenings

Season 53 | Episodes 147–151 | Aired Oct 26–30, 2015

The problem with Halloween is that eating a bite-size Snickers bar never really satisfies the craving for chocolate. And on the same note, the bite-size cliffhangers on General Hospital this week have definitely left us all hungry for more. For all the tedious pacing that has been brewing all year, it appears that multiple truths are really and truly going to be revealed.

Thanks to Dianne Miller, Spinelli is quickly able to avoid hacking charges for breaking into the hospital’s computer system. Luckily, since Jakeson has calmed down, Spinelli is able to ask him for the very basic favor of Jakeson obtaining his own medical records. Jakeson meets Elizabeth at the hospital for lunch, where the two make time to answer some basic viewer questions as they fill out their marriage license, such as how Michael procured a social security number for Jakeson. Elizabeth also gifts Jakeson with a placard for their home: “Mr. and Mrs. Jake Doe.” You’d think a guy who picked a first name would have at least created a new last name. Might we suggest Quartergan or Morgtermaine? It’s fascinating to watch Elizabeth delude herself into believing that marrying an already-married man will solve all of her self-created problems. Meanwhile, Jakeson takes a moment to have his medical records emailed to Spinelli.

Spinelli is hard at work on his program when Hurricane Maxie shows up to give him grief for not letting her know that he was in town. And just like when Maxie turned on the gas to cause Robin’s presumed death, this time she manages to knock Spinelli’s coffee all over his laptop. But all is not lost, as a hairdryer manages to dry the computer out enough to reboot. Naturally, just as the facial reconstruction program is coming to fruition, Spinelli gets a call from an injured Ellie and has to rush back home. Spinelli tries calling Sam and Jakeson, but they are out with Carly and Michael for a karaoke bachelor party. For some inexplicable reason, Spinelli heads to GH, finds Carly (presumably there to see Sonny), and leaves his computer with her to give to Sam. Just as Spinelli leaves town, but before Carly looks at the computer, Jake Doe’s face appears and morphs into the Jason Morgan we all remember. Will Carly look at the photo before the wedding?

Or will Elizabeth crack and break her silence? Running into Ric at GH didn’t seem to make her realize that her current actions are on the same level as his Hayden scheme. However, the letter from Gram, complete with a family heirloom, sure seems to rattle her confidence in her behavior. Then again, Elizabeth also asked Jakeson if she would adopt Cameron and little Jake (his own son!) after the wedding.

The other bite-size morsel came courtesy of the seemingly sparsely attended movie fundraiser/Halloween party at the Haunted Star. Dillon waffles about keeping his not-so-secret knowledge about Valerie and Dante’s tryst to himself. At the same time, Andy’s (the film student) footage of Dillon and Valerie discussing the situation is finally made known. Lulu and Dillon make peace, just in time for her to notice and inquire about the filmed conversation. Dillon shuts the video down and hides it away. Dante, having discussed his actions with his cheating-expert father, is ready to come clean to Lulu after the festivities.

Dillon spies Dante helping Valerie zip up her costume and discussing relationships, and clearly assumes the affair is ongoing. Dillon readies his “sizzle reel” of the movie for the party, and to Valerie’s immediate horror, the conversation between her and Dillon begin to play on the screen, as everyone (including Lulu) looks on. Yup, this is sure to put a crimp in Lulu’s plans to begin in vitro fertilization the next day.

Elsewhere in town, Ava begs Kiki to testify on her behalf in the upcoming Avery custody trial. It goes as well as one would expect when one’s mother has faked her own death and slept with her daughter’s boyfriend. Tracy, visiting Ava’s gallery, speaks the truth when she opines that Avery would’ve been best served if she’d stayed in Michael’s custody. Between an alleged mob boss shot by an unknown assailant, and Ava, with nobody in her corner, what will the judge decide is in the best interest of the child? Sonny begrudging the legal system that didn’t put Ava in prison for murdering Connie (but let him go free as a “hero”) is hypocrisy at its finest. And Paul’s surprise kiss to Ava begs the question of what legal chicanery he might put forth on her behalf.

Sabrina and Michael share her pregnancy news with Carly and Sonny, to very different parental reactions. Carly is adamant that they not rush off and marry just because of the baby, while Sonny immediately expects a new daughter-in-law. In a genuine laugh-out-loud moment, Carly points out that Sonny didn’t marry every woman he got pregnant. In case you were wondering, the list includes Olivia (didn’t marry), Lily (married), Carly (married), Alexis (didn’t marry), Sam (didn’t marry), Claudia (married), and Ava (didn’t marry). But it’s all a moot point, as Sabrina turns down Michael’s proposal, because she doesn’t think their relationship is ready for marriage. Of course, the fact that she confides in Felix that the baby could very well be Carlo’s probably had a hand in her decision as well. The reappearance of Monica, learning that Tracy knew about the pregnancy first, makes everything else involved worth it.

Finally, Anna makes it known to Paul that she doesn’t believe the body in the morgue belongs to Carlos. Anna keeps calling Sloane’s cell phone, leaving messages that she knows he is still in town (she pinged his phone) and that she doesn’t trust Sloane. She urges Sloane to meet her at the pier, but instead, Paul shows up.

Paul plays his hand, letting her know that he believes Sloane’s story of her killing Carlos and that he planted the wallet on the corpse. Anna doesn’t question how the wallet was on the corpse as it was pulled from the water, and Paul makes it known that he’s doing all of this to protect Anna. Anna is still processing all of this when she sees the presumed-dead Carlos walking in the shadows. She goes after him, but he is nowhere to be seen. Is Carlos alive, or is Anna imagining him?