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'Are You the One?' fan recap: Losing it at the luau

Season 3 | Episode 6 | “Getting Lei’d” | Aired Oct 28, 2015

How do you win MTV’s Are You the One? Follow strategy or go with gut feelings? That is the question many of the cast members are trying to figure out. The third season is already halfway over, and with only a few Matchup Ceremonies left to make guesses, the chances of winning the game are slowly fading away. The group is willing to try anything, even if it means ignoring their love connections to do so.

Returning from last week’s episode, Connor and Chelsey head off to the Are You the One? honeymoon suites as the first perfect match. They can relax and breathe a sigh of relief now that their job is done. The others, on the other hand, are back at the house playing the game. Kayla is sad that Connor has left (she misses her boyfriend), but Austin is more focused on the strategy. He wants to learn from the past pairings and try a new approach for this round.

The following day at the challenge, the men compete for the chance to go on the date. On the beach, several quotes are placed on signs that represent each girl in the house. The guys will need to head to the sand, dig in the ground to find a key with the girl’s name on it, unlock a box, then put together a puzzle of the girl’s face. The first two guys to complete their puzzle will be heading on the group date.

The challenge is mayhem—there’s sand flying everywhere! And once again, strategy is thrown out the window for the men to get a spot on the date. Chuck is the first to solve his puzzle—he is going on the date with Kiki! Austin is right behind and solves his puzzle next; his date is Cheyenne. The couples will be heading out soon, but Ryan Devlin wants to do something nice for the whole cast. He invites everyone down to an all-night luau to party and discover some new love connections.

Chuck and Kiki are whisked to the skies in a helicopter to get a closer view of their romantic destination. The pair has partnered together in the past, and they think they’re a perfect match. Austin and Cheyenne, meanwhile, are trying to figure it out. While they have a nice date, the sparks don’t exactly fly.

Later that night, the luau is gearing up to be a wild night. The Are You the One? cast is drinking, dancing, hanging out with parrots, and making out with anyone they see! Zak takes the opportunity to explore a potential new connection with Hannah, much to Cheyenne’s displeasure. The two dance and kiss passionately; they end their night by swimming and kissing in the ocean.

Kiki upset over Chuck cheating at the luau

Chuck is entering dangerous territory while at the luau. Hannah is over him, but Britni, his other island crush, is feeling drunk and very flirty. The pair starts to flirt, and they get a little close on the couch; they end up making out again in front of everyone, including Kiki. She’s upset that Chuck would do something like this again after he promised he would stick with Kiki until they find out if they’re a match or not. She confronts the cheating man, but Chuck isn’t sorry. Kiki is positive they’re not a match. Unfortunately for them, the Truth Booth awaits.

Either Cheyenne and Austin or Kiki and Chuck will be heading to the Truth Booth to find out if they’re a perfect match. The group has voted: They choose to send Kiki and Chuck in to figure out the answer once and for all. The loveless pair head to the Booth, which reveals: NO MATCH!

The group is back at square one, except for Devin, who is “done” with Kiki. Devin wants Kiki gone after she flirted with Chuck, and thinks she’s pulling his focus. When it’s revealed they aren’t a match, he breaks a vase and storms off, clearly upset. Devin is over her and wants to focus on himself.

Later, at the Matchup Ceremony, the men are following Austin’s plan with strategy for the matches. The girls think the men are crazy and should go with their gut feelings instead. Even Ryan Devlin is surprised with a few of the matches, like Tyler choosing Hannah when he’s starting to develop a real connection with Melanie. But will this new strategy work?


  • CONFIRMED: Chelsey and Connor.
  • Chuck chooses Amanda.
  • Tyler chooses Hannah.
  • Zak chooses Kayla.
  • Austin chooses Cheyenne.
  • Hunter chooses Britni.
  • Alec chooses Stacey.
  • Nelson chooses Kiki.
  • Devin chooses Rashida.
  • Mike chooses Melanie.

Only two new beams of light for this Matchup Ceremony! The group followed Austin’s plan of choosing strategy over their gut feelings, but it didn’t help them in the long run. They have no clue whom their match could be within the group, and now there are only four chances left. The clock is ticking!


  • Kiki only has four potential matches left within the cast. Unless the group starts to figure out the other matches first, it could simply be a process of elimination to find her match.
  • Tyler and Melanie had a strong connection develop before the Matchup Ceremony. Could they be a match?
  • Since the three matches from the first round (Hunter and Britni, Zak and Kayla, and Alec and Stacey) paired up again, one of the three lights this round belonged to one of them. The group needs to send one of these three pairs into the next Truth Booth.

Are You the One? airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on MTV.