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Ship Wars: Which superhero does Felicity Smoak really belong with?

Felicity Smoak (Arrow, The Flash) is a boss, so let’s be real: She doesn’t even need a man in her life. She kicks butt on her own.

Even so, that doesn’t stop us fans from shipping her with almost every superhero she comes into contact with. Whether she’s with the Green Arrow or the Flash, Felicity is wonderful either way.

But let’s hash this out anyway. Whose side are you on: Team Olicity or Team Barricity? Check out our positions on each side and vote in the poll below.

Zakiya Jamal, Team Barricity


Although these two adorkable nerds are now on two different shows, there are so many crossovers between Arrow and The Flash, I’m sure they could make it work. Felicity and Barry just get each other in such a cute way. They both love science and are comfortable geeking out about it with each other. They hit it off as soon as they met and their chemistry was undeniable.

With the crazy lives they both lead, fighting villains day and night, these two can just have fun together. There’s nothing stressful about their relationship. It’s easy and playful with their shared wit and banter. They can make each other laugh and understand each other in a way other people just don’t. Moreover, they bring out the best in each other. Felicity doesn’t tell Barry what he wants to hear. She keeps it real with him always, and encourages him to be the best hero he can be. The pep talks she gave him both times she visited Central City in season one of The Flash helped him defeat villains, and gave him the courage to trust Caitlin and Cisco with his suspicions on Dr. Wells.

And Barry knows to trust Felicity. He listens to her and, more than that, he believes in her. He doesn’t doubt her, but instead trusts her judgment. Barry and Felicity bounce off each other in an adorable way. They can finish each other’s sentences and get each other’s jokes. Never forget their trivia team, E=MC Hammer.

These two are the cutest, and they’re even cuter together. It’s hard not to see them together and say, “Awwww.”

Samantha Swank, Team Olicity


Bless Felicity Smoak. This girl was supposed to be a one-off character, and now she’s blissfully, domestically in love with Oliver Queen. She went from simple IT girl to crucial, founding member of Team Arrow, largely because of her relationship with Oliver. He trusted her immediately, and grew to depend on her. And Felicity became more confident and outgoing because of his trust. They make each other better; Oliver helped Felicity embrace her inner badass, and Felicity helped Oliver forgive himself and just be happy.

And now that they’ve really gotten together—they hosted brunch in the suburbs, for god’s sake—we’re beginning to see even more of what they can do together. They’re in love and really committed, but they’re also comfortable enough in their relationship to say they need a little more. They’re happy together, but they’re not complacent. They want adventure and crime-fighting, and they also want soufflés and morning sex. They help balance each other in every aspect of their lives.

Felicity is endlessly shippable. Her relationships with Ray and Barry are adorable and flirty and fun, but they’re also simple because the people involved are so similar. Ray trusted Felicity enough to make her CEO of his company, but they didn’t have the passion that drives Olicity. Barry and Felicity understand each other completely (and dang it, they’re so cute), but they don’t push each other in the same way that Felicity and Oliver do.

Felicity is her own character. She is not defined by her love for Oliver, and she is important to him without being a one-dimensional source of man-pain (which is why I refuse to believe she’s the one in that flash-forward grave). Oliver may be the Arrow, but Felicity is the foundation of the team. Team Arrow (and Arrow) is stronger and better because of their partnership, in whatever form it takes.