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'Faking It' fan recap: Promageddon

Season 2 | Episode 18 | “Nuclear Prom” | Aired Oct 19, 2015

Faking It prom is exactly the disaster you’d expect from Faking It prom. Just in case you forgot, Hester’s new, super-conservative principal made prom mandatory as a punishment (because that’s the way to punish Hester students). He also made dates mandatory. Because television. And in case you forgot, Amy decided she couldn’t handle going with Karma, after they re-faked it and her old feelings started bubbling up, so she convinced Karma to ask someone else and she made a date with Felix.

This leaves the prom pairings at:

  • Amy going with Felix
  • Lauren going with Tommy (yep, the ex who dumped her when she confided in him that she was intersex)
  • Karma going with Wade
  • Shane going with Wade
  • Yep, Shane and Karma and Wade all going together
  • Liam going with an inanimate skeleton.

And all of the above dates go disastrously and/or amazingly wrong. Let’s dive in.

Amy and Felix

Remember when I said some of the prom dates go amazingly wrong? It’s really only Amy and Felix’s date that goes wrong in a way I would describe as “amazing.” Amy and Felix plan a platonic date to prom because Amy can’t handle a platonic date with Karma and, well, Felix is really into Amy and willing to take what he can get. Their date does nothing but get cuter and cuter as the episode goes on. Amy tries to pick out a dress and gets something slinky and strapless and totally not her. She makes a joke about how she’ll spend the whole night pulling it up. Felix rents two tuxes, one black and one blue, because he’s not sure if Amy wanted to go serious and traditional or spunky and irreverent with her prom look (she opts for him to wear the blue). Then, when it comes time for the big night, AMY wears a black tux (a beautiful, tailored suit that looks amazing on her), and she and Felix have a blast taking silly, not-romantic pictures for her mom. It’s ADORABLE, and also very couple-y.

It’s so couple-y, in fact, that Karma warns Amy not to break Felix’s heart, and Felix proactively tells Amy that he doesn’t think their date was a good idea, because he definitely wanted it to be a real date. He doesn’t quite get to finish the thought, though, because Amy stops him with a kiss. Amy has been really insistent on not labeling herself or her sexuality, and now we get to see why through action. Amy isn’t leading Felix on; she genuinely seems into him. It’s amazing, and I really like this unexpected pairing.

Lauren and Tommy

It’s impossible to mention the Lauren and Tommy date without also mentioning the Lauren and Theo date. Lauren accepts Tommy’s invitation to prom because she needs a date (it’s mandatory) and can’t take Theo (he’s an adult cop whom everyone at school hates). Theo doesn’t love the idea of Lauren going to prom with her ex (okay, that’s actually putting it very mildly; he hates the idea), and he tries to make prom special with her on his own by setting up a secret prom in their makeout meeting place. It’s beautiful and probably the sweetest thing Theo has ever done for Lauren.

Over the course of the night, though, Lauren comes to realize that even though the secret prom with Theo is incredibly beautiful, it’s not what she wants. She wants the prom with everyone else (even though her vision for Prom by Lauren was destroyed thanks to a decoration mix-up), and the high school moments and memories that come with that. She gives Theo an ultimatum: Go public or it’s over. He can’t go public, sooooo¬† … it’s over.

The Shane-Karma-Wade Triangle

Shane and Karma follow through with their plan to both attend prom with Wade. They both show up looking like knockouts in bright, fierce red. Wade is completely into both of them. They try all night to one-up each other and win Wade’s heart (or at least another choice organ), but he’s still totally split in his affections. Finally, Shane pulls a desperate move and suggests a threesome, thinking Karma will definitely bail on this one like she did on the one with Amy and Liam. And, you know, I think Karma might have bailed on it, if it weren’t for …

Liam and the Inanimate Skeleton/Sasha

Liam might officially have gone to prom with a skeleton, but his real love interest this week is Sasha. She’s been coming on to him strong, but he’s been resisting because he promised Shane that he wouldn’t go there. When Shane tells Liam about the planned threesome and Liam points out that it’s uncool to plan a threesome with his ex, Shane is totally dismissive. Liam points out that he’s been a good friend and stayed away from Sasha, but Shane laughs it off, saying Liam couldn’t get with her if he tried.

Well, that’s all the motivation Liam needs to try. He makes out with Sasha … and then Shane and Karma catch him. Karma is so outraged by the whole thing (although why? She’s on a three-way date with another dude and his best friend, but the heart is a fickle thing) that she decides to go through with the threesome after all.

Isn’t prom magical?

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