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'Faking It' fan recap: Prom prison

Season 2 | Episode 17 | “Prom Scare” | Aired Oct 12, 2015

In most high schools, prom is a heralded rite of passage. It’s no surprise then, that at Hester, it’s to be avoided at all costs. Lauren is, naturally, the head of the prom committee and she’s appalled to find that, at Hester, no one buys tickets to the event because no one cares. (The best thing about prom is that Lauren has apparently made herself the prom theme and the posters look like a Chanel ad starring her, because Faking It is the best.) When an anonymous artist, who signs their work only as “B,” starts tagging walls of the school with art criticizing the new administration, Principal Turner decides to punish the student body. Normally, he’d cancel prom, he says, but he knows that the Hester students would actually like that. So instead, he comes up with a punishment that the students will hate: Prom is now mandatory, and dates are also mandatory.

I know what you’re thinking, because it’s what every student at Hester was also thinking: That’s not legal. But in the world of Faking It, it is. Everything is explained away as part of the terms and conditions the students agreed to, and that’s that. I love the world of Faking It.

Now, the big mystery is who will go to prom with whom. Since it would be out of character for a lot of the Faking It crew to attend prom at all, let alone with dates, this conceit about Principal Turner and the terms and conditions of mandatory prom is perfect. Of course, no one can go to prom with who they want to go with, and everyone wants to go with the wrong person. Let’s break it down:

Karma: Karma wants to go to prom with Amy, ostensibly as platonic friends, but the show is hinting hardcore that she might be questioning her sexuality, at least when it comes to Amy, so I’m not sure I 100 percent buy that her motives are BFF-only. Of course, Amy wants none of it (more on that below) and encourages Karma to go for it with her crush from chemistry class. But there’s a complication, since he’s also into one of her close friends (more on that below, too).

Amy: After faking it again at the square dance, Amy realizes that her feelings for Karma haven’t gone away completely like she’s told herself and everyone else. So, when Karma wants to go to prom together, Amy knows it’s a bad idea. Formal wear and slow dancing will do nothing to quell her crush on Karma. She starts by convincing Karma to go after her crush, but soon realizes that to really avoid the bestie date from hell, she’ll have to find another date of her own. She asks Felix, who hates prom but really, genuinely likes Amy, which could be a problem.

Shane: Remember how Karma’s crush has feelings for one of Karma’s friends? That friend is Shane. Yep, Mr. Chemistry is bisexual, and he’s into Karma and Shane and not sure who he likes more. After some freaking out and funny-but-poignant discussion of stereotypes placed on bisexuals, Shane and Karma decide to both pursue their mutual crush and even end up offering to go to prom all together as a threesome. That should go great, right?

Felix: Poor Felix. His dad (Principal Turner) instituted the mandatory-date rule just to force his son to go on a date for once, so he’s kind of responsible for the whole debacle. He really likes Amy, but he’s struggling with the fact that she’s a lesbian and only going with him to avoid going with Karma. He calls her on the scheme and almost refuses to go to prom, but he relinquishes because LOVE. (Speaking of guys who have fallen for Amy, Oliver is now in an unhealthy relationship with an Amy lookalike and staging plays based on his unrequited love for her.) On the bright side, Amy seems to kind of like Felix back, so maybe all hope isn’t lost for him after all. Plus, this is Faking It, and Karma seems to be developing feelings for Amy, which means it’s high time for Amy to fall for someone else.

Lauren: Lauren naturally wants to go to prom with Theo (real name: Anthony), but she can’t because he’s a cop, in his 20s and hated by everyone at Hester. She can’t go alone, as she was planning, but she agrees to give Theo veto power over her date. She decides to go with her ex-boyfriend (the one who dumped her when he found out she was intersex) and ignores Theo’s attempt to veto. This is sad because I actually really like Lauren and Theo (mostly because I LOVE Lauren and think she’s the best).

Liam: Even though Liam seems like the obvious choice to be “B,” he’s not (that honor goes to now ex-Vice Principal Bevier). He tries to take the blame, but Penelope admits that it was her and then epically quits. Before she leaves, she begs Liam to carry on the good protest in her absence. He makes the best move of all and buys a prom ticket for himself and his date—a science-class skeleton, because Principal Turner didn’t specify that dates have to be alive (leave it to the heir to the Skwerkel fortune to read the fine print and find a loophole). But don’t worry, he has his own romantic issues: Shane’s older sister, Sasha, is back in town and shamelessly pursuing Liam. He’s resisting because he promised Shane nothing would happen, but this is Liam we’re talking about, and Sasha has already looked up the age of consent laws in Texas just to make sure everything is legal. (It is, apparently.)

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