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5 things we want (well, demand) from season 11 of 'Criminal Minds'

We Criminal Minds fans are a demanding bunch. After 10 seasons of unsubs and investigations, we have a pretty extensive wish for the writers and producers of our favorite crime procedural. While much of the season is already mapped out, here are five things that would make season 11 one to remember.

Blasts from the past

From Garcia’s brush with the killer she condemned to death to the delightful “birth of the BAU” episode, some of the most fun we had last season was blasting back to the past. Dipping into the Criminal Minds’ rich history would be a great way to jump-start a season that’ll be missing both JJ (for five episodes) and Kate Callahan (for the entire season). Imagine Jordan Todd being forced to work with Hotch again, or another “young Reid” episode. Could be a lot of fun!

Ben Savage plays a young Gideon in episode 13, season 10 of Criminal Minds.

Reid needs a love interest

Last season had three love interest teases for our favorite genius. This year, Reid needs to get himself some. My advice? Giving him a lady friend would not only expose us to a side of Reid we haven’t seen since the Maeve days, but it would open the door for some tense late-season drama. That, and he deserves it. C’mon, writers!

Reid with one of his potential love interests from season 11 of Criminal Minds.

A season-long storyline

Okay, maybe not the entire season, but there’s something to be said for a running plotline. Not only do the writers get the chance to flesh out a deeper story, but it can lead up to an explosive finale. Last season’s Meg abduction storyline was the closest we got. Problem was, it was rarely referenced, and when it finally mattered in the finale, nobody really cared. Which brings me to …

A stronger finale

Maybe I’m looking too far into the future, but anything would be better than the ho-hum conclusion to season 10. While I suspect Meg’s abduction would have had more teeth if Jennifer Love-Hewitt wasn’t with child, the ending was still obvious. Criminal Minds does creepy stuff, but there’s no way they would allow a cast member’s child to die at the hands of a pedophile. That said …

Someone needs to die

Want a great way to finish the season? Kill somebody off. Despite their exceptional chemistry, the Criminal Minds cast is due for a shakeup. According to Matthew Gray Gubler, this is already in the works, so here are my picks for who could and should bite the big one:

A.J. Cook and Jennifer Love-Hewitt from season 10 of Criminal Minds.

  • Who I’d Kill: In a team where everyone has a specific role, Rossi is the most expendable. If the BAU were a corporation, Hotch would be the CEO, and Rossi would be the aging owner who gets invited to the occasional shareholders’ meeting. Just because he’s an O.G. doesn’t mean he’s vitally important to the show.
  • Who I’d Kill if They Killed: Reid. Just don’t go there.
  • Most Likely to Be Whacked: JJ. With A.J. Cook already taking time off for her real-life family, I wouldn’t be shocked to see season 11 be her swan song. With Jennifer Love-Hewitt already committed to season 12 and ready to be the go-to female, this might be the perfect time for JJ to hang ’em up. This would be sad, as the team would lose one of its best actors, but it would be completely understandable.

The new season of Criminal Minds starts Wednesday, September 30, at 9/8C on CBS.