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Here's how Twitter is teasing 'Sleepy Hollow' season 3

Sleepy Hollow is almost here! Oct. 1 can’t come soon enough for Sleepyheads, and the production team’s Twitter pages aren’t helping the anxiety. How are they creating even more tension for the coming season, you ask? By posting new pictures!

For weeks, the Twitter accounts for the Sleepy Hollow writers and Kurtzman/Orci Productions’ VP of Television Development Aaron Baiers have been teasing fans with new media. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, what they’re showing us proves that the third season will be all about what made the first season great—the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod and the sisterhood between Abbie and Jenny.

Promises of Ichabbie

The bond between Abbie and Ichabod, otherwise known as “Ichabbie” by the fans, is something that wasn’t handled as best as it could have been in the second season. At best, their relationship was stunted by the introduction of Hawley and the further proliferation of Katrina’s “main tier” status. At worst, Ichabbie was, according to some fans, put by the wayside all together in order to show Ichabod and Katrina’s failing marriage.

Now, though, the Sleepy Hollow team is making sure fans know that Ichabbie will be front and center. Whether that means their relationship will stay platonic or become romantic remains to be seen, but these pictures, posted by Baiers on his Twitter page during one of his Sleepy Hollow online fan events, sure do play with the fans’ imaginations.

The Sleepy Hollow writers are also embracing the Ichabbie love by using the new poster as their Twitter banner.

Sleepy Hollow Writers Twitter

The writing team, including new showrunner Clifton Campbell, has promised fans that there will be a greater focus on Ichabod and Abbie’s personal relationship and their bond as Witnesses. The writers using the poster as a proclamation seem to confirm that everyone’s on board with Team Ichabbie.

“The Sisters Mills”

Another relationship that was shunted last season was the familial relationship between Abbie and Jenny. So much of the first season was devoted to Abbie and Jenny finally coming to terms with each other and forgiving each other. But the second season featured a lot of Jenny being looped off in Hawley World, leaving her characterization to flounder. This season, we’re promised a greater focus on Abbie and Jenny’s relationship, especially when it comes to the two finding out more about their pasts and possibly why Abbie was the one chosen as Witness.

Albert Kim, one of Sleepy Hollow‘s writers, tweeted this photo of one of the scripts. The title got fans extremely excited.

First of all, it’s an episode solely devoted to Abbie and Jenny. Last season, we were treated with “Mama,” probably one of the season’s best episodes. But as great as it was, with the powerful flashbacks to Abbie and Jenny’s childhoods and Jenny using the family book of West African incantations, there was even more depth with Jenny and Abbie’s past that could have been mined for that episode. “The Sisters Mills” appears to be the episode in which we learn more about Jenny and Abbie than we ever thought we’d learn.

Another reason “The Sisters Mills” could be the holy grail of Mills knowledge is that it’s directed by Guillermo Navarro. This fan couldn’t have stated the fandom’s excitement any better.

Having the man behind the cinematographic magic of Pan’s Labyrinth says a lot about how important “The Sisters Mills” is to the Sleepy Hollow canon. This episode has been placed in some very astute hands, which must mean that the story contained within the script’s pages is so powerfully written, it needs someone with an understanding of magical realism to give it the justice it deserves.

Overall, there are some very high expectations for this season of Sleepy Hollow, and if Twitter accounts are anything to go by, the team’s excitement for the season suggests that fans will have a lot of good things coming their way.

Sleepy Hollow returns Oct. 1 at 9/8c on Fox.