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'Documentary Now!' fan recap: 'Dronez—The Hunt for El Chingon'

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Dronez—The Hunt for El Chingon” | Aired Sep 3, 2015

This week, the IFC mockumentarty/doc-parody series Documentary Now! spoofs the guerilla, hipster, Brooklyn-based online journalism outlet VICE. If you are a fan of VICE or have happened to catch their series on HBO, you will be shocked at how Documentary Now! is able to capture VICE so perfectly.

Helen Mirren once again greets the audience and introduces tonight’s documentary: Dronez—The Hunt for El Chingon. The documentary opens with an introduction from Dronez founder Jamison Friend (Jack Black). He explains that Dronez assembled a fearless journalism team to travel to Mexican town to track down and interview the kingpin of a powerful Mexican cartel.

Dronez reporters Kyle and John (Armisen and Hader) begin their search for El Chingon by simply asking people around town if they would like to talk about the drug lord. It seems like the team is not getting anywhere with their search, but thanks to social media, they find a local man who is willing to talk to them. Kyle and John visit the man’s house, where they are stunned by the living conditions.



This local man’s son has gone missing, and Kyle and John are led to believe that El Chingon is behind the disappearance. During the interview, some of El Chingon’s men show up, and end up killing Kyle and John.

Though Dronez mourns the lost of Kyle and John, the search for El Chingon must go on. Enter the new team of Bryce and Trevor (Armisen and Hader). Once the two make it to Mexico, they decide to sit down with a New York Times reporter who has also been working on an El Chingon investigation. She informs Bryce and Trevor that El Chingon is like a Robin Hood figure to the people of this area. She also lets them know about a couple of local bars where people associated with the kingpin may hang out. The Times reporter strongly suggests that Bryce and Trevor stay away from these local bars—but this is Dronez, and these reporters go “ballz to the wallz.”

Bryce and Trevor head to the local bar and notice that there are pictures of El Chingon everywhere. He really is some kind of Robin Hood. The band is even playing a song about how amazing El Chingon is. Bryce and Trevor meet some guys in the bar who tell the Dronez reporters that they are cops who have some information regarding El Chingon’s whereabouts. Once Bryce and Trevor are alone with them, the “cops” kills Bryce and Trevor.

With four reporters dead and nowhere closer to finding El Chingon, Dronez sends in two of their very best: Lars and Denver (Armisen and Hader). The two arrive in Mexico and take the search to the streets. Literally, they just walk down the streets yelling, “El Chingon.” When that doesn’t seem to work, they meet with a local professor who tells them exactly where they can find El Chingon. But the professor encourages Lars and Denver not to go searching for El Chingon’s house, especially with a camera. Remember, ballz to the wallz. So Lars and Denver walk through the foothills.



The two hardcore journalists locate El Chingon’s estate and knock on the kingpin’s front door. Lars, Denver, and Chris the cameraman are all taken inside and brought in front of El Chingon. Shockingly, the Dronez team is not killed. After explaining how cool Dronez is, El Chingon agrees to do an interview and allows Lars, Denver, and Chris to stay at his house.

The Dronez team witnesses firsthand how El Chingon is actually normal a guy with great taste and a big heart. Though the boys get to party and hang out with El Chingon, they still have not had their sit-down interview. After earning El Chingon’s trust, Lars and Denver are finally allowed to interview the kingpin. Just as the interview begins, the police and the government raid El Chingon’s house. No one knows how, but El Chingon was able to escape.

Looks like another brilliant story captured exclusively by Dronez.

Next week, Documentary Now! spoofs the 1988 documentary The Thin Blue Line.

Documentary Now! airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on IFC.