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'Face Off' fan recap: Closed-door policy

Season 9 | Episode 5 | “The Gatekeepers” | Aired Aug 25, 2015

It’s time for Face Off‘s first foundation challenge of the season. Each contestant is given a Rorschach ink blot. They have to create an original character based on what they see. Emmy-winning designer Eryn Krueger Mekash serves as guest judge.

Meg creates a river mermaid and uses sponges to create a crest coming from the forehead. Eryn chooses her creation as the top look, and Meg wins a badly needed immunity for the next challenge.


The Challenge

In the spotlight challenge, McKenzie shows the contestants six doorways to uncharted dimensions. They will work in pairs to create a gatekeeper and whatever creature they’re keeping at bay. They choose keys that match each doorway to pick partners and get started.

The Teams/Concepts

Ricky and Jason have a Mayan door. They are going to create a serpent gatekeeper and a statue that he brought to life.

Evan and Stevie decide their gate is going to serve more like a prison door. Their gatekeeper is a superior, intelligent race that has captured inferior aliens using mind control. A light piece implanted in the skulls connects the two characters.

Ben and Jordan choose a celestial door. They decide to make a female, fawn-like gatekeeper and a goat-like bad guy.

Jasmine and Nora’s gatekeeper is a badass female alien. She’s captured a creature from a male-inhabited planet bound on domination.

Scott and Kevon make a powerful heroine gatekeeper and a demon behind the door.

Libby and Meg have a medieval door with a female guardian. She’s keeping out a boar/hyena monster, but Libby is a little unsure of the anatomy for her animal bad guy—and the judges are sticklers.

Lab Time

In the lab, Ricky’s cowl for his living statue is getting too masklike, and there’s a disconnect between their two characters. Jason and Ricky decide to scrap everything, and they both start fresh and keep it simple. But they’ve wasted a lot of time.

Libby also has a setback when she drops her cowl and has to resculpt the resulting dent. And she can’t get her face piece’s nose quite right either. She decides to give her creature a more human nose, which also ties it in better with the gatekeeper.

Ben and Jordan spend a lot of time fabricating. Jordan makes a helmet, chest piece, and lower-body piece, and his partner creates a headdress for their gatekeeper. Kevon also does some fabricating, making a headdress and horns for his team’s makeup.

905 (2)

Nora and Jasmine are working really well together as a team. On application day, they consult each other on their paint jobs so they don’t look too similar.

But things continue to go badly for Jason and Ricky. Everyone is having issues getting their molds to set, but Ricky especially. They’re wasting a lot of time messing with their molds that they could be using to fabricate.

They finally get their molds run, but they don’t have time to clean before the end of the day. They have to run their molds in polyfoam the next day, but now they won’t get the movement and look that they wanted.

The team is so far behind schedule that Jason is going into last looks with only a bald cap. Nothing is pre-painted. He has one hour to do an entire makeup.

Top Looks:

Jasmine and Nora

Ben and Jordan

905 (7)

Bottom Looks:

Libby and Meg

Jason and Ricky

The Judges Say …

The judges are thrilled with both Jasmine and Nora. It’s obvious they worked well as a team. They made excellent color choices on their female gatekeeper and did a lovely beauty makeup. Their male had a great sculpt and paint job. They had real anatomical awareness and originality in their characters.

Ben and Jordan did an unbelievable job. There was real harmony between the two characters, and they did an amazing amount of work. Their palette was perfect and they had great detail in their sculpts.

Meg’s gatekeeper wasn’t great, but it was Libby’s monster that really hurt this makeup. It was poorly sculpted, with no understanding of anatomy and a flat paint job.

Meg and Libby

Jason and Ricky’s creatures were too comical. Jason’s snake proportions were bad, and Ricky’s statue was really rough from the neck down. Both makeups look like bad masks.

WINNER: Jordan—he did a head-to-toe makeup that really worked.



  • I could see Jasmine or Nora winning this thing. And I’m happy with either outcome.
  • I love Jason and Meg so much, but if they don’t get their stuff together soon, I don’t think either one of them is going to last much longer.
  • I will never get over how nice everyone on Face Off is. I’ve talked about how nice and genuinely helpful the contestants are before, but it holds true for the judges too. They are so encouraging. It’s never, “You deserve to go home.” It’s always, “You weren’t ready—yet.” As a viewer I appreciate it, and I can only imagine the eliminated contestants do too.

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on Syfy.