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'The Fosters' summer finale recap: Love will keep us together

Season 3 | Episode 10 | “Lucky” | Aired Aug 17, 2015

I wanted to start this recap of The Fosters‘ summer finale with something snarky about the sheer number of obstacles that have stood in the way of Callie’s adoption thus far—seriously, was an asteroid going to destroy the courthouse next?—but then Callie’s impassioned speech about being one of the lucky ones, followed by the one-two punch of courtroom hugs and the first family dinner, rendered me snark-less.

Praise be to Yeezus—Callie Jacob is officially an Adams Foster! I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The adoption wasn’t without some last-minute drama, though, of course.

Brandon and Callie return from their tryst in the woods of Idyllwild, prepared to hear that Callie’s adoption has fallen through.


Surprise! Stef, Lena, and Rita are all waiting to tell Callie the GREAT news: Her adoption has been approved by the caseworker! Brandon and Callie summon all the strength they can muster to not puke on the floor.

Rita does some quick tying of loose ends, and informs Callie that she did in fact get Callie’s recording of Carmen ‘fessing up to lying for Brooke, and has been cleared. She also heard the part about Callie’s indiscretion with B while at Girls United, but Callie saves Rita, and Rita saves Callie. Moving on …

B and Callie are still very confused as to how they want things to go down. On the one hand, Callie could have the family she’s always wanted. On the other hand, there’s destroying Lena and Stef’s dreams, but also more sex.  I think Daphne says it best when, upon hearing about the cabin coitus, she basically says, “Really, Callie? REALLY?”

During a family gathering (see below for deets!), Callie looks around at all she could lose in order to be with Brandon. The two have a moment together and come to terms with the fact that Callie doesn’t just need a family; she needs this family. Adios, Brallie.

With that little issue all squared away, Callie takes to the interwebs to leave another video on her foster app, relaying her happiness but also admitting that she’ll always be a foster kid. When Callie enters the courtroom to face the same judge whom she outed in her first video, she is surrounded by foster kids who have come to support her. It is lovely.

Then, the final hurdle: The judge isn’t so pleased about being called out, but Callie refuses to apologize. She tells the judge that the system is broken and it’s kids like her, the lucky ones, who need to stand up and speak for all foster kids. The judge isn’t such a bad guy after all—in fact, he’s proud of Callie. And then he makes her adoption official. Cue the tears. SO MANY TEARS.

While it was a momentous night for Callie, it was a very busy one for Lena. When she wasn’t giving lessons on proper condom usage, she was fighting to keep her marriage together and heal some old family wounds.

Last we saw our mamas, Stef was finally clued into the Monte of it all, and Lena was trying to assure her wife that it meant nothing. Well, Stef’s anger won’t be assuaged so easily. And because the Adams Fosters have a gift for timing, while the two gals were dealing with some huge marital issues, they were simultaneously throwing Lena’s parents, Dana and Stewart (the fab Lorraine Toussaint and Bruce Davison), a 40th anniversary party.

Lena heads to school to confront Monte, who simply confirms what Jenna told Stef: Monte is in love with Lena, even if Lena doesn’t feel the same. Oh, Monte, go join Crazy Dani on the Island of Misfit Girlfriends or something, would ya?

Before Lena can get into it, her brother Nate appears ready to finally apologize for what he put their family through. Lena is on the fence about whether she can forgive Nate or not, but a nice chat with Dana about compassion tips the scale in his favor. Now all they have to do is get Dad on board.

Nate and his girlfriend, Faith, show up at the anniversary party. Before Stewart can kick them out, his wife and daughter convince him that Nate truly is sorry. The Adams family is whole again.

The Adams Foster family, however? Not so much. The night before the big anniversary party, Lena and Stef really have it out. Stef accuses Lena of encouraging Monte, and Lena doesn’t deny it. It is dark. They put on brave faces for the party, but it isn’t until Stef reveals she had been keeping the news of an irregular mammogram from Lena that the two are able to move forward. Stef is fine, but it put things into perspective for both of them.


Later, surrounded by all of their children in their kitchen, our mamas seem stronger than ever. Whew. All is right with the world again.

In other family news:

  • Connor’s dad catches Jude and Connor making out sans shirts, which gives Lena the green light for an awkward but tender sex talk with her youngest son (“For a lesbian, she sure knows a lot about how guys have sex”). The incident prompts Connor to ask to live with his mom in L.A. At first, Jude is hurt, but after watching Callie’s adoption become official, he understands the importance of living in a home that is safe and full of understanding. Also, they say “I love you” and it is adorable.
  • “Oh my love, what an impossible task you’ve given yourself.” Lorraine Toussaint, you are a GODDESS.
  • Mariana tries to win Mat back with a rendition of “Love Will Keep Us Together” at the anniversary party. Mat is not swayed. Mariana informs him she’s done begging for forgiveness because she’s forgiven herself (YAS, QUEEN). He’s happy she’s done beating herself up over it, but not interested in making a go of it again.
  • Well, hello, Jesus 2 (Noah Centineo). Welcome. My name is Mrs. Robinson. May I hang up your shirt?

That’s all she wrote on The Fosters‘ season 3A. What are your hopes and dreams for next season—besides more of Hot Dad Mike, of course?