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Mystery solved! Did 'Pretty Little Liars' reveal the right 'A'?

Season 6 | Episode 10 | “Game Over, Charles” | Aired Aug 11, 2015

The texts. The red coats. The lies. Six seasons of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars have led to this moment. The big reveal of “A” (the REAL identity of A!) would be shown once and for all to viewers. The mystery finally ends, closing a chapter to a story that filled not only the lives of Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Alison, but all of us viewers as well. It is a question that has haunted PLL fans for years!

NOTE: This article contains spoilers about Pretty Little Liars. If you haven’t caught up yet and don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now!

On Pretty Little Liars, what started with a text message to four friends soon became a web of lies that took over the town of Rosewood. Its mastermind, “A,” controlled a group of loyal followers and victims. In the end, A is revealed to be CeCe Drake, the best friend of Alison DiLaurentis. But in reality, CeCe was really Charles (now Charlotte) DiLaurentis, the transgender (and secret) sibling of Alison and Jason. But did the answer live up to the legacy?

We asked members of the EW Community for their thoughts after last week’s reveal. Did they like it? Hate it? Believe it’s still someone else? Let’s find out:

The mysterious

I went into the Pretty Little Liars finale with a totally open mind. I’ve been burned by the show before and I was on the verge of just giving up. I told myself, “One more episode. I will watch the finale and if it’s as disappointing as the past finales then I am done.” But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I remember a past episode where CeCe was revealed to be the girl in the red coat—but, of course, that was never addressed again. I had a feeling she was somehow behind mostly everything. However, revealing her to be Charles was a nice surprise.

I went into this episode with a million questions about past storylines that had been dropped and never revisited again. And, for the most part, everything seemed to fit together—those questions were answered. Well, all except for the whole, “Why exactly did Alison fake her own death and yet when she came back, everyone just seemed to be okay with it?” question. (I’m not getting my hopes up for a resolution to that one.)

What was most satisfying about the reveal was the fact that it didn’t feel like A’s identity was something the writers just decided when they wrote this episode, which is common and annoying. (I’m looking at you, Gossip Girl.)

However, the only thing that did bother me about the episode is this: No one acknowledged the fact that Jason DiLaurentis has now unknowingly dated two of his sisters. TWO! If anyone deserves to go crazy because of A, it’s definitely him. Cara Cooper

Mona (Janel Parrish) listening on as CeCe (Vanessa Ray) reveals the truth

Marlene King promised this would be the summer of answers, but in reality, it was really the summer of questions. For example, did the moms ever get out of the basement? Where were the boyfriends in this episode? What happened after CeCe said, “Game over”? Is CeCe in jail or back in Radley? What about Mona? Why is Sara in a hospital and not in jail? Why wasn’t Wren “A”? Did Melissa play no role in A’s schemes? And if CeCe wasn’t in the woods the night Ali died, then whom did Jason see Melissa talking to? Lastly, why am I still watching this ridiculous show? Zakiya Jamal

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) hearing the truth from Mona (Janel Parrish)

I watched five seasons of Pretty Little Liars before calling it quits. I tried to quit before, but I kept getting pulled back in by jaw-dropping “A” reveals. Toby is A?! I was distraught. He’s gotta be a mole! Ezra is A?! THIS IS THE BEST. I AM HERE FOR IT. Charles is A?! WHAT THE … wait. Who is Charles? Have we ever met a Charles before? That was my breaking point. I was done.

I thought I would miss out on the drama and the craziness. What if one of the Liars was A and I missed it?! But I was liberated. When A was promised (again) to be revealed, and it was disappointing for viewers (again), my inner fangirl patted myself on the back for getting out before it was too late. (Okay, fine, I did read a few recaps.)

Part of me wonders whether going back and rewatching with Charles/Charlotte/CeCe/whatever in mind would make sense, but the Sam who watched six seasons of Gossip Girl knows that it won’t. Samantha Swank

CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray) in a flashback

Pretty Little Liars has kept me on a roller coaster of emotions for the last few years. Every time I believed that A would be revealed, the answer was easily explained or the suspect was cleared of suspicion. When Mona, Toby, and Ezra were shown as A, I was happy; the question was finally solved. And yet it would never be the real answer.

I originally read eight of the books before I started sticking solely to the TV series. I knew some tidbits, but I still didn’t expect the identity. The character of Charles completely came out of left field, and I was disappointed that I didn’t get the answer last season. However, I’m happy that CeCe is A.

The solution didn’t feel forced or like a ploy by the writers. It was to the point, and in a surprising, non-PLL fashion, it was simple. CeCe could be A, and she was always a possibility. I still believe that Wren or Ezra (he will ALWAYS be shady to me!) would have been a better A, but I can’t change the solution just because I hoped for something different. (Oh, Gossip Girl, if only!) Justin Carreiro

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on ABC Family.