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'Power' fan recap: The emancipation of Holly

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “Who You Are and Who You Want to Be” | Aired July 11, 2015

You know that interrogation scene in Basic Instinct where a fully confident (and sexually charged) Sharon Stone practically brings a room full of well-trained men to their knees with a simple leg cross? Well, that’s not what happens here at all.

In Power, it’s the interrogator who has the upper hand, unaffected by Holly’s method of seduction. “I like your watch” just doesn’t sound sexy when you’re wearing pants, it seems. Unfortunately for him, Holly isn’t giving up any pertinent information on Tommy—even with the threat of a one-way trip back to Cleveland in an orange jumpsuit looming over her head.

As special agents try to figure out how to break her, Ghost confronts Stern about his big article on the Vibe party in the New York Post, which doesn’t mention him at all. Stern, ever the master manipulator, reminds him to focus on the good: Truth is getting press, which gets people talking, which brings in more money. Solid, right? He even invites Ghost to a “special” party among his wealthy friends as a thank-you. What could possibly be wrong about this scenario?

Back at Holly’s interrogation, Angela is upset because she’s sitting around like a “glorified intern” rather asking the questions herself. One missed call from a potential witness who ends up dead because you were too busy getting busy, and they hold it over your head forever. What gives? Oh, and a quick phone call from the district attorney’s office in Cleveland reveals that Holly’s arrest warrant has been voided due to a main witness recanting their story. However, Angie keeps this information to herself and Holly’s emancipation is put on hold.

Things aren’t looking good for Ghost either. Lobos is demanding to be paid much sooner than he thought, which means he’ll have to move his product faster in order to meet that request. Without enough territory to accomplish that, he’ll need to conjure up some manifest destiny and acquire more land. The solution: Take out the Serbians, blame it on their rivals, and swoop in to gain their trust. Sound familiar? (We’re looking at you, Kanan.)

Holly still isn’t budging, forcing the FBI to switch up its game plan. And now, here’s a moment of appreciation for Special Agent Mike Sandoval. Pros: Really really, ridiculous good looking; is the boss; is bilingual; likes to go by the book. Cons: Slightly sexist (told Angela he doesn’t trust her because she acts like a little girl) and is a liar liar, pants on fire.

Sandoval steps in to interrogate Holly by pretending to be just like her. He falsely recalls being let down by the people around himself and working hard to get to where he is. His plan works because they bond over their seemingly similar backgrounds, and Holly lets her guard down enough to consider not taking the fall for Tommy.

Meanwhile, Angela and Ghost meet up to have their weekly discussion on honesty—and Ghost still refuses to tell her about his double life. To make matters worse, he’s kept Tommy in the dark about Angela’s suspicions and it looks like Tommy’s unrelenting loyalty is about to hit him where it hurts.

Against his better judgment, Ghost attends Stern’s special gathering, which looks more and more like Caligula with each passing room. This party has everything: booze, babes, masks, whips, illicit acts. Stern attempts to bond with Ghost by offering him a rainbow of women, but Ghost declines. He has other things to worry about, like finding a new way to tell Angela the truth without actually telling her the truth.

Holly sticks by Tommy and insists he isn’t a killer, even after special agents show her the gruesome crime-scene photos from RSK’s murder. Poetess Eve once said that love is blind and it will take over your mind, and she was right. Facing an (unlawful) arrest, Holly convinces them to let her go to the bathroom so she can get her mind right. Angela follows her in, and they sit down for some girl talk.

Actually, Angela tries to convince her to do something for herself for once and give up Tommy. It almost works … until Holly recognizes her. “I remember you. You f—ed James. At Truth. Up against the wall in his office. He’s cheating on Tasha with you.” OH, SNAP.

It only took two seasons, but now Angela knows that James St. Patrick is Ghost (FINALLY!). She strikes a deal with Holly to dig up dirt on him, and in return, she’ll do everything she can to protect the auburn-haired klepto and her boyfriend. After sobbing her feelings away in the bathroom, she regains her composure and joins Ghost for a romantic stroll in the rain. “So, baby, how was work?” That’s code for, “I know who you really are and you’re about to get it.”

But wait, there’s more. Greg has been watching from his car and now knows about them too. Lucy, it looks like you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

Notable Quotables

Cooper Saxe: What’s the nature of your relationship [with Tommy]?
Holly: We’re f—ing. We f— sometimes when we get bored.

Angela (on Holly’s loyalty to Tommy): When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he’s done
Holly (to Angela): You didn’t know … you dumb b—h. You’re the one sleeping with Ghost, not me.

Power airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.