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'Rookie Blue' fan recap: Here we go again

Season 5 | Episode 12 | “Open Windows” | Aired Jun 25, 2015

Is it the first episode of season six, or the 12th episode of season five? Who knows? But either way, Rookie Blue is back!

We pick up just a few weeks from where we left off at the end of last summer. If you need a refresher, check out the recap of last season’s finale here. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Andy and Sam have spent the last three weeks in baby-ignorant bliss while on vacation at Oliver’s cabin in the woods. They are madly in love, and terribly sad about having to return to the real world. If we’ve learned anything from Rookie Blue over the years, it’s that happy McSwarek never lasts. This time we know what’s coming: Marlo drops the baby bomb. It shows a lot of growth that Sam calls Andy immediately to discuss this development, but as Andy answers the phone, she gets attacked from behind … because of course she does.

Andy is able to fight off the intruder, but A) he gets away, B) Sam didn’t get a chance to tell her about the baby, and C) she was staying at Traci’s, so there’s concern that Traci was the intended target. Sam notifies Traci of the incident and she comes to the apartment immediately … WITH STEVE PECK. They are back together!?!? Their reunion happened offscreen, because apparently the universe hates me.

As they locate other victims of similar crimes in the area, they discover that one of the women who was attacked was also raped. They contact the sex crimes unit, who tells 15 to back off; they’re handing it. The 15 division hears this as a suggestion that they choose to ignore, with Staff Sergeant Shaw’s blessing. Andy is insistent that the women in the neighborhood have a right to know. She may have a point, in theory, but listening to Gail and Chris telling random women on the street to go home and lock their doors definitely doesn’t seem like the best way to go.

Dov figures out that all the victims are getting the same flower delivery, and they set up a plan to catch the guy at his next target’s apartment. The plan fails, and they likely scare away the predator—just as the sex crimes professional warned them they would. So, excellent job all around.

Dov is also busy working with Marlo on figuring out how the bomb got into the evidence room. Last season’s finale hinted at the idea that Ted McDonald was working to expose some major corruption, and this explosion was a way to keep that evidence from seeing the light of day. Marlo suggests they look through all the evidence that was processed the day of the explosion. Dov agrees to help her, but encourages her to let it go for the night. Boundaries, Marlo!

In other non-case news, Chloe and Nick are bonding over workouts. He’s bummed he never heard from Juliet; she’s miserable things with Dov fell apart. At the station, Chloe’s concerns are validated when Dov admits he painted over their wall and shows no interest in having much to do with her. Nick, on the other hand, gets a pleasant surprise when Juliet arrives to start her first day of work at 15. She says she bolted when she realized he was a cop, a reason that sort of explains turning down Nick Collins—but not really, and especially not after seeing him without his shirt on. Something is definitely brewing there, but whatever it is probably won’t survive the fact that she’s spying on the cops of 15. What’s her angle? Why can’t Nick find a decent woman?! (The spying situation does explain why Juliet encouraged Chloe’s yapping, though.)

Chris is doing better, thankfully. He’s sober, attending meetings … and sleeping with a married woman. So, better, but not great. In his defense, he didn’t know she was married. And he definitely didn’t know she was married to Inspector Jarvis. Even so, there’s no way this ends well for Chris.

Gail has to make a video listing the reasons why she wants to adopt Sophie. That’s all we got from Gail. Let’s hope there’s more on the way. #WeWantGail.

Duncan is still an idiot.

Sam finally finds a moment to tell Andy about Marlo and the baby. Andy can’t handle the news. She’s overwhelmed and needs some time. Will she get over it? Can they survive? Will I ever not have to ask these questions? I guess we’ll find out!

Rookie Blue airs Thursdays at 10/9C on ABC.