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In this new clip from 'Bitten,' Jeremy and Clay fight to save...Clay

On the last episode of Bitten, Clay stopped being Clay. Technically. So, you have to wonder what Aleister’s plan was when he took possession of Clays body. I mean, you don’t just possess someone for kicks (actually Aleister might.)

For those of you who are still reeling from last week’s events and are dying to know what’s going to happen now, here’s a clip from this Friday’s episode to tide you over (warning: possible spoilers). After watching it, it’s clear Aleister has some sort of plan and it looks like Jeremy’s ready to do anything to save his son. Anything.

Is killing Clay the only way to save him or is that Aleister’s plan? Will Clay be able to fight the possession and save his own life? Can Elena stop Aleister before it’s too late? Also, did anyone else have to rewind to figure out who was who during this fight?

Find out when Bitten airs this Friday, May 29, at 11/10C on Syfy.