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Best podcasts this week: 'This American Life,' 'TBASH,' and 'WIOAT'

The only thing I love as much as television is a good podcast. I have a robust feed of shows that I take with me on my daily commute and on walks. Here are some of the highlight episodes of this week.

Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce, episode 23, with guest Meg Myers: You would think that a podcast about beverages would be dull, but TBASH proves that wrong. Each week, they have their guest go through their “beverage profile,” which is more fascinating than you would think. Sometimes the mundane, routine parts of people’s lives are the most fascinating. Add to that the charisma and enthusiasm of the hosts, and TBASH is not to be missed.

This week’s guest is emerging singer Meg Myers, and her fascination with drinking lots of water. The show also plays voicemails from fans, which often point out the regional differences in products and drinking habits. I promise it’s interesting!

The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast, season 2, episode 3: “Egyptian Cotton”: I discovered this bizarre little podcast almost a year ago when it first started, and it is the one thing that I am kind of protective of. However, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, the two hosts from New Zealand, have been getting more and more attention, and deservedly so. Every week for a year, the Kiwi duo watched the dreadful Grown Ups 2 and reviewed it. I didn’t think they could get much material out of it, but aside from clever observations about its absurdity, the podcast developed into something esoteric, questioning the very nature of art and friendship. It also helps that Batt and Montgomery have a delightful chemistry and charming New Zealand accents that we Americans love. Well, many of us.

After a year’s worth of Grown Ups 2, ending with a trip to Los Angeles for a live finale, the WIOAT podcasters have proven they are masochists: They have embarked on year two of the great experiment, and will be watching Sex and the City 2 every week for a year. This week was only the third week of the season, and the guys are already sharing their misery. “Literally no one is making us do this,” they always explain, but listeners love that they do it. This week, they create a new segment about a unique extra in the film, and muse about what it would be like to be a long-haul trucker (tangents happen and are welcome). Finally, they pick their “shining light” of the week, which is when they struggle to find something positive in their viewing. This week, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s natural gestures in her acting.

This American Life, episode 529, “Human Spectacle”: This is an older episode, but it’s always been on my list of must-listens, and I finally got to it this week. The show tells the story of Nasubi, a Japanese comedian who was picked to be on a reality/game show. In it, he is forced to live alone in a box, naked, all while being televised. It’s a wonder that this was even allowed, and more of a wonder that he isn’t permanently mentally scarred from the ordeal. It’s a fine line between entertainment and human experimentation. This is definitely worth a listen.

Of course, you should also download and listen to our EW Community podcasts, This Week on Shameless and Clear Lists, Full Drafts. What are some notable podcasts you listened to this week?