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'General Hospital' fan recap: Broken brains

Season 51 | Episodes 220-224 | Aired Feb 16-20, 2015

General Hospital viewers have spent nearly a year trying to unravel the Fluke saga. Who is behind the atrocities committed in Lucas Lorenzo Spencer’s name? Could it be Jerry Jax, Anthony Zacharra, Damian Smith, Frank Smith, Travor Lansing, or Bill Eckert? In the end, the answer was in front of us the whole time. Fluke is … Luke Spencer.

Daytime viewers are no stranger to characters splitting into multiple personalities due to a childhood trauma. One Life to Live‘s Vikki and Jessica both had multiple alters, as did Days of Our Lives’ Kimberly and General Hospital‘s own Kate. And while we don’t know what events led Luke to fracture, or exactly when his disorder originally took hold, viewers can be assured that Luke’s never-seen sister, Patricia, and the recently exploded childhood home hold the answers to the mystery.

In fact, it’s Bobbie’s jailhouse visit, with specific mentions of their childhood, that brings Luke to the surface for the first time (visible to anyone besides Helena) in nearly a year. Luke is panicked and confused, partially by his jailhouse surroundings, but also by Bobbie’s anger toward him. After Bobbie disavows him, he cries for help and his subconscious treats him to a Fluke visit, where Fluke reveals that they are 100 percent the same person. Tracy later visits, already given a heads-up on the dissociative identity disorder by Helena, and Luke is still present and pleading for help. Tracy believes him, but her promise to figure out what happened to Luke brings Fluke back to the surface. But Tracy stands her ground, ignoring Fluke’s threats and insults, pledging to get help for her broken husband.

Kiki (in Kristen Alderson’s final appearance) visits Franco, hoping for guidance in pursuing custody of Avery. With unspoken nods to their One Life to Live history, a still-LSD-impaired Franco apologizes to Kiki for not being more present as her father, despite Kiki’s reminder that Silas is her dad. Franco wishes he could have made things work with her mother, but really gets riled up over the custody lawsuit. Franco goes on a tangent about fathers belonging in their children’s lives and convinces Kiki to drop the idea.

However, where Kiki leaves off, Michael picks up. Despite not being biologically related to Avery, Michael decides to sue Sonny for custody of Avery. Sabrina, suddenly present in Michael’s life … a lot … reminds Michael that a baby isn’t a pawn, but Michael claims he is motivated by fear for Avery’s safety. He repeats the same mantra to Carly, throwing in that if Sonny were a good father, he’d let Avery go, like Jason did for Jake. Michael also throws out the epic burn of Sonny’s children being kidnapped and his own experience being shot, but Carly stands by the claim that Avery will bring out the best in Sonny, just like Michael did. Michael laughs off the idea that Sonny should be a father again just to better his own character. Then Sonny pays his own visit to Michael, informing his estranged son that there is no danger to Avery because Sonny has walked away from organized crime. Um, yeah, that worked out well for Julian when Lucas got shot, right?

Helena makes good on her immunity deal, advising all interested parties that there is a microchip in Jakeson’s brain. Whether that was actually what caused his “conditioning,” of course, remains to be seen. Jakeson goes to Patrick for a consult, learning that the microchip is embedded in brain-scar tissue and removal could kill him. Jakeson tells Elizabeth that he can’t live like this, opting for the risky surgery. On his way to the operating room, Jakeson tells Sam that there was only one ring (wedding ring), but she has no idea what he means. Just as he goes under anesthesia, Jakeson remembers Helena revealing his true identity to him. Jakeson mutters that he knows who he is, but he is unconscious before Elizabeth can get any answers. Naturally, he survives surgery, but it is unknown if his pre-op revelation will be remembered.

In a surprising move, Helena reveals, by way of the missing wedding ring, Jakeson’s true identity to Nikolas. Nikolas immediately wants to tell Sam the truth, but Helena uses election fraud and the threat of prison to quiet her grandson. Elizabeth’s visit and revelation that Jakeson might know who he is further seals Nikolas’ decision to keep quiet. But in an act of defiance, Nikolas opts to send Helena packing to Cassadine Island, presumably never to be seen again. We’ve heard that before!

Olivia, after an attempted fake-out, reveals her pregnancy to Ned, who has just told Olivia he might have feelings for her. Not wanting to be tied to another mobster, Olivia considers leaving town in lieu of telling Julian. Meanwhile, Julian is frustrated that Alexis hasn’t officially dumped “Ted” yet, but all is forgiven when Alexis tells him that all criminal charges against him have been dropped. As Julian is discharged, they run into Ned and Olivia, who are at the hospital for an obstetrician visit. Alexis officially dumps Ned, but when she and Julian learn that Olivia is there for an OB/GYN appointment, the baby news is out. Olivia tries to deny her pregnancy, but when Ned and Julian get in a physical altercation, she blurts out the news. Julian rightly assumes it is his child, but Ned jumps in and claims paternity. Alexis recalls Ned making the same protective announcement when she was pregnant (by Sonny), with Kristina, and she isn’t buying it. Ned and Olivia lie that they were hooking up from Thanksgiving through Christmas, while he and Alexis were split. Alexis gets high and mighty over Ned cheating on her (they were on a break!), but Julian points out that Alexis cheated as well. The twosomes part ways, with the paternity lie intact.

Spinelli returns to Port Charles with Georgie in tow, but no Ellie. Spinelli listens as Maxie tells him of her Zacharra-related squabble with Nathan, then drops the bomb that Ellie has broken up with him. Apparently, during Maxie’s Christmas visit, Ellie saw signs (despite Maxie’s New Year’s rush to get home to Nathan) that Spinelli and Maxie belong together as a family with Georgie. Maxie is floored, having not thought of Spinelli that way in some time. Spinelli seems set on regaining his Maxonista, even telling Nathan that Maxie belongs with Spinelli since they both see the gray area outside the law. Maxie spills all to Lulu, but still seems to be leaning toward her burgeoning, yet currently cracked, relationship with Nathan. But most important, how cute were Rocco and Georgie together? Their mothers are certainly shipping the possible future pairing! Will it be #Rorgie or #Gecco?