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'Hindsight' fan react: Almost a disaster, then totally awesome

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “… Then I’ll Know” | Aired Feb 4, 2015

Hindsight is the kind of show that calls up a lot of feelings for me, and I swear it’s not just because I’m nostalgic for a misspent youth (although I did tear up a little tonight when I heard Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song“). These characters make me so homesick for my 20s that I can feel myself slipping into a time warp right there on my couch.

It’s hokey, but Hindsight gives me feelings I usually only get when I look at old high school yearbooks or college picture albums. It’s not just that Hindsight invokes choker necklaces or a super awesome playlist. It’s that it’s about what once was; about going back to do it over, and doing it like you should have the first time. Who doesn’t want that?

Becca, Lolly, and Paige head to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to see REM on their Monster tour. This show really knows how to pluck a heartstring, let me tell you. Taking a trip like this, the kind of no-reason wandering you are only allowed in your 20s, is one of those divine luxuries that you can only appreciate once you get some distance from it. That’s how I feel when I watch this show, like I’m looking back on something that was so fun and special, but only now do I understand how beautiful it is.

Becca and Paige share some awkward moments on the ride up, mostly about Sean, and we also get a little backstory about Lolly and her dad. Apparently, Lolly’s dad lives in Chapel Hill and she spent time there growing up. This makes her a little Southern, which makes me love her even more. I am currently starting a petition to demand that Lolly speak in a Southern accent from now on.

Alan Ruck plays Lolly

Lolly’s dad is kind of a jerk, but he’s also a grown-up Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (also known as Alan Ruck, in real life), so we can’t stay mad at him for long. Their relationship can be summed up in one line of dialogue from Lolly, muttered after arriving at his house to find a very young girl wearing only her father’s shirt. She asks, in a very practiced tone, “Are you my new mom?”

Of course their road-trip fun is thwarted by, as Paige calls it, “a series of unfortunate events.” There’s a flat tire, a backwoods sheriff, and the lack of a GPS system. All this gets Becca and Paige off track, and they miss the concert. Becca acts like an uptight, spoiled princess, and Paige just blurts out whatever harsh or salty thing pops into her head, because she’s the “cool girl.” They don’t bring out the best in each other, but I like them together. Their dynamic reminds me of Vanessa and Serena from another beloved show about a different world, Gossip Girl.

Becca and Paige wind up making up, and the girls get to watch REM from a nearby rooftop. They celebrate, as 20-somethings tend to do, with lots of “woo-hoos” and raised red Solo cups, and I have to admit, my heart is in my throat. Being in that moment with them, hearing “What’s Your Frequency, Kenneth,” is about as close as I will get to time travel, and that’s why I love this show. Well, this and all the hunky guys.


Before the girls all come together, however, Lolly runs into her childhood friend Kevin, and they participate in a little nostalgia themselves. Kevin is cute. I mean, really, really cute, which is still a bit of an understatement; he is a damn dreamboat, but he’s trouble for Lolly. More importantly, he’s trouble for Jolly (stop mean-tweeting me, people, I’m giving up on Laime). Lolly is pulling away from Jamie and comes close to breaking up with him right before he leaves, kind of calling him selfish.

The outing with Kevin is just another way for Lolly to put some distance between her and Jamie. Maybe some things are destined to turn out the same, no matter what. Maybe Jamie’s struggles have to play out without Lolly, but their chemistry is impossible to deny. This is just my bias, but it seems like such a waste for everything else to go so differently, and still see Jamie’s future remain exactly same.

Jamie decides to broker a bro-tervention for Sean and Andy, in the hopes that Lolly will see that he’s not really all that selfish. He makes a cryptic comment to Melanie about the difference between acting selfish sometimes and being selfish that feels like foreshadowing. The writers are building toward something in Jamie’s near future, and it looks dark. It screws up the dramatic irony when we already know a version of what could happen, and Jamie’s downward spiral is not far off, I fear.

Becca waits for Andy on

The boys’ afternoon ends with Sean and Andy mad all over again, and Melanie storming off. The girls’ trip ends at Spring Lake, the childhood lake house where Andy and Becca spent their summers together. It’s apparent, after much prodding to make a decision from (literally) everyone on the show, that Becca chooses Andy. She calls him to meet her at the cabin, which completely alters the course of events, and I have about a million questions about how Hindsight will see this through. The previews for next week suggest Andy is in a car accident, but I’m waiting until then to say that out loud.

Share your nostalgia. What puts your heart in your throat?

Hindsight airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on VH1.