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'Chasing Life' fan react: Borrowed lovers

Season 1 | Episode 14 | “Cancer Friends with Benefits” | Aired Feb 2, 2015

The relationships on Chasing Life are less like love triangles and more of a twisted web spun on a family tree. Last night, tensions of all kinds built in every relationship. We said goodbye to one family member and welcomed a new one to Boston. Leo and April finally had their first date and steamed things up in Leo’s pool, but not without some awkward interactions April had to overcome with her ex first.

Just their luck: Dom and April get thrown into an assignment together covering a cancer concert. A broken heart is entitled to mourn, but Dom has taken it to jerky levels, like creating a hostile back-and-forth dialogue with April in front of their interview source. The tension was so apparent that their source called up their boss to get the scoop on the duo. Standing there in front of their rough boss, April finalizes that the two are no longer involved. Dom storms off like he’s mad at her response. It seems like he’s one of those who wants her to beg for his forgiveness. Unfortunately for Dom, he’s up against Leo, who just makes everything so easy.

Even honesty flows freely in Leo’s presence, as April finds herself admitting to Leo that her work commitment was with Dom. Leo doesn’t even seem phased. He just wants to know more about how April is feeling. Dom, on the other hand, has made this all about him. There is someone new in town, though, who’s willing to play along with his ego trip.

While all this April, Dom, Leo stuff goes on, Sara and George are preparing to say goodbye. At first Sara feels blindsided by George’s news of his new job in San Francisco. After some reflection on the hypothetical of their relationship, she realizes letting him go was the right thing to do. It’s never going to not be complicated dating your dead husband’s brother, even if you both loved each other first. Plus, at George’s going-away party, we sense there could be a potential spark between her and the chef.

Natalie’s spontaneity hits its peak when she takes missing her flight as a sign to stay longer in Boston. Even though she plays it off like her decision is all about the hot men, I think she’s liking the idea of having family besides just her mom. The sisterly reunion won’t be warm and fuzzy for long after that makeout session between her and Dom, which Beth witnesseses. Not only is this going to shake up the already rocky sister relationship, but it’s also going to cause some friction between April and her bestie, Beth.

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