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'12 Monkeys' fan react: Cole and the 'Cassandra Complex'

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Cassandra Complex” | Aired Jan 31, 2014

Ah, character development, there you are.

Last night’s 12 Monkeys, “Cassandra Complex,” revealed a bit about our leads, Cassie and Cole—and included a nifty 2043 side plot to boot.

The gist. Cassie identifies “the one that got away,” aka the other person who might know what Leland Goines’ “night room” is (aside from Goines’ crazy and now kidnapped daughter, Jennifer). He is Henri (Lyriq Bent), a doc Cassie worked with in Haiti during a viral outbreak a year prior to the 2015 storyline. He later dies on a medicine run (something for which Cassie blames herself). Cole’s mission is to go back to Haiti 2014 and find Henri. Oh, and he cannot come in contact with Cassie, as it could severely alter her and Cole’s (and everyone else’s) timeline.

12 Monkeys 1.3 - Cole and Cassie

Cassie. She’s a clever, ambitious girl. From sneaking a pic of Henri in police evidence to snubbing her nice politico boyfriend for a chance to saving the world to even talking down an emotional Haitian man with a gun, the girl’s got moxie. But what else do we find out about our leading lady? Well, after running off to Haiti, she meets Henri, and the two make a professional/emotional connection—and then Cassie hooks up with him.

At a moment where Cassie is overwhelmed with the current outbreak in Haiti, she thinks THIS is it. This is the plague that’s going to wipe out the world. She’s so convinced, she is prepared to let everyone who attempts to escape the outbreak area die. Whoa. Thankfully, she learns this outbreak is controllable and there IS a cure. Clearly this shakes her up, and this is the moment her professional world collapses beneath her feet (before she meets Cole again in 2015, of course).

I like Cassie. I want her in my corner. But I’m pretty sure she’d kill me in a second if it might lead to further clues about her mission of the moment. It’s okay, Cassie. Your intentions are aces.

12 Monkeys 1.3 - Cassie

Cole. Scrappy. Cole is scrappy. He’s not a born fighter, but he’s impulsive and does well in a scuffle. And just like Cassie, he is no-nonsense when it comes to the mission. In 2014, he meets Henri, a genuinely nice guy who wants to help people. Cole gets some needed intel: the “night room” is a mobile lab with the plague. Find the special materials needed for the lab upkeep, find the plague.

While Cassie blames herself for Henri’s death, in truth, it was more likely the Pallid Man (Tom Noonan). He pops up seeking Henri’s expertise, but Cole intervenes before the Pallid Man succeeds in finding anything. Because Cole cannot alter timelines, he is forced to kill Henri himself in the end. See? No nonsense. But he does fib in 2015 when Cassie asks Cole what happened to Henri. Aww.

12 Monkeys 1.3 - Cole

Ramse & 2043. The 2043 soldiers are not fans of Ramse or Cole, but they tolerate the latter because he’s supposed to be the time-traveling golden boy. After finding a curiously branded knife on the perimeter of the scientists’ headquarters, Ramse heads out to investigate. Ramse discovers Max (Romina D’Ugo), a girl from his and Cole’s previous underprivileged existence as post-apocalyptic ruffians. Max appears distraught and is done dealing with some guy named Deacon. She wants into Cole’s and Ramse’s safe zone. Ramse turns her down and points her to another sanctuary located miles down the road. Good thinking, because she runs off and finds the supposed bad guy Deacon (Todd Stashwick) and the rest of his gang. Max tells him about the shelter and power she found. More importantly, she tells him she found Cole.

Both Cole and Cassie faced tough decisions, but both passed the save-the-world litmus test, wouldn’t you say? And how about Cole’s past? What makes him so darn special to both the scientists and the outsiders?

Memorable Quotes

Cassie: Now here I am, learning how to kill while waiting for takeout.

Ramse: You’re trying to kill him [Cole].
Jones: Yes, we are … That’s sarcasm, Mr. Ramse.