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'Grimm' winter premiere recap: Monroe's life hangs in the balance

Season 4 | Episode 9 | “Wesenrein” | Aired Jan 16, 2015

NBC’s Grimm returns with its strongest episode of the season and finds Monroe kidnapped by the masked psychopaths, Juliette trying to hide the fact she’s now a Hexebiest, and Wu thrust straight into the Wesen world. The show’s suspense is at an all time high as Nick frantically tries to rescue his best friend. Let’s break down the episode that nearly gave us a heart attack and had us hurling obscenities at our televisions.

Welcome to the crew, Wu.

Fans have been throwing around the hashtag #TellWu on Twitter all season long, and it looks like we finally got our wish. The midseason finale featured Wu seeing the Chupacabra and Hank and Nick telling him that monsters are in fact real. After a night of drinking away his confusion and getting in a bar fight, he landed himself in jail. This episode starts with Nick and Hank releasing Wu and taking him to Aunt Marie’s trailer for a little Wesen 101. They give Wu the five-minute rundown before getting the call from Rosalee that Monroe has been taken. We’re sure Wu probably has a million and one questions, but they’ll have to wait for now.

Get it Got it Good gif


Juliette keeps her secret to herself.

While Nick rushes over to Monroe and Rosalee’s house, Juliette is home alone sweeping up glass that she broke with her new Hexenbiest powers.

NBC Grimm Rosalee Hexenbiest gif

She’s understandably freaking out, but when Nick calls and she gets her chance to tell him what’s going on, he gives her the grave news about Monroe’s kidnapping. Realizing that this probably isn’t the best time to tell her Grimm lover that she’s now a zombie-faced witch, she keeps it to herself.

Nick sends Rosalee over to their house to keep her safe and Juliette tries to keep her calm—not that staying calm is really possible knowing that your husband has been taken by a group of psychos who will probably kill him. We completely lost it when Rosalee recounted what Monroe told her the night before they got married: “The night before we got married, we were lying in bed. Monroe told me that for the rest of our lives, we would be known as Monroe and Rosalee. Not just Monroe, not just Rosalee. But Monroe and Rosalee. I can’t lose him now.” *queue convulsing in a puddle of tears on the floor*

Juliette has a dream (that we admittedly thought was real at first and made us weep/scream/hyperventilate) about woging and ripping Rosalee’s throat out. Damn you, Grimm writers, for torturing us like that! Even if Monroe isn’t rescued in the next episode, Juliette is going to have to tell Nick about this. What if she can’t control herself and does something she regrets … like actually kill her bestie?

Monroe’s future looks grim.

We’re pretty sure we need therapy after a) watching Rosalee cry, and b) seeing Monroe covered in blood being kicked around. Was anyone else physically in pain watching Monroe being mistreated?

Elena Gilbert crying gif

Monroe is taken to an old warehouse and chained up. It quickly becomes clear that the masked men who took him (the Wesenrein) are no joke. They kick him around, they give him vodka instead of water, and they taunt him about his “impurity.” While chained up, he sees another “impure Wesen” being held there named Terry, whom the Wesenrein drag out of the warehouse kicking and screaming. At one point, Monroe gets a chance to woge and escape, but that doesn’t work out so well. He runs into the woods, where he finds Terry’s impaled body before being captured again. This is bad, guys. This is real bad.

Nick is ready to kick some ass.

No one puts baby in a corner! Nick is furious, and he’s not taking the kidnapping of his best friend lightly. He and Hank bring in Shaw, the Wesen whom Trubel intimidated a few episodes ago, and interrogate him. When we say “interrogate,” we mean Nick slammed his head on the table and then proceeded to strangle him.

Grimm Nick strangles Shaw gif

Can you blame the guy? Renard and Hank stop him from killing Shaw, and suggest letting him go so they can follow him.

They put Wu on watch at Shaw’s house to see where he goes, but unfortunately (or fortunately—whichever way you see it), the Grand Master of the Wesenrein kills Shaw before he can talk. While searching Shaw’s house for clues, Wu finds a picture of Shaw with Officer Acker, the officer who was watching Monroe and Rosalee’s house when he was kidnapped. That dirty dog! Acker is part of the Wesenrein!

After looking through Acker’s phone log, they see he made several calls to Walker Williams, a jail inmate. Hank and Nick pay Williams a not-so-friendly visit and find out that Williams’ ex-cellmate was the Grand Master himself. Apparently, Williams was being forced to pass messages from the Grand Master to Acker.

Nick had better pick up the pace because the last scene of the episode shows Monroe being dragged out to the woods to stand trial for his marriage to a Fuchsbau and friendship with a Grimm. Something tells us the Wesenrein aren’t going to be forgiving during the tribunal.

Let’s discuss.

  • Will the gang be able to reverse the spell done on Juliette, or will she stay a Hexenbiest forever? And how will Nick react when he finds out?
  • We hate to even ask this question, but what if Monroe isn’t rescued? What if they don’t get to him in time? This is almost too painful to consider.
  • What the heck is even going on with the Adalind storyline? It seemed pointless to show a 20-second scene of her and Viktor. They either need to beef up her storyline or leave it alone until they’re ready to make her a bigger part of the show.

Sound off with your thoughts and predictions, and we’ll catch you next week. Until next time … #FangsOut.