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'Blue Bloods' recap: Ethical violations

Season 5 | Episode 12 | “Home Sweet Home” | Aired Jan 16, 2015

In this Blue Bloods episode, Jamie begins to make the mistake he has told Edit to avoid—trying to save every puppy. When Jamie and Edit are called to a bank to remove a homeless person, they find a young 13-year-old boy, TJ. He tries to run but is eventually convinced to share his story. He believes his aunt was murdered by her boyfriend, Ghost.

Jamie enlists the help of Danny and Baez to help and find this Ghost. Meanwhile, Danny is dealing with major issues at home. He’s working overtime to pay for private school and tutoring for his son. Because he is so tired he wants to stay at an apartment in the city a couple nights a week that some guys from work rent. When he presents the idea to Linda, she is less than thrilled. They argue, which they seem to do a lot these days, and she tells him to do whatever he wants. Danny’s boss is skeptical of the apartment and says she knows what goes on in those places, but he insists it’s all on the up and up.

As Danny and Baez investigate the disappearance of TJ’s aunt, Erin is dealing with an ethical issue at work. She is removed from a case and doesn’t understand why her boss and also secret boyfriend, McCoy, is giving such a light sentence to a correctional officer caught with a significant amount of drugs. She enlists the help of Alex (James Lesure), the investigator for the DA’s office. He tells her that there were multiple officers being investigated, and one committed suicide. He says she needs to lay off on this one because the players are too big. After Erin’s car is broken into and her files stolen, Alex agrees to assist her in the investigation by bringing in the widow of the officer who committed suicide. He got trapped in a group of officers who were selling drugs, weapons, and women to the prisoners.

Erin is very disappointed in her secret boyfriend/boss McCoy because of his actions in this case. She cannot understand why he acted to cover this up until he explains that the commissioner of the DOC is like a second father to him. Erin understands he wanted to help out, but this does not justify his actions. Ever the ethical Reagan, she is going to report him to the Department of Investigations. His first question is, Are we still going out on Saturday night? I’m thinking this might be the end of this secret relationship.

Danny and Baez track down TJ’s aunt and discover that she was just trying to escape him. She has no desire to be a guardian, and Jamie is upset that she would just abandon her nephew. He tries to sugarcoat it for TJ, but he is not buying it. Fortunately, a foster family has agreed to take him in, so Jamie can rest assured he did everything he could to help out this boy.

In the midst of the chaos of his children’s lives, Frank is dealing with his own drama with his father, Henry. Having slipped on a patch of black ice, Frank is laid up at home with a busted ankle. (These scenes always make me wonder: Was this planned, or did Tom Selleck really injure himself?) Working from home creates some tension between Pops and Frank. Fortunately, they are able to work it out and express how glad they are to have each other.

Even after a great talk with Frank, Danny is still on the idea of the apartment in the city. His boss asks to go with him to check out the apartment, because she doesn’t believe it’s just for sleeping. They walk in on a party, and she gives her disapproving look. Danny realizes he’s made a mistake and goes to talk to Linda at the hospital. They decide to plan a trip, just the two of them, so their marriage isn’t only about their kids.

While we saw a family torn apart in this episode and many things trying to tear apart the Reagans, they remain solid as always. As Frank told Danny, family first and then the job.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9C on CBS.