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'Manhattan Love Story' recap: Tuck it

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “Plus One” | Aired Dec 18, 2014

Our resident Manhattan Love Story lovebirds have hit that awkward phase in the relationship where it’s unclear if the other is ready to define said relationship. Dana knows they are exclusive, but she has yet to officially stamp HE’S MY BOYFRIEND across Peter’s forehead.

This gray area becomes even more uncomfortable when Dana assumes Peter will be her plus one for a classmate’s wedding she and Amy will be attending. In the end, Peter reluctantly obliges, even though it goes against his strict personal rule of never renting pants.

At work, Dana laments to Tucker that she knows Peter will not be interested in tickets she just scored to hear monks play Tibetan music. Tucker suggests she take him instead. Peter would never appreciate the silent spaces between the sound.

Tucker: Gay besties are a privilege, not a right. Don’t take me for granted.

Dana lets Peter off the hook and agrees to come over after the concert. She is so inspired by the “bonging” of the Tibetan bowl that she asks Peter how he feels about jazz? (As in music. Not Utah.) Peter conveniently remembers that he has a poker game with his father that night. He suggests she take Tucker.

Peter: Are you sure you don’t mind Tucking it?
Dana: Sure. I’ll Tuck it.

On the other side of town, David is concerned when he learns that someone else has been covering Amy’s spin classes for weeks. His paranoia is sent over the edge when his family assumes that Amy must be cheating. Unconvinced, he follows her and spies through a window as she drapes herself on the strong chest of a burly Latin man. David is crushed. He tries to catch her in a lie, but Amy is too quick.

David: How was spin class?
Amy: Not as fun as poker.
David: What was your pop-up song?
Amy: “Shake It Off.”
David: What was your cool down?
Amy: Beyoncé. “Drunk Love.”
David: What was your hill song?
Amy: Nothing. I made them sit there and think about what they’ve done.

ElaineAmy admits to Dana that she’s been secretly taking dance lessons to surprise David at the wedding. Needless to say, she may be a whiz in yoga class, but her dance moves are less than desirable.

Meanwhile, Dana has been Tucking it several days in a row. At first Peter thinks that he has it made. Tucker does all the hard work and Peter gets to have sex at the end of the night. Win-win! Peter is able to skirt attending an art exhibit and cooking classes. But he soon realizes that Dana is spending more time with Tucker than she is with him. He’s really irritated when Dana invites Tucker to the wedding in place of Peter. She explains that he shouldn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do. She’s happy to Tuck it.

It’s a fancy wedding—a bit trashy with a touch of hideous, if you will. Dana’s plunging neckline looks like she is being prepped for open-heart surgery. She and Amy plaster on fake smiles and greet the bride with passive aggressive compliments.

Dana looks around at all the happy couples. She immediately wishes she was there with Peter instead of her gay best friend. Over at the poker game, Peter feels the same way. Chloe and Peter’s dad convince him that he needs to go and get the girl. She’s worth renting pants.

David finally learns that Amy has been taking dance lessons so she can surprise him at the reception. She laughs when David tells her he thought she was cheating. He pulls her into his arms and they swirl around the bride and groom swaying to their first dance, as “Eternal Flame” croons in the background. Amy has the rhythm of a weather vane.

As Dana watches her friends, Peter sidles up next to her. He apologizes for pushing Tucker and confesses that having a miserable time with her is a lot better than not being with her at all.

Peter: Consider this my application to be your official plus one.
Dana: Does that mean our kind of a thing is, like, a thing?
Peter: Let’s make it simple. How about I’m just your boyfriend?

Tucking it can be fun, but labeling it is so much more romantic.

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