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'Two and a Half Men' recap: Juice box heroes

Season 12 | Episode 7 | “Sex with an Animated Ed Asner” | Aired Dec 11, 2014

After experiencing his first bout with a Louis temper tantrum in the last episode of Two and a Half Men, Walden is finally beginning to learn what parenting is all about—and what he’s in for.

The latest episode begins with the guys crashing on the couch after a long day at the amusement park. Walden is clearly feeling the fatigue of eating park food and playing kids games all day. As a result he does his best Al Bundy impression and sticks his hand halfway down his pants to relax his stomach.

“Is being a dad always this tiring?” he asks Alan, who follows his Bundy lead. “These are the best moments of your life, and they are over so fast,” he answers. While the grown-ups quietly pass out, Louis briefly awakens, takes a look at his foster parents and does a mini Bundy impression.

In the middle of the night, Louis wakes Walden to ask if he can make breakfast. In his drowsy stupor, Walden says yes. Louis asks Walden how he likes his pancakes. Walden answers, “Quietly. In three hours. With blueberries.” He awakens seconds later realizing that fire is dangerous and goes to help him.

Hours later, Alan finds Walden sleeping on the kitchen table, surrounded by pancake mix and syrup. Walden complains to Alan about not being able to keep up with Louis and his endless energy: “Do you know why we never met the Energizer bunny’s dad? Because one day he went out for cigarettes and just kept going and going and going,” Walden whines. Alan, the experienced father, suggests that Walden help Louis make friends his own age so he doesn’t always have to be the one playing with him.

Walden and Alan take Louis to a fun zone to find other kids he can play with, but apparently Louis is a bit shy and only wants to play with Walden. Alan sits down with a group of moms named Danielle, Julie and Laurel and joins them for juice boxes. He hits it off with them, pretending to be just one of the girls. He tells them how he landed Walden, who they all think is cute.

The ladies end up at the house with their children for a play date. While Louis and the kids play on the beach, the parents have margaritas on the deck. Walden admits to Laurel that he feels like he doesn’t know what he’s doing as a father. “Parenting is like a yoga class. You just try to do what everyone else is doing and try not to laugh when someone farts,” she says. There seems to be a good amount of chemistry between the two.

Walden and Laurel continue their chat inside while Alan schmoozes with the other two, trying to learn the secrets of women—because apparently after a few marriages he still has no idea. Laurel seems like a good mother; she says she wants to remain best friends with her daughter just like Walden wants to be closer friends with Louis. After the conversation gets more personal, Laurel reveals that she hasn’t slept with a man in two years. She also admits she hasn’t seen a grown-up movie in such a long time that she had a sex dream about the old man from Up.

While Walden gets ready for a “girls” night out with the ladies, Louis gets sick so Walden ends up staying home to take care of him. After he tucks Louis in to sleep, Laurel rings Walden’s doorbell, brandishing wine and soup. Walden opens up even more to Laurel about being scared of everything that has to do with Louis, and she comforts him. Walden jokes about who her next date will be, naming a bunch of animated characters from movies including Shrek, and the Genie from Aladdin. She playfully tells Walden to shut up.

Of course, the two end up making out, but Laurel puts a stop to it. In an effort to keep what seems to be a budding romance going, Walden decides to come clean to her about pretending to be gay to adopt Louis. She thinks it’s actually sweet and isn’t mad at him.

The two continue to make out, but are interrupted by an ailing Louis summoning Walden through the walkie-talkie. He says he’ll be right back and Laurel waits. Later that night, Laurel stops by Louis’ bedroom to find the two asleep, which she seems to think is adorable.

Meanwhile, Alan is having the time of his life with Danielle and Julie. The ladies suggest they all go to a strip club, which gets Alan excited. Cut scene to Alan in a male strip club, pretending not to be disappointed while he gets a lap dance from a male stripper while the ladies cheer him on.

Two and a Half Men airs Thursdays at 9/8C on CBS.