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Top 8 moments of 'America's Next Top Model,' cycle 21

Crushes, hookups, breakups, witchcraft, drinking, a fist fight and all kinds of pajama parties—this may go down as one of the wildest cycles in America’s Next Top Model history. Relive this season’s biggest moments, or get caught up before the ANTM season finale.

1. Bleached brows and beard weaves

The most controversial of this cycle’s makeovers:

  • Kari shockingly goes from brunette to bleach blonde (including her eyebrows).
  • Denzel is given a beard weave that looks like Abe Lincoln wearing construction paper in a preschool play.
  • Shei gets a split personality, with jet black hair and eyebrows on one side, platinum blond hair on the other.Top Model Cycle 21 - Kari

2. PUI (posing under the influence)

By episode 12, Adam’s drinking has gotten out of control. He claims it helps him loosen up on set, but it’s affecting his shoots, and Tyra smells booze on his breath at panel. Lucky for him, she only issues a warning.

3. Modeling, head to heels

Denzel vows he won’t lose to a dude wearing heels, referring to Will and his fierce patent leather six-inch-heeled boots. The whole house rallies behind Will, and Tyra scolds Denzel at panel.

4. Meet the parents

Will’s Tyra Treat in episode 10 is a surprise visit from his parents. “This competition is really hard,” he admits. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster … you just need your mom sometimes.”

5. Romances, bromances, breakups, and lies

So many matters of the heart in just a few weeks. In case you lost track:


  • Matthew and Will may or may not have made out.
  • Matthew and Mirjana also cuddle, until she gets pissed and curses him out …
  • Then Mirjana gets snuggly with Denzel, until he finds out she has a boyfriend back home.
  • Mirjana and Denzel kiss and make up a few more times before both get eliminated.
  • Kari and Keith are sweet on each other until her elimination.
  • Chantelle is later busted for lying about a hookup with Keith.

6. Miss J is back

The return of one of ANTM’s all-time favorite judges (and runway diva extraordinaire) has given a needed injection of style and substance to the competition.

7. Zero tolerance

Adam isn’t the only one in the house with a drinking problem. In episode 5, Romeo loses his cool and ultimately headbutts Adam, invoking ANTM’s zero-tolerance policy on violence and losing his spot in the competition.

8. Baring it all

She wore an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny … Silly String bikini? In what is likely a fashion first, the models wear nothing but colorful chemicals down the runway for this episode 3 challenge, one of a few in this cycle that required the models to pose nearly nude.


The special two-hour America’s Next Top Model season finale airs Friday, Dec. 5, at a special time: 8/7C.