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'Flex and Shanice' recap: A few Rubas in the rough

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “Talk to the Horn” | Aired Nov 29, 2014

Flex and Shanice are on their way back to stardom—and financial stability—until the possibility that Shanice is pregnant pops up. The couple gets to the doctor asap to find out whether a third baby is in the making, and they experience mixed emotions about it.

Flex is a tad bit enthused about the fresh start having a baby would bring. On the other hand, he enjoys sleep and not having to clean dirty diapers. Shanice loves how babies smell, but she also has a lot of meetings lined up for her career and knows firsthand that a pregnancy could pause it all. She remembers being cut from her label the first time she got pregnant. The nurse draws some blood and Flex and Shanice hold their breath until she returns shortly with results.

Turns out Shanice is not pregnant. Her symptoms could be the result of too much stress, probably because she’s been herself and her pretend manager, Heather Hanna. While Flex is relieved at first, he gets teary-eyed thinking about how it would have been nice if she were pregnant. The negative test allows Shanice to continue with her career moves, and the first meeting up is with Cory Rooney. He’s worked with some of the best music artists and she wants him on board. Their meeting is lukewarm. He’s into her new tracks and encourages her to keep pushing forward, but he makes no promises about jumping on her team. Still, the supportive advice he offers is enough to motivate Shanice.

While Shanice is meeting with Cory Rooney, Flex is busy teaching cousin Ed how to overcome his fear of driving. Ed has got an acting gig lined up, but only if he can get himself there. After having a nightmarish driving dream, he can’t manage to get behind the wheel. All that gets washed away when Flex forces him to drive a golf cart around a parking lot.

At the house, things aren’t looking quite as bright—at least, Mike doesn’t want them to. Everyone keeps leaving lights on and water running, with no concern for the impact that has on bills. Mike is frustrated with their carelessness and goes around posting signs and using a bullhorn to get his point across: Turn off the lights! He finally gets them to listen when he disconnects the power.

All that goes down while Ruba is playing his song for the family. Turns out that Ruba wants to be a singer just like his cousin Shanice, so he’s been recording a song with his buddy B. Howard. It seems like his song is a hit with the family, as they all start dancing around, and Uncle Spirit even drops down to the floor while shaking it. Ruba finally has his moment to shine, which is well deserved after he always gets left behind watching the kids and has been fake-managing Shanice. Maybe a Shanice-featuring-Ruba track soon? We want to hear these two work together for real!

Flex & Shanice airs Saturdays at 10/9C on OWN.