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'Alias' nostalgia react: My predictions about Noah were spot-on

Season 1 | Episode 19 | “Snowman” | Aired Apr 14, 2002

If Alias hadn’t been off the air for almost a decade, I’d say I should go out for the writing staff. If you’ve followed my nostalgia reacts of the show, you know that I didn’t watch Alias during its original run. I also didn’t watch so much as a single episode in the years after its original run, even though it sat in my Netflix queue as a TV to-do for months. I started watching the show specifically for this nostalgia series and made a decision not to watch ahead. So I’m basically experiencing this on the same time frame as fans did in 2002, minus the weeks it would have been in reruns. One of my favorite things to do in these reacts is to share my predictions about the future of the show and where its twisty drama is going.

I had to set all of that up so that it’s clear that I’m regular, old-fashioned bragging, not humble bragging, when I say how proud I am of my predictions from last week. In last week’s episode, “Masquerade,” we met Noah Hicks, a man from Sydney’s past who turns out to be a lover. He might have even been the love of her life. Poor dead fiancé Danny might still be alive today if Noah hadn’t left town without so much as a word to Sydney, leaving her all heartbroken and angsty. Turns out, Noah was undercover and tried to reach out to Syd via an apparently too-secret message before he left. Noah and Sydney immediately reconnected and got sexy, and it was obvious that he was going to be a source of disappointment or sadness for her. Sydney already has a viable love triangle with Will and Vaughn. Noah was a great way to shake up the game plan and delay her decision, but I predicted he would go out in some kind of devastating fashion.

What I did not predict was that it would happen in the very next episode. Alias moves fast. In case you don’t remember or just flat-out didn’t read last week’s react (no hard feelings—we can still be friends if you didn’t), I offered three theories about how Noah might exit:

  1. He would betray Sydney again.
  2. He would leave town again and break her heart.
  3. He would die.

Noah didn’t just do one of those things. He didn’t even just do two of them. He did all three. In one episode.

  1. He would betray Sydney again: Yes, he definitely did. Noah turned out to be a horrifically brutal assassin called the Snowman.
  2. He would leave town again: Yes again. Before his identity as the Snowman is revealed, Noah skips town, claiming he’s leaving his life of spying behind. He asks Syd to come with him, but when she says she can’t, he makes it clear that he’s leaving with or without her.
  3. He would die: And Noah gets the trifecta. While he’s in masked assassin mode, taking out someone on Sydney’s latest mission, he gets into a hard-core hand-to-hand fight with her and ends up impaling himself on a knife he was wielding. Sydney unmasks him, realizes that everything she thought she knew was a lie (yet again) and BAM, Noah manages to go out hitting every bad note he could.

Noah’s impact on Sydney will surely last longer than he did, though. He has her seriously thinking about abandoning her life as a spy to start over and get away from the people she’s been lying to for years now. This really hits home with her when Will and Francie confront her about a plane ticket Francie found, which proves Sydney’s been lying about where she travels for the bank. Sydney lies on the spot and covers it so quickly and effortlessly that I can only assume she prepped the lie in advance (something about her job at the bank becoming a shady-probably-illegal gig as a courier for wealthy businessmen who don’t want a paper trail when they get information about their accounts—and all of the nondisclosure agreements that would go along with something like that).

Noah’s other impact? He has caused exactly the emotional rift between Sydney and Vaughn that was to be expected. She’s pulling away, especially as she delves more deeply into her personal mission of finding her mother.