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'Faking It' finale recap: Closure and cliffhangers

Season 2 | Episode 10 | “Busted” | Aired Nov 25, 2014

It would have been pretty much impossible for the fall finale of Faking It’s second season to top the epic cliffhanger the show left us with at the end of season 1. (Although it’s possible the writing team has something disastrously cliffhanger-y in store for the 2B finale next year.) Honestly, it’s kind of a relief that Faking It didn’t really attempt to outdo itself with the fall finale, because I’m not sure that my poor heart could take it. Season 1 ended on Amy and Liam’s drunken, ill-begotten hookup, and the first half of season 2 led up to Karma finding out about it.

People finding out about things is what we’re always waiting for with Faking It, which is a show that uses deception and misdirection (for the characters—we as the audience are almost always aware of the lie, even if we don’t quite know the truth yet) to build its epic drama. I say “epic” because no show in recent memory has had me on the edge of my seat the way Faking It does. Faking It has mastered the art of the cliffhanger.

But you can’t be all cliffhanger. Eventually, you have to answer the big questions you’ve been dangling. This episode does a great job of giving fans just enough closure not to send us into rage spirals while we wait for the second half of the season to premiere—but not enough to let us forget about how much we cannot wait for said premiere. The fall finale, “Busted,” is a delicate balancing act of closure and cliffhangers for every character. Let’s break it down:


The season 1 finale was the Amy show. She had just revealed her true, romantic feelings to Karma, only to be rejected (in probably the nicest way possible, which is still brutal because unrequited love always is). We spent the whole season deeply invested in Amy’s emotional arc. We knew heartbreak was coming for her; it was just a matter of when the bomb dropped. But season 2 has been preparing us for Karma’s emotional devastation, which hit in the last two episodes and is finally being faced in the finale.

The Closure: Karma decides to (kind of, sort of, probably, maybe, for now) forgive Amy. She isn’t ready to be best friends again in the way they once were, but she decides to at least stay open to the possibility.

The Cliffhanger: She hooks up with Liam after he gets his dad to help her parents, who have been arrested for selling pot brownies from their hippie juice truck. But afterward, she’s haunted by nightmares that Amy and Liam are really into each other and have played her into forgiving them way too quickly.


Amy gets Karma to forgive her (although she has to assault a police officer and get arrested and locked in a jail cell with Karma to do it), mostly because, as everyone watching from the outside knows, what Amy did was obviously wrong, but she was in a very, very bad place the night that it happened. Does it excuse it or absolve her? Absolutely not. Does it make her a bad person or the kind to betray again? No, I don’t think so.

The Closure: She gets Karma to forgive her … ish.

The Cliffhanger: While getting frisky with Reagan, she imagines Karma. So she’s maybe still in love with her, but we all knew that.


Faking It Nicholas Brendon

Liam, fed up with how awful his life is (to be fair, he’s not exaggerating—his sister is actually his mom, his family owns a company he hates, and school is a nightmare since the whole Amy thing came to light) and wants out of Austin. He applies for an art fellowship, judged by a snooty Hester alum played by Buffy star Nicholas Brendon.

The Closure: He receives his art fellowship and has his way out of town—should he decide to take it. And he helps Karma’s family selflessly because he really does love her.

The Cliffhanger: His dad only agrees to let him go for the fellowship if he promises to quit art after that and go corporate with Skorkle. And with Karma hooking up with him last minute, he might be tempted to stay in Austin after all. Oh yeah, and if he backs out of the deal to join the family business, he’s cut off forever. Ouch. He has big choices ahead of him.


Shane breaks his oath not to out people anymore and sends his ex-boyfriend Duke’s dating profile to TMZ.

The Closure: I don’t feel with Shane we really get any closure. Yeah, he outed Duke, but what comes next is more of a cliffhanger to me.

The Cliffhanger: Duke gives a press conference in which he admits to being gay and professes his love for Shane. I want to believe this is going to end happily ever after for Shane, but I have a weird feeling about it. Can it be that easy? Can Shane get rewarded for such bad behavior?


Faking It Finale Lauren

To take her mind off Theo, Lauren runs for school president, getting back to Original Lauren.

The Closure: During a fight with Theo, she yells to the whole school that she’s intersex. Of course, since this is Hester, it’s not a bad thing. Suddenly, everyone loves her and wants to help with her campaign.

The Cliffhanger: She decides to accept everyone’s help, but she does still want to turn Hester into the kind of school where people wouldn’t accept her. Lauren is a conundrum.


Theo’s big secret is FINALLY revealed. He’s an undercover cop.

The Closure: Well, at least we know his secret.

The Cliffhanger: His feelings for Lauren were obviously real, but he’s a 20-year-old COP so, you know, it’s hard/illegal for him to really pursue anything.

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