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'General Hospital' recap: The return of Luke and Fluke

Season 51 | Episodes 161–165 | Aired Nov 17-21, 2014

Who exactly is Fluke? General Hospital viewers have wondered for months and many names have been bantered about. Trevor Lansing, Anthony Zacchara, Damian Smith, Bill Eckert, and Cesar Faison seem to be the leading contenders. With nothing definitive to go on, speculation ran rampant. Is it possible that this week we finally got an answer?

Luke Spencer (the real one) is finally seen after months of languishing in the Miscavige Institute for the Criminally Insane. Apparently Heather Webber is the only one capable of breaking out of there in a timely fashion. When we last saw Luke, he was a drugged, incoherent mess being taunted by Fluke. Somewhere between now and then, Luke started spitting out his medications, waiting until he had a decent amount before crushing them into powder on the floor of his padded cell. Spurred on by memories of his captor, Luke uses Hulk-like strength and busts out of his straight jacket. Using a buckle to pick the lock, Luke is moments away from freedom. Naturally, Fluke suddenly appears, gun in hand.

On Spoon Island, another key component appears to be unfolding. Blackmailed by Obrecht, Britt agrees to help Agent Sloan with his plan to investigate Anna for Faison’s death. Confronted by Obrecht and Sloan, Anna reluctantly reveals that she and Robert didn’t kill Faison last December. Instead, they imprisoned him in the tunnels under the Wyndemere stables. Anna leads them to the hiding place, only to discover Faison has disappeared. Is it possible that Faison has used his impressive mask-making skills to impersonate Luke Spencer? Disregarding the five-inch height difference between the actors, have we finally solved the “who is Fluke” mystery?

Elsewhere, other pieces of the Fluke saga begin to unravel. Patrick and Sam investigate Larry and his Jerry Jacks involvement, with Sam snagging a copy of Larry’s safe deposit box bank key. At the bank, where the employee must live in a cave, they use fake IDs to gain entry to the vault. Inside Larry’s box, they find another box, which they are unable to open before Larry arrives. Sam and Patrick make their way back inside and open the secondary box, finding a flash drive and a photo of Faison.

The downfall of Sonny Corinthos continues, as Michael shows up at the jail where his disowned parents are incarcerated. Michael has no interest in hearing Sonny and Carly’s apologies; he just wants the recording A.J. made that has Ava confessing to Connie’s murder. Michael plans to use it to clear A.J.’s name. Even though it will further implicate Sonny in A.J.’s murder, Sonny arranges to have Shawn deliver it to Michael. Diane is at a loss for how to defend Sonny, but she needn’t worry. After the judge denies Carly bail, Sonny opts to plead guilty in exchange for charges being dropped against Carly. Sonny is taken to Pentonville to await sentencing.

Michael heads to the Quartermaine mansion and announces that he no longer wants to be known as Sonny’s son and namesake. Henceforth, and soon to be legally, he is now Michael Quartermaine. Monica is thrilled.

After Shawn drops off the recording, Michael wastes no time in his quest to exonerate A.J. He shares the audio with Monica, who is horrified to hear A.J.’s final moments. He then makes a beeline to GH to find Anna. In front on Kiki, he lets Anna listen. Anna goes to arrest Ava in her hospital bed, but Ava is nowhere to be found. Kiki realizes that confronting her mother about Connie’s death turned out to be the heads up Ava needed to make a hasty retreat from her sick bed. Michael tears into Kiki, intermittently accusing her of being complicit in Ava’s disappearance or just being plain stupid. A suddenly present Morgan tries to defend Kiki, but Michael is still done with the both of them. Morgan implores Kiki to fight for Michael, but she tells him about Michael and Rosalie’s bedroom activities.

Ava didn’t go far from the hospital, showing up on Silas’ doorstep. Of course, she doesn’t tell him that she is on the run from murder charges, covering with a flimsy story about Sonny still having men after her. Silas doesn’t understand, especially since he thinks that the A.J. murder was the reason Sonny wanted her dead. Ava insists it’s a “mob thing” and Silas’ track record of being duped by dishonest women continues. The next morning, Ava hides the newspaper announcing her imminent arrest, instead convincing Silas to help her search for Nina, Franco, and her baby. Silas wants Sam’s help, but allows Ava to convince him that they can find the missing baby on their own.

Franco and Nina are still hiding out in Canada, with Nina’s delusions growing stronger. Franco checks out Port Charles news on his tablet, while Nina wonders what the plan is to reunite her with Silas. Franco pushes Nina to remember what really happened with Silas, Ava, and the baby, and finally Nina seems to latch back onto reality. Nina accepts that Silas doesn’t love her and bemoans she has nothing. Franco offers that she has him, and the two wonder what the next chapter of their lives will be. Nina wonders what they should do about the baby.

Anna (prior to the Faison business) hauls Julian in for questioning regarding Ava’s disappearance and Connie’s murder. Julian swears he doesn’t have any information regarding either offense, but Anna opts to hold him as a person of interest. In his jail cell, in between sit-ups, has his share of visitors. Olivia grills him for Ava information and he tells her that while he didn’t know about Connie’s murder, he did know that Ava shot Olivia. Lucas arrives and advises his father to come clean with Alexis and repair the relationship. When Alexis comes to see Julian, at Lucas’ behest, Julian says he’s ready to come clean about everything. In between Alexis’ interruptions, Julian confesses that his business associate is not the *real* Luke Spencer!

Meanwhile, in the rest of Port Charles:

  • Patrick is reinstated as a surgeon at General Hospital. Does this mean less time for him and Sam to play private investigator?
  • Jason/Jake makes himself comfortable at Elizabeth’s house. Elizabeth brushes off his ability to identify Jason based on a supposed resemblance to Allan, who’s photo they had just seen.
  • While Britt worries about her mother’s threats to tell Nikolas of her role in Spencer’s summer adventures, she really should worry about young Cassadine instead. Spencer appears to be growing quite the guilty conscience.
  • Jordan and Shawn come clean with T.J. about his father’s death. It seems Thomas found out that Jordan and Shawn had an affair. Thomas was going to shoot Shawn, so Shawn shot him first. When their unit came under fire, Shawn let the Army believe it was a friendly fire incident. T.J. wonders if Shawn could be his actual birth father, but Jordan says that Thomas’ rage was fueled by finding a DNA test result. While it showed Thomas as the father, it also confirmed that she had cheated. Raise your hand if you think Jordan is lying about the DNA results. Raise both hands if you don’t care.