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'Flex & Shanice' recap: Comeback kids

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Facing the Music” | Aired Nov 22, 2014

You’ve got to respect their hustle. Flex and Shanice have let fans into matters that people tend to keep private, and we’re so glad they don’t shy away. Everyone hits their lows, and watching these two on the path back to greatness is beyond inspiring. Last week we got a peek into the future of Shanice’s return to music, and boy does that star shine bright. This week it was all about her hubby.

When times are rough, lean on friends. Flex hits the golf club with an old friend, Chris Spencer—whose claim to fame we’d all be most familiar with is being the co-creator of Real Husbands of Hollywood starring Kevin Hart. Flex wants to ask a favor of his buddy. Spencer owns the Inside Jokes comedy club, a much larger club than the ones Flex has graced on his comeback. The good run that Flex has been having makes him want to up the stakes and hit a bigger stage. Spencer obliges, glad to help his friend out, and has him perform that night. After the show, he congratulates Flex on such a successful routine after being surprised that the rusty Flex he was expecting is nowhere to be found. Instead, he says Flex has got it down better than ever.

While Flex spends the day preparing for his stand-up show, things are all over the place at the house. Elijah has to make a cardboard floating boat that could hold him. It’s a school project and Grandpa’s the man for the job, except that he wasn’t expecting this to be so difficult. Uncle Spirit makes a mystery drink he calls an elixir that supposedly helps the spirit. Ruba takes one sip and assures the rest of us that it is indeed as disgusting as it looks.

“I’m everyone’s emotional punching bag,” Ruba says, venting to Uncle Spirit. Poor Ruba. He’s trying to help Shanice by pretending to be her manager and trying to book her appointments and shows. Crystal walks in and the ex-momager in her starts flipping out knowing she’s been replaced by Ruba. She tears into Ruba and Shanice doesn’t come to back him up. That’s because Shanice is in her onesie feeling ill all day, but it isn’t the sick kind of ill. She’s showing symptoms she’s had during her previous pregnancies. After Ruba fetches some pregnancy tests, she’s sill unsure because one test is positive and the other negative. Being a supportive wife, she keeps it a secret from Flex until after his show. Flex reacts much like she does; they both seem nervous about what adding a baby into the mix could mean when they are so close to getting back on their feet.

In the meantime, Shanice receives a phone call that gets her excited to keep on working. Cory Rooney wants to meet with her and talk music, and he works with some of the greatest singers. Next week we’ll find out if baby three is on the way and how her meeting with Cory Rooney goes. Regardless of what speed bumps are ahead, the family stays close and supports each other, so Flex and Shanice don’t need to feel as if they’re in this alone. Don’t they say it takes a village?

Flex & Shanice airs Saturdays at 10/9C on OWN.