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'Awkward.' recap: It's a big world, Jenna Hamilton

Season 4 | Episode 20 | “Sprang Break, Part 1” | Aired Nov 18, 2014

MTV’s Triple Crush Tuesday begins almost with a bang on Awkward., as Jenna and her mom head to their beach house in Mexico for spring break. After Jenna’s mom successfully flirts her way out of a speeding ticket, guns are drawn when Jenna starts screaming: She has been accepted into college! How terrifyingly awkward.

Nothing like starting spring break in a celebratory mood. Jenna and her mom finally arrive at the beach house and are greeted by Ally, Val, and the rest of Jenna’s friends. Matty arrives a little later with an apology for blaming Jenna with last week’s Gabby drama. It’s a little too late for that, but Jenna happily accepts, hoping that this vacation might bring them closer. The poor girl is totally reading the signals wrong.

If we thought we’d reached the apex of Sadie’s bitchiness last week, oh, think again. The girl still manages to be incredibly tense and mean when she’s on vacation with her—may I add—very hot boyfriend, Sergio. Jenna’s happiness over her acceptance sours Sadie’s mood, since she hasn’t received a decision regarding her scholarship to Columbia. Sergio tries to comfort her by reminding her to keep her options open. Then he compliments both her beauty and brains, which is a surefire way to any girl’s heart.

Sadie is unhappy about Jenna

As Ally complains about the lame party atmosphere, Theo and Cole crash spring break with Lissa, who is looking very different and badass. Now that she has “fallen from grace,” Lissa seems to be full-out embracing her new status as a “sinner” and is reunited with her ex-foster brother/boyfriend, Tyler.

When Matty asks Jenna to be his emotional crutch and once again visit his biological dad with him, she can’t help but be very happy. Unfortunately, she’s taking Matty’s closeness the wrong way. She realizes it when Gabby shows up out of the blue to go with Matty to see his dad. Jenna is crushed, and her mom is there to see it. Now that she’s accepted into college, Jenna’s mom suggests that Jenna use the rest of her senior year to focus on herself. “Don’t live in your head so much … live in the moment.” Good advice, Mama Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Jake and Tamara learn that their music video went viral in Japan when a few excited Japanese fangirls approach them at the beach. Realizing their newfound fame, they decide to cash in by creating another video.

Sadie and Sergio are cuddling when her phone dings, and she races to see that she got her scholarship. Sergio looks disheartened at the news and annoyed by Sadie’s constant comments about finally leaving Palos Hills. When he has had enough, he starts an argument and makes some good points. Sadie sees reason and agrees to be nicer. How can she not when he’s standing there all shirtless and cute?

Lissa and Tyler finally act on their passions, only they seem pretty underwhelmed by the whole act. I suppose there was a novelty to their past “forbidden love” situation. They agree that it’s probably best not to go any further with their relationship.

Jake and Tamara start working on their new song and video, hoping to re-create their past success. Tyler offers to translate the Japanese comments on their viral video. The comments are bad, poking fun at Jake and T. Just when Jakara is about to make a comeback, it is toast once again.

Jenna is hanging out at the beach when a shirtless, hot guy approaches her. Brian is a Marine, who is about to go overseas. His story makes Jenna reevaluate her world and how small it is compared to others’. She’ll soon be venturing out into that big world now that she knows she’s heading to college. Brian asks to swap numbers so that they can see each other again.

Matty meets his dad, who is a pretty cool dude, if not exactly successful or ambitious. Matty is overwhelmed by the meeting, and Jenna can tell he wants to talk to her about it. She stops by his room to ask him how it went, but he shuts her down. Worried that Gabby wouldn’t like the fact that they’re talking, he rudely shuts the door in Jenna’s face. Jenna walks off stunned, hurt, and angry.

Who else is looking forward to Jenna’s mom shutting Matty down in next week’s finale? *raises hand*

Jenna with a broken arm in the MTV Awkward pilot

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