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'The Middle' recap: A sinkhole in your house is better than your house in a sinkhole

Season 6 | Episode 6 | “The Sinkhole” | Aired Nov 12, 2014

In The Middle‘s six seasons, the Heck family has had many, many “uh-oh” moments—probably more than any other sitcom family currently on television. Remember when they once drove to the completely wrong coast to the completely wrong Disneyland? Uh-oh. And this episode is the culmination of many, many more uh-oh moments in the land of Heck.

How many things have been broken on the Hecks’ watch? The dishwasher, the washing machine, the window and television, to name a few. But none of these things caused a huge gaping sinkhole in the middle of the kitchen. Yeah, literally a hole where the sink is supposed to be. And in typical Heck fashion, instead of trying to fix it, they just decide to let it stay that way and work around it. It makes doing the dishes a little more difficult, but Frankie knows a thing or two about getting away with not doing dishes.

Did you forget that this is the Year of Sue? She is on the verge of graduating from high school! Well, she would be if she weren’t a credit short. Turns out that all of those Wrestlerette practices didn’t count for a gym credit like she originally thought. Uh-oh. So now she has to take, and pass, gym class in order to graduate on time. Now, when I took gym in high school, we did archery, and as long as you didn’t accidentally put an arrow in anyone else’s arm, you passed. But apparently things are a little more serious at Orson Senior High, because not only does Sue have to learn an insanely difficult dance called tinikling, but if she doesn’t do it perfectly, she fails. And, let’s just say, this tinikling dance is much, much harder than any Wrestlerette routine.

The biggest uh-oh moment this week comes courtesy of Brick, who, in an attempt to do something romantic for his new girlfriend, kinda sorta broke his dad’s lawn mower. He wanted to drive it in front of her house like in Easy A and that other ’80s movie, but one thing led to another and somehow all sorts of kitchen utensils and bookmarks are now stuck in the motor. Uh-oh.

Now, even though we know Brick is incredibly smart, he does something not too bright in order to fix his problem: he gets help from Axl. Axl, whose bright ideas to get out trouble always seem to get him in even bigger trouble. Axl’s bright idea for Brick? Steal Mike’s wallet. That way the excitement of getting his wallet back will make him forget his lawn mower is broken.

That plan could work except—uh-oh—now Mike’s wallet is really missing. And his car keys are also missing. Also, did I mention there’s a giant sinkhole in the kitchen? This is quite an uh-oh couple of days in the Heck household.

But If anyone can turn an uh-oh into a “oh yeah!” with ease, it’s the Hecks. It just takes a little intuitiveness, teamwork, and a roomy bathroom to make sure the dishes get done, Sue passes gym class, and no one accidentally falls in the sinkhole. We’ll just ignore the fact that the lawn mower is still broken.

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