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'Hawaii Five-0' recap: 100th episode goes back to the future

Season 5 | Episode 7 | “Ina Paha” | Aired Nov 7, 2014

If your interests include seeing Steve without a shirt, Danny in a Hawaiian shirt, or Sang Min’s mullet, then Hawaii Five-0’s 100th episode is your dream come true! The milestone episode follows a kidnapped, drugged Steve and his hallucinations of a world in which his father was not killed by Victor Hesse (in the events that kicked off the pilot). Let’s recap them one at a time, shall we?

The alternate universe (AU), in which nothing bad happened to anyone

The AU opens with a condensed version of the first scene from the pilot: Steve transporting Anton Hesse and being intercepted by Victor. Only this time around, before he can shoot John, Victor is captured by the Honolulu Police Department—specifically, by one Detective Danny Williams.

chin2Steve—in his full dress blues!—returns to Hawaii to check on his dad, and he meets Danny in person. You may not recognize Danny because HE IS WEARING A HAWAIIAN SHIRT AND SAYING STUFF LIKE ALOHA.

Anyway, after a brief reunion with his father, Danny tells Steve they have been waiting for him to arrive before talking to Hesse. They have to find out who helped Hesse plan his attack.

Danny does the driving as they head to the hospital. On the way, his “Love Is in the Air” ringtone goes off. It’s his loving wife, Rachel. Steve asks why they moved to Hawaii, and Danny says why not? Danny loves Hawaii. He loves the beach, he loves the weather, I love this episode.

When they arrive at the hospital to interrogate Hesse, Danny imitates Hesse’s Irish accent AND THEN HE SHOOTS HIM IN THE KNEE. And then he smothers Hesse with a pillow! (AU Danny is clinically insane.)

AU Steve is not about this life, and he scolds Danny (for tactics that even actual Steve would have thought were going a little too far). Danny says that Hesse isn’t American, so he doesn’t have constitutional rights. Steve dryly responds, “You’re incorrect.”

But Danny doesn’t mess around when it comes to terrorists in any universe, so he shoots Hesse in the other knee. (A reminder that Five-0 doesn’t exist in this AU: There’s no immunity and only partial means. Danny’s just a normal cop shooting people.)

mcgdad3Hesse cracks and tells them Wo Fat is in charge. Danny and Steve track down Wo Fat with some help from a mustachioed, incarcerated Kamekona. After a shootout (those exist in every universe), Steve kills Wo Fat. Steve and John (in a callback to the pilot) share a beer together on the lanai.

When Danny and Steve say their goodbyes, Danny teases Steve for wearing a tie in Hawaii, and Steve says it was nice being chauffeured around. (Everything is backward!) Danny invites Steve to come back if he ever considers going into law enforcement. Oh, and: “Call me Danno. All my friends do.”

Where was the rest of the team in this universe? Grover is on vacation in Hawaii. Chin is a captain with HPD. Jerry is a crazy homeless guy (not nearly as cool as Chris Pratt). Jenna Kaye is visiting her fiancé at the hospital where Max works. Kono is a professional surfer doing lip gloss commercials. What a world.

The real world, in which Steve is tortured a lot

But the AU is only happening because the real Steve McGarrett is being drugged and tortured. Five-0 is taking down a human trafficker with the help of Sang Min. They capture their man no problem, but Danny gets a disturbing call: Steve’s car was found abandoned. There’s blood on the door and a broken window. He’s been taken.

Steve is in a white room, wounded and with track marks in his arm. A home video of young Steve is projected on the wall. Then gas starts pouring into the room, and Steve loses consciousness. He wakes up tied to a chair. A henchwoman checks on him before drugging him again. When he wakes up again, Wo Fat is there. Wo Fat and Henchwoman begin waterboarding Steve. Steve stoically cries, “You’re never going to break me.” Wo Fat wants to know where his father is, but Steve doesn’t know.

During another bout of torture, Steve brings up his mother. Steve knows Doris was visiting Wo Fat in prison. But when Wo Fat refers to Doris as “our mother,” Steve is confused and angry. Steve knows they’re not brothers—he ran the DNA (and the producers promised they aren’t related!).

Steve’s torture escalates throughout the episode. He’s shown a news clip from his mother’s accident and gassed again. Wo Fat proceeds to electrocution and frequent shots in the back of the neck. During a torture break, Wo Fat explains that Doris had been assigned to kill Wo Fat’s father, but his mother died instead. Doris always felt terrible—Wo Fat was just a baby—so she took Wo Fat in and raised him for several years. When her superiors found out, they forced Doris to abandon her “adopted” son.

105411_d0241bWo Fat leaves Henchwoman to give Steve another shot. But Steve partially frees himself and fights Henchwoman. Finally, Steve takes her out. When Wo Fat comes back, Steve uses the water on the floor to electrocute him. The two “brothers” fight, but Wo Fat doesn’t believe Steve will shoot him. He’s wrong.

Kono’s maybe-fiancé Adam was able to find out Steve’s location with some help from Sang Min, and the team arrives just in time. Danny is crying when he finds a still-drugged Steve, who wants to know where his father is. Danny has to break the news of John’s death to Steve all over again, and Steve breaks down. (Alex O’Loughlin was brilliant in this scene especially.) Then the team takes Steve home to the tunes of a good, old-fashioned montage of seasons past.

What did you think of the 100th?

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