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'Selfie' recap: Eliza Dooley is nobody's plus-one

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “Even Hell Has Two Bars” | Aired Nov 4, 2014

It still has yet to be announced if Selfie will make it to a full season. Two episodes aired Tuesday night, and I’m hoping it’s because ABC needed to fill up the time slot after Manhattan Love Story was canceled and not because they’re waiting to see what to do with this show. After episodes like these, I’m really hoping it won’t end up on the chopping block.

Henry has just received the holy grail at work: an invitation to his boss’s lake home. Because Sam only invites executives he’s looking to promote, Henry is super giddy—until he learns that Eliza has received an invite as well. While he thinks she doesn’t display enough professionalism to justify a promotion, Eliza reminds him that she’s the top sales rep in the company and is equally deserving. That may be so, but Henry’s theory is that she’s really just his plus-one. That does not go well with Eliza.

She agrees to help him because she know how important it is to him. Plus, there’s no Wi-Fi at the house. Henry wants the retreat to go perfectly and is intent on making the best impression. Eliza just wants to have fun and enjoy the simple pleasures like slipper chocolate.

Henry’s attempts to impress his boss keep failing. He had spent three years investing money and time learning how to ride a horse for this very occasion, and instead everyone just wants to do what Eliza wants. He realizes that the promotion is slipping away. Desperate to help him, Eliza tells him that he just needs to do one fun thing before the day is over. Normally, this would be great advice—except Henry chooses to be fun by jumping naked (with only a smiley emoji to protect his modesty) into a preserved lake that is special to the Saperstein family.

Henry lashes out at Eliza and blames her for everything that has gone wrong. She leaves, telling him that she was trying to help him. Realizing the truth, a disheveled Henry apologizes to Sam for messing up the weekend. To his surprise, Sam is pleased with the turn of events. He tells Henry the reason why he invited Eliza was because he acts more lifelike around her—she is the perfect plus-one.

Knowing he needs to apologize to Eliza, Henry does the thing almost every girl dreams of: he rides to her on a horse. He tells her that even though he did get the promotion, he doesn’t value it more than their friendship (ouch, did someone just get friend-zoned?); instead, it’s a tie. Predictably, that’s not what Eliza wants to hear and calls him out on it, because he just came galloping on that majestic horse bathed in moonlight. He admits that he has grown accustomed to her face. (Oh, Henry. Your way with words make me facepalm so hard.) It’s enough for Eliza and there’s SO MUCH sexual tension in this scene—but then their cell signals kick in and the mood is ruined.

The episode ends with Eliza canoodling with Freddy, but her attention is on the Instagram pic she posted of herself and Henry on the horse—which Henry ends up liking. I squealed during this scene from the cuteness. Also, seriously, that horse scene? Swoon. The chemistry between these two is just getting stronger.

Selfie airs Tuesdays 8/7C on ABC.